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  1. Could there be 2 or more 'mods', with different combinations of GTN 750 and GTN 650? Do you have both products or only the RXP GTN 750?
  2. Hi, can you please be more specific and detail what is the "external flightsim gns unit" ?
  3. Hi, like the log says! The aircraft seems configured with GTN 650 #2, which requires a GTN 650 license.
  4. RXP

    Please Help

    Hi, this just means you've purchased the FltSim version instead of the X-Plane version. This would have been displayed both on the website where you've clicked the 'download' button and the e-commerce installer infos displayed prior purchase. I'd suggest you process a refund request and purchase the correct one instead!
  5. Thank you for the additional information. This seems ok AFAIK. Please allow me a couple days to get back to you with a special build to try out. This will further help pin-pointing the specific issue.
  6. RXP

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Hi, I've merged the two discussions about the G600/500 so that it makes it easier to follow through! Although I can't say much right now, I can at least start to unveil some more prior it is officially released. We're a little behind schedule (see above our initial plans for first half 2018), but we are not too far from releasing. One of our main design goal for the Reality XP G600/500 simulation is to offer a solution which runs with a complete set of GPS options, including the RXP GNS V2, the RXP GTN, and the default X-Plane/FltSim GPS. Although this probably pushed back our official release, I'm pleased to let you know we've succeeded: whether using a Reality XP GPS, or a simulator GPS, the overall G600/500 simulation will be the same. When paired with the simulator GPS, you'll get the standard experience, and when paired with a Reality XP GNS V2 or GTN, you'll get enhanced route display on the MFD side, with 'curved' segments like holding patterns, DME arcs, etc... Another design goal our existing GNS V2 and GTN customers appreciate every day: we'll offer the G600/500 both for X-Plane and FltSim with the same level of integration and customization, and with the same hi-def and 32 bits graphics. 32 bits graphics shine on the FltSim host where the SDK limits other vendors to 15 bits colors, which inherently ruins the G600/500 PFD sky/ground gradients. See the following thread about the GTN to see what it means (click the screenshot and look the gray gradient in the red circle): I'll unveil more, including screenshots when we're nearing release!
  7. Ok, this make it clearer to me, and helps further to identifying the issue. Can you please detail a little more your 'audio' config? what audio card, drivers? Should you have 'dxdiag' installed, can you please try running it and report any 'sound card' diagnostic related information? Eventually, just for the sake of cross checking this, is there a way you could disable the sound card entirely (not uninstalling it, just disabling the sound card in the OS) and compare? I'm sorry this is more involved than needed, but it might just be as simple as a sound card / DirectSound related issue. It has been identified in the past and corrected in v2.4.11 / v2.4.12, although it might just be the 'fix' might still fail on some occasions and although unfortunate the experience right now, your assistance might help us cure this too.
  8. In order to help everyone, I'm starting this thread for you to share your panel.cfg modifications. In order to make it simpler to browse as a repository, please make sure to only post final results, ready to be consumed by others. Thank you in advance for sharing with the community! NB: For panel mod questions, please create a new topic instead!
  9. I'm pleased to announce the Reality XP GNS V2 for Flight Sim is now available! We're proud to offer you the same level of quality for the entire Prepar3d, Flight Simulator and X-Plane platforms! The products come with unique graphics technologies: HDPI 32bits RGBA bitmaps for unmatched visuals*, highly optimized code for near zero impact to the FPS, and in-sim live settings: no aircraft or sim reload! Both products also come super-charged with tons of customization options for panel integration, hardware interface and keyboard shortcuts. They also now offer custom variables to help integration with third party XML gauges with our GPS. I also know we are at a simulation turning point, which I'll best illustrate with the following questions we all ask ourselves: do I keep my 32bits FSX investment, or do I take the plunge and go for P3D4 64bits now? Do I purchase my needed hardware update before changing simulators, or after? What about my add-ons? We've decided to help you take the pro-simmer choice, in offering our Flight Simulator version compatible with the entire flight simulator family for a unique price: P3D 4, P3D 3, P3D 2, P3D 1, FSX-SE, FSX, FS9* Whenever you decide to migrate from an older sim (say FSX-SE) to the latest P3D4, your Reality XP product gets your back: you don't have to purchase the product because you are changing simulator! A single license has got you covered from FS9 to P3D4: - Want to migrate to P3D4 later and keep flying P3D3 a little bit longer? No problem! - Flying half on P3D3 for this great scenery, and half on P3D4 for VAS-free worry? No problem either! And one last thing: To further thank you for your continuing support for the last 15 years, we're offering additional 10% discount to all Reality XP customers until September 30th, 2017!* Fly Yours Today! As a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is, in P3D V4 64bits: Stay tuned for GTN Touch coming up soon! * FS-SDK limits: 15bits colours aka 'colour banding' / FSX (Acc/Sp2) and FS9 (Sp1) * Coupon available at reality-xp.com front page.
  10. Ok, so this seems normal (regarding datarefs). However, should the screen flickering and displaying the last visible screen image, instead of turning blank, there is something else not working correctly. Can you please post the content of the RXP log files to cross check? (see User's Manual for file/path).
  11. Can you please help me understand this? Is the GTN not appearing to power up, or is the GTN powering up and starting to display boot pages, and turning 'blank' after clicking 'continue' (I'd assume this is the 'continue' button displayed on the boot page)?
  12. RXP


