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  1. Yes interesting but the problem with all these high resolution headset is the video card you will need to have a smooth experience with MSFS2020+737NG+stormy conditions ! I have a i9 and a RTX3080 and pushing the resolution over 3000x3000 begin to be difficult (so at 5000x5000...)
  2. thank for answer Yes I set it to "yes", I have a panel state saved with this setting
  3. Hello PMDG 737-700 in MSFS2022 W10 I fly with a rate of 6 failures every 10 hours (with no limit for the number of failure), for along time now bit I have never had any failure on flight. I flown more than 10 hours (maybe 30 hours). I have some doubt with the failure function working properly. So my question is : Anyone have already encounter a random failure in flight? Thanks
  4. Big regression for me in VR I can't play anymore with my FMC opencockpit module.. In the airbus for example: pop out the FMC, in VR if you interact with it the undock windows will not change anymore. It does not react to the entries keysVery annoying because you can’t use physical hardare like opencockpit module in VR anymore https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pop-out-panel-vr-no-longer-react-in-su10/543865
  5. hello I notice that if you use the long clic/ short clic feature you can't use the toogle function I use it in MFS2020 with the NXI. I want to use it for the COM: short click =switch COM and long clic to go to COM 2. I want to do it only if I toggle the space bar: unfortunalty it does not take the toggle in count. The short click will always work ! and no light illuminated when I use it Is it normal ?
  6. unfortunatly for me the uwa light correct only the exterior light and not the light in the cabin
  7. Hello Did someone succeed to make work the light in the cockpit with the performance mod (i replace also "flight_model.cfg" and "engines.cfg") I can make work only the exterior light but the inside light stay broken
  8. Put a rainy weather and don't forget to activate completly the radar on the G3000. For me it work, the image is a little bit strange (I don't know if it normal) but it seems to work https://imgbb.com/x8hjZRV
  9. Unfortunaltly It will not work in VATSIM or IVAO (not supported by MFS2020), I saw this information in the discord of WT.
  10. I use it in VR it is very good ! Sometimes It did not go on the loc on ILS I Don't know why (Yes in NAV MOD in the pfd) I also have some Strange things happenig with the flight plan (with and without the mod) I use my cpflight MCP with it , for the moment I do not use anymore my 737NGX..
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