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  1. Hi Adrian, can you please post the content of the RXP log files? (see User's Manual for file/path)
  2. RXP

    GTN 750 and FSX Steam

    Hi, 1) have you selected FSX-SE in addition to FSX during installation? 2) if not, can you re-run the RXP GTN software installer (extracted to C:\RealityXP) and select the FSX-SE option? 3) otherwise, the issue is most likely DLL.xml related and I'd advise you read the "troubleshooting" section of the RXP GTN User's Manual.
  3. RXP

    V2.5.10 touchscreen issue

    Hi, I'd suggest you review other chances, such as the app updated on the iPad instead. In effect, nothing at all has been changed in the 'touch' handling code since at least the last 5 updates.
  4. Hi, unless our servers have been hacked, this is a normal false positive just because our products are protected and encrypted.
  5. Exactly, enabling the option 'connects' the GPS to the system. The HSI COURSE output is connected, i.e. the GPS drives the course (auto-slew?) The HSI OBS input is connected, i.e. the HSI OBS value feeds the GPS (can use the HSI OBS to change the GPS in OBS mode). The GPS feeds the VOR indicator, i.e. regardless of the HSI, the GPS also feeds the VOR indicator (which one is selected in the 3rd pane, gauge options). As for VNAV and AFMS, selecting the square (blue square) enables selection, otherwise, you can see which mode is enabled if not selected (you can still see the blue dots). In this case, you can see VNAV is the default already.
  6. RXP

    GTN 750 and FSX Steam

    The RXP GTN software installer offers this choice. Just select the simulators you wish to install to in the list!
  7. Hi, I'd suggest you follow through this tutorial, the same applies:
  8. RXP

    GTN 750 and FSX Steam

    Hi, I'm not sure to understand what the problem is. First there is no need to manually launch the trainer, our add-on takes care of this behind the scene. The shortcuts you've created for the Garmin trainer will therefore serve no purpose for our gauge, but this certainly will help you when you want to run it standalone. No, you mention having installed to FSX without any problem, but not in FSX-SE? or are you referring to the same and only 1 FSX? To better answer your question though: I'd suggest you open the User's Manual | Getting Started
  9. You're just missing something: The interface is dynamic and only presents you the relevant options when needed, not before! This is related to how many pixels the GTN renders to. The native 1:1 screen resolution for the GTN 750 is 600x708 pixels. If the gauge size in the VCockpit section you are rendering it to is less than this, you'll loose details. Contrary to all gauges (at least most gauges I know) which let FltSim do the hard work of shrinking the gauge display to a smaller size, our technology does the work in advance so that you get much better graphics at small sizes (reducing aliasing typically seen on sharply contrasted pixels - i.e. white lines over dark brackground). You can see the effect in reducing the popup window to a smaller size and see the display remains legible! Nevertheless although the rendered pixels gets handled by our technology at smaller size, when you look at the VC gauge it may be displayed at, for example, twice its rendered size, exhibiting therefore blurriness. concrete example: the gauge in the VC renders at 200x240 pixels, but you zoom in the VC to see it closer. These 200x240 pixels gets displayed on your monitor at something like 500x700 pixels, meaning more than 4 pixels on your monitor are drawn by a single pixel from the VC gauge. To remedy: increase the VCockpit texture resolution!
  10. Hi, Obviously you know better than this! The Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch is compatible with ALL FltSim version known to date: FS9, FSX-SP2, FSX-ACC, FSX-SE, ESP, P3D1, P3D2, P3D3 and P3D4. Furthermore, it is compatible with all these simulators with the same level of functionality, the same higher standards for 32 bits graphics (yes even in FS9!), the same live in-sim panel assistant and device settings!
  11. Hi, I can't provide any particular help for this hardware, but these commands are the standard default FltSim GPS commands. I'd guess there is no reason they would be missing if all the other GPS commands are there already. NB: These are the command names when used in XML gauge code, XML modeldef.xml code. However, for C gauges, these are prefixed with 'KEY_'
  12. In order to help everyone, I'm starting this thread for you to share your panel.cfg modifications. In order to make it simpler to browse as a repository, please make sure to only post final results, ready to be consumed by others. Thank you in advance for sharing with the community! NB: For panel mod questions, please create a new topic instead!
  13. Hi, You can open Garmin's manuals in their 'launcher' interface. Otherwise, they should default install to: "C:\Program Data\Garmin\Trainer\Launcher\Manuals" Otherwise, you can go to: www.garmin.com and 'search' the manuals, Otherwise, you can open google.com or bing.com or any other online search tool and type: 'Garmin GTN Pilot's Guide' etc... I believe the green dotted line is the fuel efficiency/limit.
  14. RXP

