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  1. Thank you so much Al! I look forward to the next update! Evan
  2. Hey Al, Thanks for your quick response. I don't own the weather radar, but I cannot wait until it is compatible so I can grab it as well! I'm on the FPL page and the key(s) I was referring to were the Line Select Keys on the right side. Sorry for the confusion - I didn't articulate that well. Seems to be LSK R1+R2. I can duplicate the problem every time. Thank you again.
  3. Hey all, Just bought the FMS for my Lear and I am very excited. I did two consecutive test flights now where I've received a "Descend to cross xxx at FLxxx" instruction given and when I go to plug the altitude into the FMS, it locks up the sim momentarily and then it crashes to the desktop. Nothing in the event viewer and it only happens when I go to edit the altitude for a given procedure using the RSK. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. Evan Edit: I understand the VNAV function is advisory only, and carries no purpose otherwise. I'm really just using it as a memory aid.
  4. Hey Jevon, 

    I've heard about your awesome mod for the CJ2, and I'd love to give it a try on my system. I sent you a message through avsim with an email address, if you wouldn't mind sharing it with me. Thank you for your contributions to the community. 



    1. Novej757


      Sorry for the delay I'm a full time engineering student with lots of senior projects.  I will try to send you a copy this evening.  Sorry for the delay

  5. Would you mind sharing the link with me as well? Just installed a new sim! Thanks in advance!
  6. Dave used to fly into my airport quite often when he still worked for Sierra West. Pretty cool guy with at least a 1000 stories to tell. Sierra West would call him and tell him to go ahead and start back home for El Paso, and he'd tell them EVERY time he was here that he was going to IHOP before he got anywhere near the airplane again. The guy he was flying with in that vid is now a Captain in the SW4 with Sierra West. Saw him about a week ago. Anyhow, I just bought the Metro as well and I was thinking that a Sierra West repaint would be an awesome addition to the fleet. I don't have any repainting skill at all, unfortunately. If someone has time, I'd really appreciate it! I can provide whatever pictures of Sierra West Metroliners that a repainter would need.
  7. Sounds like these birds pose quite a challenge. Well, if anyone has time or would like to pick up my request, I'd really appreciate it! That is, if its not too much trouble. Thanks for doing what you do! You guys are are a part of what makes the fs community great!
  8. http://www.abpic.co.uk/images/images/1388385M.jpg Sorry, The link didn't work the first time. If you could put N530RC on that paint scheme, I would be so grateful! If you see an opportunity to be creative as well, go for it! Thank you so much! Evan
  9. Hey guys, I've seen all of the really nice repaints on this thread for the GLEX and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to do one for me? Tail # requested: N530RC Paint Scheme: http://www.abpic.co.uk/images/images/1388385M.jpg%C2'> I was hoping that we could make this happen and would really appreciate someone picking up this project.
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