    Hi David, The RXP GTN for FltSim is an in-sim product only, therefore, it ships as a gauge running in a panel as configured in the panel.cfg file. I know there has been some demand for a networked-attached version since our legacy GNS but we've never offered such product in the past. I'm not saying we won't offer such option in the future, but we have to release our G600/500 first at least before this happens, and I can't make any promise such as would it be an 'update' feature, a paid 'option' or a different product altogether.
  13. Thank you Frank for the detailed explanation, this is a good trick indeed! Other than this, only the GNS V2 offers round trip flight plan import AND export, the GTN only has import for now.
  14. Hi and sorry for the delay. The log file says it all: there is something that prevents the gauge starting the trainer on your system. Given the message, you might be running FltSim as 'admin', or you antivirus is interfering? For the later, you might want to review quarantined 'rxp' files.
  15. RXP

    Reality XP hardware driver question

    Hi, yes the driver is necessary for the PFC hardware, and you only need purchasing it once to unlock the hardware driver in any of our GNS V2 (both X-Plane and FltSim).
  16. Hi, Now included in the Reality XP GNS 530/430 V2 FltSim v2.3.12 and Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch v2.4.16! Mid Continent MD41-1484W Annunciator Control Unit Mid Continent MD41-1028 TAWS CONTROL UNIT The rxpGpsAnnun.cab includes two gauges offered as addition to the GTN and GNS V2, the Mid Continent WAAS annunciation panel and the Mid Continent TAWS control unit. They are released as XML gauges, so that it makes it easy for third party vendors to integrate the same annunciation panels as-is in their aircraft, or using the same XML code when displaying in an EFIS for example. Both gauges install automatically to P3D4 and P3D3 using the GNS V2 and GTN existing add-on.xml file. It requires editing the panel.cfg file to add them to the actual panel though. For manual Installation: Prefered method is using the Prepar3d addon xml file: 1) copy the file rxpGpsAnnun.cab to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\Gauges" 2) copy and paste the following to a new file named 'add-on.xml' <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="3,3" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Reality XP GPS Annunciation</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Reality XP Gauges</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Gauges</Category> <Name>Reality XP GPS Annunciation</Name> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\Gauges</Path> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> 3) copy the add-on.xml file into: "Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Reality XP Gauges" Alternatively, copy the rxpGpsAnnun.cab file in the simulator Gauges folder. Gauge specs: rxpGpsAnnun!TAWS,0,0,350,100 rxpGpsAnnun!WAAS,0,0,350,100 Known limitations: - Requires Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch v2.5 minimum. - Requires Reality XP GNS 530/430 V2 v2.4.1 minimum. PS: For the old-timers, they used to be included in our GNS legacy, but weren't included yet in the GTN or the GNS V2 gauge file. I've decided to reboot these gauges and offer them as XML gauges, so that it makes it easy for third party vendors to integrate the same annunciation panels as-is in their aircraft, or using the same XML code when displaying in an EFIS for example.
  17. Hi Danny, The installer makes sure these gauges are 'known' to P3D so that when configured in a panel.cfg file, they will load up and run. You are right, the panel.cfg file is THE place to configure these, either manually, or using third party panel.cfg editing tools. It is not hard to do manually and you might want to start with the SDK documentation which explains all this in great details: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/panels_and_user_interface/panels/panels_overview.html Or more specifically the XML gauge tutorial "add the new panel" section: (replace the SDK gauge names with the "rxpGpsAnnun!TAWS" and "rxpGpsAnnun!WAAS" instead) http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/panels_and_user_interface/gauges/xml_gauges/xml_gauges_tutorial.html Or, visit the Avsim forum: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/122-fsxfsx-se-aircraft-and-panel-design-forum-how-to/ NB: the "350,100" values are the width and height the gauge bitmaps where designed for. In other words, they'll display sharp up to 350x100 pixels on your screen. It also means the W/H ratio is 3.5 (i.e. width is 3.5 times larger than height), in other words, if you end up configuring the panel.cfg file with a gauge width of 100, the gauge height must be 100/3.5 to keep the native ratio.
  18. Hi Frank, This is the same document also included in our GTN flight plan starter pack! Please note I've also provided these details to Little NavMap developer, along with the GNS flight plan format (XSD document) and from the look of the source code on Github, it looked quite well implemented.
  19. Hi, I'm wondering whether even though you've installed 6.41.1, it is actually using this trainer instead of the 6.21 which I assume is still installed on your drive. The trainer version shall display during boot. Can you please confirm this? Can you please also confirm you are not using any 'environment variable' documented in the RXP GTN User's Manual to redirect the GTN plugin to using a 'trainer' from a specific path?
  20. RXP

