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  1. I will try the 414 with the stock GNS530 and clear out my community fold to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for providing the discords I was not able to find them, but will check them out.
  2. Recently started having problems with the Flysimware 414A and TDS GTN750. After about 15-20 minutes of flying climbing through 17-20K feet the sim freezes and crashes to desktop without any warning or error message. This is repeatable and happens every time. Both the 414 and TDS 750 have been updated to the latest versions. Any ideas?
  3. Almost positive I have the US World Update installed, but do not see an option to install or uninstall PG US cities. I will have to check that out. Thanks for the info.
  4. Where do you find the PG cities for the US? I only see packages for other countries around the world.
  5. To uninstall the PG files would I just uninstall the world updates? Or can you select just the PG files? Thanks.
  6. Mike, Thanks for the information, I will give that a try! Is it possible to "calibrate" the season with Manual Dynamic Season Changes to create an offset for Automatic Season Changes to use? For example during the week of April 10th Automatic Dynamic Season Change would instead use the vegetation coding for the week of March 27? It would just be offset by a couple of weeks. Best Regards, John
  7. It seems like the spring and summer seasons come way too early in the upper Midwest of the US. In the sim the trees have a lot of green leaves and the fields are green already, but in real life the trees are bare and the fields are still brown. Anyone else notice this? Regards, John
  8. Was there any discussion regarding the bug some of us are seeing with extreme stutters on takeoff and landing? Zendesk responded to me this morning saying they can't replicate it, but would log it as a bug.
  9. Have the ground stutters with Photogrammetry on been fixed?
  10. Awesome, thanks! I will give this a try tonight after work. Best Regards, John
  11. Do you think deleting the WU6 content in the Content Manager would help the stutters on the ground?
  12. Its so bad the plane is uncontrol able on the runway.
  13. Glad to hear, not sure I really want to reinstall Windows 10 though.
  14. Was your Windows 10 installation up to date prior to the fresh install?
  15. It seems like the stuttering starts after a certain speed on takeoff. At taxi speeds it is smooth, but as you accelerate the stuttering starts until the plane leaves the ground.
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