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  1. Hi Dick, sorry for the lateness of my reply, Yeah, I have tried that, on my occasions but there seems to be some crossmigration somewhere? Anyway, what I have done is to program all chaseplan vies as macros on my Logitek G510s Keyboard and detached the Orbweaver, shame, but at least there are no frustratioms anymore. Thank again for your input! Cheers and regards Jim
  2. Hello All, I am experiencing an issue with my P3d v4.5 Flight Simulator, for which I would like to ask the Forum for assistance, it relates to Key Assignments for the Controllers? The Controllers I use are: Razor Orbweaver Chroma, Saitek Proflight Rudder Pedals, and the Saitek Proflight X-55 Rhino stick and Throttle, I have recently switched from the Saitek Yolk system to the X-55, but I can’t honestly say if the problem started from then. The Orbweaver is used only for views with Chaseplane, all Key Assignments are therfore removed from this controller. When booting up the PC for a flying session, the key assignments used for the X-55 are now entered into the Orbweaver assignments, when cleared again, the X-55 assignments are also deleted, so I have to reassign before I can begin, clearly a frustrating problem. I’m not a techy by any means but from some of the articles I’ve read, it seems like a corrupt file reinstalling after rebooting, or maybe similar to the issue in waleed post dated June 6? Many thanks for your help. Jim
  3. Hello Jevon, well I've just installed the the Mod for the C12+GTN update and pleased to confirm that all went well, all fired up and working great, will take a flight over the weekend and come back to you, so easy!

    Great work Jevon, I owe you a drink! lol


    1. Novej757


      Great to hear.  Happy flying Jim!

    2. simmyjiff
  4. Hi bjraatchf, I'm after the same thing, are you able to pass the details to another simmer? Thanks jim
  5. Hi, Genius, don't know how you guys do these sort of things, the amount of work involved in achieving this goal must be outstanding, be really interested in receiving details of the Mod at your convenience/

    Well Done


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    2. simmyjiff


      Yes, Sorry jevon

    3. simmyjiff


      Hi Jevon, received your package this morning, do you have any instruction for installing?



    4. simmyjiff


      Sorry, just found them, oops!

  6. Hi Kevin, sorry to jump on this one, similar problems, using 3 screens, v1.0.9, recently had to reinstall FSX-SE due to scenery problems, not reloaded any planes yet apart from A"A C172, not working on tilt and pan, nor standard MS aircraft. Mouse is zooming ok, and checked sliders, none on zero. not been flying for some time but have to say Chaseplane is the business, like everything about it, user manual is cool!!! Cheers Jim
  7. Hello. I also have been experiencing similar problems, I came back to Flight simming over the weekend after a couple of months layoff, loaded everything up, all controls worked fine for a couple of minutes, then nothing!, I uninstalled chaseplane tonight and reloaded, (downloaded new copy) but still no control? Using FSX-SE. Thanks for your help. Jim
  8. Thanks Robert, I'll come back later..... Hi, Unable to open and run FSTScenery.exe? Run-time error '53': File not found checking some more
  9. FSX-SE edition on Windows 7 Home Premium. My Scenery files have suddenly gone haywire overnight, I have a loss of FPS, down to 15, the screen is stuttering quite badly and the scenery is populating all the time, textures are also incoherent with lines across the landscape etc. I have checked ‘Scenery Editor’ and all Orbx and FSX default scenery files, contained a red triangle with an exclamation mark and ‘Path does not exist’, (UK 2000 software is not affected) I attempted a backup of the files in SE, but it failed. I also checked the path of the Scenery.cfg file (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\\FSX) but there was none in this format? Only ‘Scenery’ a copy of the file is attached. Scenery files in FSX settings are all ticked. A ‘Verify integrity of Game files’ check has also been carried out in STEAM, 193 files failed to validate and were reacquired, but these have no affect on the scenery. I have no idea how this issue has occurred, all scenery has been working satisfactorily for a considerable time and due to my lack of knowledge in this area, I can confirm no changes have consciously been made to the Scenery File. Attachments: 1. Landscape Scrpnt (a) 2. Landscape Scrpnt (b) 3. SCE Scrpnt. 4. Scenery path as shown in SCE (above) 5. ‘Scenery’ content. I have 5 attachments showing the problem but I'm not sure how uploading works? Can anybody put me in the wright direction please, should I post this on another forum? Thanks PC Spec. CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Loki SDS963 OS Win 7-Home Premium. Asus P8Z77-V LX2 RAM: 8GB Corsair 1600 mhz Vengeance (2x4GB) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB
  10. I have my original MS FSX Gold Edition, where should the SDK files be installed in FSX SE? Thanks
  11. Thanks Rem, It's obvious I suppose when you analyse it? Regards Jim
  12. Just a small point really, the ALT INTV needs to be activated in climbing but is it the same for reducing climb? on page 0.00.69 of the tutorial, the MCP is lowered to 2000 feet, but there isn't a mention of the ALT INTV button? Thanks
  13. Just a small point really, the ALT INTV needs to be activated in climbing but is it the same for reducing climb? on page 0.00.69 of the tutorial, the MCP is lowered to 2000 feet, but there isn't a mention of the ALT INTV button? Thanks
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