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  1. Whoooot? For me it seems that XP11 came out just yesterday.
  2. Not sure if I am allowed to do so. You may contact the developer of REP. @Nico87 is giving always good support.
  3. You should simply check your x-plane.org store account for re-downloading the REP package.
  4. Hi, did someone succesfully integrate both GTN into the Carenado CT210? I tried but it seems I failed. When I activate the GTN 750 in the plugins menu as GTN1, everything is fine. The bezel changes to the GTN750 and seems to work correctly at the first sight. Then I activate the GTN 650 (integrated into the GNS430 display) as GTN2 the GTN 750 dissapears and the default GNS 530 is back in the VC. The GTN 750 is still activated in the plugins menu. I thought first I found a workaround by first activating the GTN 650 and afterwards the GTN 750, but when realoding the plane, I get the same effect. Any solutions, ideas on this? [edit] I also see, that the turn knobs don't work. Neither with the GTN 750 3D bezel (only the push button is working), nor the GTN 650 inside the GNS 430 bezel. Cheers, Stefan
  5. Enabling "Use Simulator GPS Commands" fixed it, thank you.
  6. I tried but no luck. Is there anything I can help with troubleshooting? Very weird, that it works for some planes, for some not and you can't reproduce. I thought this is an easy to reproduce issue. But it seems that I am the only one :-(
  7. Terrain Radar is coming, which will make this bird even more aweseome: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/145980-do-228-and-terrain-radar-plugin/
  8. Hi, There seems to be an issue with newer birds which are using the new manipulators in X-Plane and RXP. The knobs of the GNS530 3D bezel don't work, when the RXP plugin is used. I see this issue with Carenado DO228 (new manipulators) Alabeo Mooney M20R (new manipulators) Justflight Turbo Arrow III (new manipulators) Default Baron58 (new manipulators) The knobs are working with Carenado Aero Commander 500S (old manipulators) Carenado Cessna208 (old manipulators) Carenado King Air B200 (old manipulators) I use the newest version of the RXP GNS on XP11.11r2 and I think my RXP.ini files are ok, since there are some models working well. I first adressed this issue at Thranda, but they pointed out that there might be a conflict with the new manipulators. Logfile seems to be ok and can be found here. Assuming this is a bug a quick fix would be highly appreciated, thanks.
  9. Sounds very promising: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14259-announcing-the-socata-tbm-900/#comment-128375
  10. Not me. Reading the update thread for XPL users, I feel the XP users being patronized by PMDG, I feel the PMDG fan base (or should I say word not allowed?) are making fun of XP users who wanted to convince PMDG to make an update for the DC-6. PMDG does not acknowledge that XP is a dynamic developing flight simulator platform. They simply can't follow the continuous changes and improvements by Laminar. Everybody knows the DC-6 was released for XP10.51, just a few month before the XP11 public beta release. Now the DC-6 is broken at various aspects and can't be used anymore for the XP users which have jumped on the XP11 train. I'm afraid if PMDG would ever port another plane to XP, they would do the same like they did with the DC-6. Develop for a certain version, then abandon it for an unknown period of time. And as a result you may not update the simulator, you can't benefit from new features and improvements of the simulator, if you want to keep on using any PMDG product. No, I would never purchase again a PMDG product for XP, if they are not willing to change their development attitude.
  11. Yes ok, by using default XP11 features. But they are not optimized for full PBR. Just look with an texteditor into the obj files and look at the normals, that's evident and a pity. With much more love for details of the normals for the cockpit and exterior, this bird would be excellent. But hey, I paid only 15$ and I stop criticizing now. Instead I will modify it for my pleasure.
  12. I didn't fly her already. I've benefit from the discount and just took a first look. I had the XP10 version and the quality is quite the same. The new weight and balance manager is good, as well as options menu and ingame checklist. I'm missing a performance table there. I'm dissapointed that this plane doesn't support PBR, as already stated. She still needs some tweaks and fixes, as I have read some reports at the .org. In summary I'm not as impressed as with the DO228, but Carenado/Thranda is in general on another level, as they have simply a much bigger team, I guess.
  13. No "NORMAL_METALNESS" in the *.obj-files and the normal files are like in XP10. I don't have the other planes of RWD to compare. Hopefully the developer is going to implement PBR in future updates or the community is going to provide it. But hacking the object files is not everybodies taste.
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