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  1. Thus far 2 things have made me nauseous, the Alien game-while looking at the computer terminal screen for directions, and once while turning and walking backwards at the same time in MineCraft VR. I deleted Alien because I could go no further without getting sick, but could not recreate the motion sickness in the Minecraft demo so I bought it. But Lone Echo was designed just for VR, and done right, so MS should not occur.
  2. Lone Echo was made for VR, it is seamless, never a single menu. There is no motion sickness, and it is graphically amazing. And The only reason I will use a monitor for gaming is for screenshots. BTW, I hate console gaming, and PC FPS and other games where you use wsad for movement with the keyboard, etc... FS was my only game, for years. I love flying in VR, but I love many VR games and apps more right now, it has opened a whole new world to me. Ihave flown 5 minutes in a flight sim in about 4-5 months now, and in no mood or hurry to do so again for the near future. I love FS in VR, but right now I am spreading my trucking, racing, and creative wings after years of non interest on a flat monitor. VR is MY future.
  3. Folks spend $20 -$100 plus to mount their Oculus sensors permanently on the wall. The reason for this is that placing the stands on a table allows them to move about, and even a tiny amount of movement can alter the view within Oculus. I looked at many various mounts with many ways to mount them and decided to see if it could be done on a budget. So for $2.46 I bought some small angle brackets with screws included, and for less than a dollar bought some 1/4 x 20 bolts with slotted round heads and everyone has washers around the house. I could easily paint the angles black, but they are mostly hidden from view by the sensors. So for less than three and a half dollars I mounted the two sensors, and have extra stuff to hang the eventual third sensor for the opposite wall for full room scale enjoyment. And the sensors are mounted rock solid and will stay exactly how I adjusted them. And notice the sensor cord goes over and is zip tied to the mount so the cords weight is supported and stable. https://imgur.com/CVOmaCh
  4. I did not say all, I stated very plainly, not all, thank you for your reply.
  5. I love mine, and I wonder how anyone can really gripe about the resolution, unless they are not very old at all and never had less than maybe 1024x768. I remember when that was the greatest resolution, so real, life like and amazing. And in the scheme of things it was not very long ago. The VR resolution is not what we see on our monitors right now, but technology improves very quickly these days, so it will not be long before it is, or even surpasses it. I, for one, appreciate the ability to enjoy VR, and now that even though I love it, and am 100% satisfied, that it will only get better. And I have no idea why one poster cannot see the runway while landing, maybe because he is trying to look over the nose? The Cessna 150 is the only plane I think I ever flew in where I could watch the runway in front of me while just above the runway. The runway ahead is invisible while landing many planes and you use your peripheral vision and the view of the runway to the side. I can see it just as I would in real life. \ I suspect that some of the "Poor resolution" nay Sayers, but not all, are entitled youngsters who have to have the very best yesterday, or not at all, because they have not learned to appreciate things as they are, and for what they will become.
  6. Look it up in the store, you can fly it anywhere until you either crash or run out of fuel, then reload and fly some more. Awesome graphics, raining and the effects are awesome. I find it very relaxing.
  7. A flat monitor is very dull and boring for me, except for making videos and taking screenshots. I fly b y the seat of my pants, anyway, my instructor used to put his hand in front of the instruments and make me use the sun for direction, and feel in my butt when the plane was ready to fly.
  8. Project Cars, Dirt Rally, and American Truck Simulator, my flight controls have not been hooked up in a while. I am reaching over my Logitech G 920 wheel as H shifter as I type this.
  9. I meant to add, full controls, wheel, pedals with clutch, and shifter for auto/stick, throttle, and rudder for aviation.
  10. You'd better believe it and get it now, I am loving it. And for the first time I am using controls for auto, and aviation, and expanding my gaming library past only flight sims.
  11. Not only wired, but the best thing since Fat Albert on Saturday morning cartoons. When mine came in my wife asked "Are you ready to try it?" I said "I'm not just ready, I am primed and ready, I got my paisley patterned double breasted suit dry cleaned and settled outta court!"
  12. Get CV1 now, we don't know when the next generation will be out. I went for it, I did not want to wait and wait and kill myself reading the great threads and dreaming only to have a wreck or heart attack, and have to say "Please let me enter your kingdom Lord" Look at my wife and say "I love you sweetie, I will be waiting for you, love you more thasn anything." And as my sight grows dim "Man, why did I wait on the Oculus Rift, now I will never know the joy of true immersion in VR? CROAK.
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