    Falcon 50 gtn 750 2D popup

    The Reality XP GTN has a click spot to open any popup window. The click spot is the easiest there is: the entire GTN Screen. It is not only parametrize-able (you can configure this to any window ident number or predefined panel SDK name) but also can be different for each single gauge instance in the panel.cfg file (say the clickspot on the VC toggles Window #5, and the clickspot on Window #5 toggles Window #3). It also supports either or both the left mouse button and the right mouse button, each with a different ident if needed. Obviously, because left mouse button on the screen is for touch, you need to press the SHIFT key at the same time (right mouse button is direct).
  15. Let me congratulate @tttocs (Scott) for posting the 10'000 message! Let me also take this opportunity to thank you all helping us achieving a great milestone. Scott, you've won yourself the Reality XP product of your choice! Just send me a PM with your email, full name and product choice, I'll send you a personal key in the coming days!
  16. RXP

    Reality XP: we have a winner!

    @tttocs Ok then, so be it for the G600! In case I get lost during the release please make sure to ring me a bell if I forget!
  17. RXP

    Reality XP: we have a winner!

    Well, you can keep the ticket open for a future product, take the plunge to XP11 and never come back to P3D ( 😉 ), or pass the offer to a friend!
  18. Hi Scott, This is quite weird indeed and I'm amazed how you quickly found out. This usually could take weeks to find out. This leads me to think it is an error in the DB which makes the trainer fails. Can you try the trainer standalone and position it to spot7 and see if this fails the same? Otherwise, I fail to see anything on our end of the code which could trigger such geographically related problem?!?! Otherwise anything related to location which we could have an impact involve TAWS and to some extent TCAS. Besides, have you read this?
  19. Hi, you are getting there. Please note 'choose one or two windows' is the task when selecting the 'Configure Popup Windows' option. You have to first selected one of the option prior pressing the continue button. When in the 'Replace Gauges With Auto-Detect" task, whenever you select a GTN in the drop down list, appears beneath it a few more options. When you further select a GTN in the drop down list for a gauge listed in a 'VCockpit' group (the thing with the white triangle to collapse the group), a 'no bezel' option also displays. When selected, you are configuring the GTN to display the screen only. Please make sure to follow this link to see the Panel Assistant in action step by step on the Lear 25: Also, I'm not sure the Lear you are using is the same as the one in the Official Panel Configuration Mods discussion, but comparing how are the panel.cfg between this Lear 25 modified panel and your Lear panel might probably help you further understanding what it is all this is talking about:
  20. RXP


    Hi Brett, you've just made my day, thank you! Now back to the question, I doubt you can run the two at the same time and honestly, this would be useless. The first step is easy: just use the Panel Assistant to replace auto-detected gauges in the panel, or maybe there is already an official panel mod posted in this forum (I've not checked for this aircraft). The 2nd step is: lobby your favorite aircraft vendors for your favorite GTN. There are many online discussions with an increasing number of people wondering why some FltSim aircraft vendors are still not adding RXP configuration to their aircraft while the hardest part is already done (they have already modeled the 3D BTN bezel) and we already provide all that is needed for them to 'glue' the 3D model to our gauges, so that for any seasoned 3D modeller it is a 2H work.
  21. RXP

    GTN 750 in vr

    Hi, As of now X-Plane doesn't offer any mean to interact with the mouse as far as I know in VR. There is a hack which could be exploited, but like for all hacks, I'd rather see this feature implemented as a core feature in the X-Plane SDK. Mind you, we're thinking about maybe adding this hack as an 'experimental advanced setting' but I'm really not comfortable with this.
  22. Hi Scott, Could this be an anti-virus causing trouble all of a sudden? This sounds typical. Otherwise maybe the computer needs rebooting? Have you changed any setting lately whether in the GTN or the simulator?
  23. @newtie thank you for your kind words!
  24. RXP

    Milviz C310 for XP and GTN 650

    Thank you for your support!