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  1. unfortunatly for me the uwa light correct only the exterior light and not the light in the cabin
  2. Hello Did someone succeed to make work the light in the cockpit with the performance mod (i replace also "flight_model.cfg" and "engines.cfg") I can make work only the exterior light but the inside light stay broken
  3. Put a rainy weather and don't forget to activate completly the radar on the G3000. For me it work, the image is a little bit strange (I don't know if it normal) but it seems to work https://imgbb.com/x8hjZRV
  4. Unfortunaltly It will not work in VATSIM or IVAO (not supported by MFS2020), I saw this information in the discord of WT.
  5. I use it in VR it is very good ! Sometimes It did not go on the loc on ILS I Don't know why (Yes in NAV MOD in the pfd) I also have some Strange things happenig with the flight plan (with and without the mod) I use my cpflight MCP with it , for the moment I do not use anymore my 737NGX..
  6. Hello I Did not succeed to see LNM in my ipad. I had open the 8965 port in my routeur in UDP en TCP but is still don't work . Any idea ? I found the solution: I did not have opened my firewall ! it works now
  7. Agree with you, I had a reverb v1 but I was not able to support the washed color ! I went back to my vive pro that I love ! Resolution is not all !
  8. It will depend of the headset. the vive pro and the vive have a short focal distance about 1 0r 1,5 m. I am also nearsight (-2/-1.75) and I don’t need glasses for these 2 headseat I have own also a reverb and the focal distance is very long ( infinity) for this headset I bought vrlenses. Many headset are like the reverb (the samsung is, the index also).
  9. Hello Is someone can tell us if the NGXU in P3DV5 perform better than in P3D V4.5. I play in VR and I need more fps with this plane. In VR even 4 or 5 fps more can make the difference and allow the 45fps needed for a pleasant experience (at 43 steamVr will cut to 20) Thanks
  10. I create a D\FLAI folder, my P3D is in F\Folder. I put the addon.xml of FLAI in the Document\PDV5\Addon Folder. The FLAI.vmr is in the vpilot directory. Just open it via vpilot If you don't place the addon.xml it dont' work (vpilot don't recognise the folder) And it works
  11. Hello Di you find a solution ? I still have the problem with the new version (without fsuicp and desactivate controlleur in p3dv5)
  12. Same problem https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137149&p=214342&hilit=brake#p214342
  13. look here https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137149&p=214342&hilit=brake#p214342
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