    Eclipse 550

    How is this done, is it automatic or should I do something in the settings? Hi, just open the settings panel, and check the option, then, any EFIS displaying the X-Plane default active route will display the GTN's instead: Gauge Options | Advanced | Link Simulator GPS Waypoints Please note this is limited by X-Plane in a few ways (lack of X-Plane SDK support): It only consists in straight line segments, and some waypoints won't display their ident name if there is no corresponding facility in the X-Plane database. The reason is because the SDK only permits plugins to change the default FMS/GPS route as a serie of unnamed wpts (lat/lon only), and our plugin tries to 'enhance' this in searching the X-Plane DB for any match, in which case, it can use the X-Plane DB wpt with name instead of just the lat/lon pair.
  21. Hi Hans, The issue you are experiencing couldn't be related to the installation itself, only to the 'communication' between the GTN plugin and X-Plane. The first clue is the fact it does not power off. The code logic behind this is very simple: the plugin reads either 'battery' or 'avionics bus' datarefs, and power on/off the device accordingly. If this doesn't happen, it means the plugin is reading the wrong datarefs (improbable otherwise it would be widespread an issue), or something running in the context of your aircraft is preventing the dataref to update. Let's focus on this one first then: The two corresponding datarefs used (depending on your GTN power source setting) are: "sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_on" "sim/cockpit/electrical/battery_on" Can you cross check these change to 0 or 1 depending on your actions on the aircraft panel?
  22. Hi, The best place to start, if not found with 'search forum' option above, is: How do I reinstall my software? http://reality-xp.com/store/faq.html
  23. Hi Michael, it won't turn on when run outside the sim, this is expected and normal. Can you please post the content of the RXP log files? (see User's Manual for file/path).
  24. Thank you for your enduring patience! Now the conclusion is interesting: - when enabled, the GTN/GNS V2 override the NAV needles (using the X-Plane native dataref: "sim/operation/override/override_nav1_needles" - and "_nav2_" if GTN settings nav source is NAV2 ). - it also override the "...nav#_hdef_dot", "...nav#_vdef_dot" and "...nav#_fromto" - it does so in addition to the other independently controlled overrides (GPS, HSI). Which makes me wonder if the issue is X-Plane failing to 'report' the needles/signal to other plugins when it is overriden (X-Plane bug) or if the issue is the 3rd party aircraft not picking up/handling the datarefs values, or lastly, if the GTN/GNS V2 is missing a few other datarefs to also override to make third party happy. The later won't account why the third party aircraft is picking up things correctly when disabling 'override VOR' though. This leads me to suspect something in X-Plane or third party only?!?!
  25. RXP

    GTN 650/750 issue

    Sometimes the latest is not the best. I can see this trend for years now where the 2 major vid card vendors are trying to push 'custom tweaks' to make games run faster on their card, while introducing problems for other games. Nevertheless, are you sure it is the latest? I've quickly found this online: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/download-geforce-hotfix-driver-398-46,4.html Besides, I recommend v376.33 in case you can try this one out.