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  1. I'm exactly in the same situation. My rig is a 737NG cockpit, based on a VRI MCP Combo (plus a lot of other panels, throttles and pedals), using LINDA as interface. It would be really a big problem, if LINDA would not be developed for MSFS 2020.
  2. I would really like to increase my 20 Mbps internet speed (to be shared with two sons), but unfortunately ther's no way due to infrastructures. I fear this situation for some years yet.....
  3. I'm at 20 Mbps, and no hope to have more in the next few years. After more than 30 years of FS and P3D, now have to wait some brave tester with my same speed to understand if it's a decent condition to fly..... Taking in account that my son is often sharing the connection, so if the data stream is continuous and heavy, it coud be a problem.
  4. Hi Nick, I'm using the MCP COMBO 2 Boeing version with the iFly 737 NG models, and it works very well! I used to program my personal profile, and using the LINDA provided iFly commands library, I programmed any function of the three sections of the panel, and regard the EFIS, I programmed a special button to double the functions, so I can act on CAPT and F/O side indipendently. My panel was a gift from a friend, for sure it is not so cheap, but for me and for the models I use, it worth the price for sure. Mauro
  5. I'm back again to tell you I solved the question! I don't know why nor when, but I found in FSUIPC "Button + switches" section, the TERR button (named as Joy 286 Button 0) assigned to the offset 9400 with the imput value 1245 (Dec) the "KEY_COMMAND_INSTRUMENT_EFIS_CAPT_TERR" instruction. This was causing the issue described above, removing the assignment in FSUIPC solved the problem and assigning in LINDA the correct commands (INSTRUMENT EFIS CAPT / FO TERR), all is working correctly, also on FO side pressing the 8 button. Thanks anyway, hope this can help some other in similar trouble. Mauro
  6. Hi all, I'm using LINDA since from the first release, and I'm very happy with it!! I found the program very useful, an solved me a lot of problem in the button assignment to my 3 Leo Bodnar cards and to my VRI MCP COMBO II (Boeing version). So far yesterday, I had a profile workimg well except for the V/S encoder that seemed to jump and not follow the value indicated on the iFly 737NG MCP (this is the model I usually fly). Trying to reprogram in LINDA the assigment for the encoder, I was able to found a couple of well working parameter, VVS plus and VVS Minus from FSX Default Rotary Functions library, and I'm satisfied with that. Now, I don't think is related to that, but the TERR button on the EFIS section, has started to work only after two clicks, in other words, I need to click twice to show the TAWS depiction on ND, and twice to remove it. In addition to that, I was able to select the TERR function on FO EFIS pressing the button 8 in the RADIO section, button I programmed as " VRI EFIS MODE TOGGLE" prior to press TERR, now, it continue to act only on Captain ND. Note; all the other EFIS buttons and rotary are working perfectly on FO ND if I press the 8 button first. I'm almost sure is not a LINDA problem, but if I click with mouse on TERR button, it works at the first click. So I'm asking if you (knowing in depth the VRI COMBO interface and program), knows a way to program a button on the VRI MCP COMBO II to send his output only after two clicks, because, maybe I can have inadvertently forced the TERR button to work in that way. Thanks for the help and sorry for my English. Mauro
  7. Hi, I got this error using my iFly 737NG as soon as the model is loaded in the scenery. In my case also the default Beaver gives me the error. I tried to load the default Baron first, then I switched to the iFly, at the beginning it seemed to work, then, the error arised after 20 minuts of flight. Mauro
  8. Very sad news, R.I.P. Tom, thank you for all and condolences to your family.
  9. Hi all, I'm on Win 7-64, but I'm working together with a friend of mine, to find a solution for the problem on Win 8.1. Although we have not find a solution, we noticed a possible trace for someone who is more expert. My friend own a Saitek X52 Pro, and is subjected to the "joystick loss" problem, but today, he noticed this: when the joystick stops to respond in FSX, often due to some action in other programs windows, he seemed to be able to "revive" the joystick, simply opening and reclosing the file SaiFlightSimX.xml using the notepad. That file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput. Maybe, some similar module is existing also for other brands of controllers. Now, I know it's not a solution, but it could be a useful information to work on for some expert. Mauro
  10. Hi all, just a question, I've not well understood wich one is the latest module to be downloaded. I own IFly 737NG for FSX FP 3.1, guenseli speaks about a (module) Version 2.0, but I found a link only for version 1.20. Maybe it's my fault or my poor english, but I'd like to be sure to download the correct version. Thank you. EDIT: Sorry, my mistake, just found the V.2.0 in the first page :blush: Thanks!! Mauro
  11. Really thanks to Pete for the big effort and all the guys that collaborated collecting data!I'm already owner of the registered copy, and just updated the module FSUIPC is really the first, the best and indispensable addon for FSX (and FS9 too) Mauro
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