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  1. I'll buy for sure as soon as CJ4 is supported!
  2. Thank you, hope anyway MS will give in some way the possibility to move messages beside. 👍
  3. Hi, I use to fly on IVAO network, it's good for me to receive textual messages from ATCs and UNICOM, but it's really bad this messages appears in the middle of the screen and,especially during a final approach, this is veri annoying. Do you know if ther's a way to move the pop-up box aside? Or if not, is there a way to disable those pop- up? I already set all the notifications off, but IVAO messages are not disabled.... Thank you. Mauro
  4. I have this problem too, at the moment, if I need to use esc, I'm trying to rember to execute a back to forward travel of the axes, when back in flight, to reset the position....... Very annoying.
  5. I got the boxed version too, it took many hours to install the sim and other 12 or so hours for the first update. Now I've done an image of the disks on a USB key, but never tried if it works. Hope so for an eventual faster reinstallation in the future.
  6. Someone knows if the FMC CDU is undockable with his keyboard or only the display (like the default B747)?
  7. Correct, I own different self made panels, based on Leo Bodnar's cards, and many of my switches are causing HDG, ALT and SPD issues. For now the only solution is to unbind them, waiting for an update soon.
  8. Now I found that HDG works if I press th buton two times............... Mauro
  9. Are you able to fly over Istambul LTBA? That was probably the airport where I had the greater number of CTD, often also before take off. Mauro
  10. @RodgerC, if not, try to set OFF the traffic 😉 Mauro
  11. I can confirm, I'm seeing spikes, taking off from Torino Caselle (LIMF) airport on rwy 36. Spikes starts to appear as soon as my wheels aare off the ground. I asked to a friend of mine to perform the same take off, and he reported the same behaviour (different pc with different graphic card.).
  12. Hi guys, I started exactly like you, to have CTD after the last update, I tred many different solutions, drivers, graphic setup, antivirus etc. No result, until I set the online traffic off. After that, CTD disappeared. In the mean time I also cleared the rolling cache, letting the sim to rebuild it. Then I set again on the online traffic and, started to have crashes again. Not sure if this is the only reason, but, for sure, in my case, and also for a friend of mine, this solved, so far today, the CTD problem. Note: I had the problem with real time online traffic, never tried with IA traffic only.
  13. You're right Andrew, I was focused on the only one not working in all the basic AP commands, the HDG Hold! Master, VS, ALT, A/S, APP and LOC are working! Thank you, hope MS release all the code you need soon. Mauro
  14. Thanks, I'm not able to use lua language, so far I used to assign functions from the various libraries (I used iFly library for many years). I'll try again with Default MSFS LIB and will let you know. Mauro
  15. Yes, I tried with C172, but regard the autopilot, the only button working is CMD A (Autopilot Master toggle). Can you please check this pic to see if I'm using the correct setup (Combo is connected correctly, all ok in Linda Setup). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ib-i37bCWZnUevWd3itpN5Kb-FwTQvUy/view?usp=sharing Thanks Mauro
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