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  1. Hi just got :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((( Please correct me if I got this wrong I just got the new the good looking Vertex Da62 I pay for all 13 Airac cycles from Navigraph And Now do i need to pay additional 20 USD every F... year to some ..... to get access to my already pay for Airac cycles to use it in this G1000 version Yes I got the GTN 750/650 and is stuck in demo data not really happy with that one to, but this is worse, here is there an interface to a dynamic Airac
  2. I have done some tests with 3Dconnexion I have bin getting some type of limited function "best result is to set it up as TrackIR . it it is still way to sensitive and rotation axes has some type of 90 deg shift? But x,y,z is working. Main problem with the TrackIR mode is that you basically move the base of the coordinate system. So any presets is move!!!!! accordingly to changes in origo of coordinate system . So work (sort of) but not useful) What needed is a type of 3D mice mode like TrackIR If not using TrackIR mode there is a bit odd behavior. It takes any input in a axes accelerating in one direction. If setting up Backwards (Y axes -> - values) any Y axes + values is ignored, therefore the accelerating behavior. The input that comes from the 3Dconnexion is most likely so "neurotic" that CP have no chance to calibrate the signal Looks like 3Dconnexion has a dev kit that most likely will make this work A fast fix can be to create 3Dconnexion mode from the TrackIR code. reduce reduce the sensitivity by like 1/3 remove any axes changes. And let go of changing the origo of coordinate system. That way all presets are unchanged. Obvious you should be able to changes or create presets the normal way ;-) I know one thing for sure the combo ChasePlane and 3Dconnexion will be a real killer. When getting into the right movement of the mice I think it become a TrackIR killer I will more then gladly help you on testing the use of 3Dconnexion with ChasePlane Hope this help a bit to make this combo work Styrk H Finne
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