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  1. I noticed that as well, but that might be me not quite understanding the procmon filters. Ill try another one and see if I can cap some reg activity. I finally got a hold of Garmin and am currently playing email tag with them to troubleshoot the issue as well.
  2. Okay, I couldn't figure out how to attach a file via the site, but I have a logfile in my dropbox.
  3. I did the same thing, more than likely with poor filtering as well but it did give me some results but nothing that stood out (at least to me) SNIP
  4. I happens both when I use the RXP and outside when just running the trainer as a standalone
  5. Hello and thank you for the reply! I've been using the default install location for the trainer. I installed it to a different location as a troubleshooting method to no avail. I only ever changed the install location via the installer and no manually.
  6. Hello! I just reinstalled the RXP GTN750 and have been having an issue when I load it up. When I activate the avionics, I get an error message saying Error: LoadLibrary failed to load XXXXX.dll. GetLastError: 126. The XXXXXs are the DLL files for the Garmin trainer program. When I start trying to clear them out, I get additional messages saying different DLLs failed to load to the tune of every single DLL file. Sometimes the trainer will load up after all of that and sometimes it just crashes. I've checked the crash report and it doesn't show anything. I've taken the following steps to try and correct the problem with no success: Uninstall RXP and Garmin Trainer and reinstall Uninstall only Garmin and reinstall Uninstall, disable all AV and firewall programs, and reinstall CCleaner registry sweep (in case there were old reg entries that might have been causing a problem from the of Garmin) I can say for certain that the problem is the Garmin trainer itself. I have loaded the standalone launcher outside of X-Plane and it gives me the same errors. I know this isn't Garmin support, but I've tried to Google around and find an answer, but have not been successful on that front either. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated as I really enjoy the 750. The version of the Garmin launcher is and the GTN trainer is v6.50 Thank you all in advance for any possible ideas and solutions!
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