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  1. Agree with you, I had a reverb v1 but I was not able to support the washed color ! I went back to my vive pro that I love ! Resolution is not all !
  2. It will depend of the headset. the vive pro and the vive have a short focal distance about 1 0r 1,5 m. I am also nearsight (-2/-1.75) and I don’t need glasses for these 2 headseat I have own also a reverb and the focal distance is very long ( infinity) for this headset I bought vrlenses. Many headset are like the reverb (the samsung is, the index also).
  3. Hello Is someone can tell us if the NGXU in P3DV5 perform better than in P3D V4.5. I play in VR and I need more fps with this plane. In VR even 4 or 5 fps more can make the difference and allow the 45fps needed for a pleasant experience (at 43 steamVr will cut to 20) Thanks
  4. I create a D\FLAI folder, my P3D is in F\Folder. I put the addon.xml of FLAI in the Document\PDV5\Addon Folder. The FLAI.vmr is in the vpilot directory. Just open it via vpilot If you don't place the addon.xml it dont' work (vpilot don't recognise the folder) And it works
  5. Hello Di you find a solution ? I still have the problem with the new version (without fsuicp and desactivate controlleur in p3dv5)
  6. Same problem https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137149&p=214342&hilit=brake#p214342
  7. look here https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137149&p=214342&hilit=brake#p214342
  8. yes ! I think they never speak about this feature I hope it will be integrated !!
  9. It would be cool if MFS2020 will allow forcefeedback feature like in p3d or FSX. I know there is no more forcefeedback joystick for sale now but why not develope new one ! (dream on). I use one with p3d and fsforce and I won't be able to do without for the trim, with this new sim I think flying without this kind of joystick will be sad.. What do you think of this !
  10. I only fly in VR with the 737 NGX without any problem or stutter, what are your spécifications ? graphic card and driver ?
  11. hello With flyinside the clouds are spinning, there was an option to make them face the point of view, they remove it. I remove flyinside to use native p3d vr and I really prefer the native behaviour of cloud they rotate with the view and it seems to me more natural..
  12. I notice that run time change only if service based failure is active, otherwise this runtime never change ? is it normal ? does it mean that you need to have it enable to have failure (normally not !) Some helps please edit: I did also a full reinstall of the 737 ngx
  13. I use the steering facilities of fsuicp, it works well. There is a limitation in fs and p3d but it works well for me Inside the cokpit (not sure outside). Above 60 Knt the steering tiller become ineffective.
  14. Thank you I play a lot more than few seconds ! strange I will check this and made some test to see if my run time is correct. If not what to do ? reinstall all the 737 NGX ?
  15. Hello, I still didn'not find the solution. I have very very very few failure, I fly short fly (about 1 hour and half) and I wonder if the failure does not start at the beginning each time. I start my flight with a saved scenario and a saved panel each time (I have no choice because of my configuration, I use a FMC opencokpit with saved windows), the aircraft.ini failure item is saved each time. In the aircraft the [Failure Items] Run Timer.0=0.620008 4947388.500000 there is two numbers, the first one change at each flight (it seems to be the timer), the second numbers never change even if I change the failure parametre. Is it normal ?
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