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  1. Chaseplane no longer working?

    Hello. I also have been experiencing similar problems, I came back to Flight simming over the weekend after a couple of months layoff, loaded everything up, all controls worked fine for a couple of minutes, then nothing!, I uninstalled chaseplane tonight and reloaded, (downloaded new copy) but still no control? Using FSX-SE. Thanks for your help. Jim
  2. 'Path does not exist'

    Thanks Robert, I'll come back later..... Hi, Unable to open and run FSTScenery.exe? Run-time error '53': File not found checking some more
  3. FSX-SE edition on Windows 7 Home Premium. My Scenery files have suddenly gone haywire overnight, I have a loss of FPS, down to 15, the screen is stuttering quite badly and the scenery is populating all the time, textures are also incoherent with lines across the landscape etc. I have checked ‘Scenery Editor’ and all Orbx and FSX default scenery files, contained a red triangle with an exclamation mark and ‘Path does not exist’, (UK 2000 software is not affected) I attempted a backup of the files in SE, but it failed. I also checked the path of the Scenery.cfg file (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\\FSX) but there was none in this format? Only ‘Scenery’ a copy of the file is attached. Scenery files in FSX settings are all ticked. A ‘Verify integrity of Game files’ check has also been carried out in STEAM, 193 files failed to validate and were reacquired, but these have no affect on the scenery. I have no idea how this issue has occurred, all scenery has been working satisfactorily for a considerable time and due to my lack of knowledge in this area, I can confirm no changes have consciously been made to the Scenery File. Attachments: 1. Landscape Scrpnt (a) 2. Landscape Scrpnt (b) 3. SCE Scrpnt. 4. Scenery path as shown in SCE (above) 5. ‘Scenery’ content. I have 5 attachments showing the problem but I'm not sure how uploading works? Can anybody put me in the wright direction please, should I post this on another forum? Thanks PC Spec. CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Loki SDS963 OS Win 7-Home Premium. Asus P8Z77-V LX2 RAM: 8GB Corsair 1600 mhz Vengeance (2x4GB) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB
  4. I have my original MS FSX Gold Edition, where should the SDK files be installed in FSX SE? Thanks
  5. AVSIM Prepar3D Guide