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  1. Griphos

    1950 Ryan Navion

    The trikes are from Vskylabs. VFlyteAir does the Pipers and Grummans.
  2. Griphos

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Since the new version of the beta is out, I decided to make a copy and update the copy to test things. I haven't tried the ATC yet, but am looking forward to it. Just had a crash while trying to reconfigure weather. I did get to test ground handling (taxi) and takeoff and landing in fairly calm conditions in the Beaver. I've been quite anxious about whether the silly wind and propwash effects introduced in recent versions have been tamed. I'm happy to say it appears they have. The Beaver felt like an actual plane to taxi and take off and land. Very nice. I was trying to set up a decent crosswind when it crashed, so haven't tried that yet either. I can say that, as others have reported, there is a definite hit to FPS. Whereas I usually get in the 45-60 FPS range at most times, I was in the 30s in very unpopulated areas just now. And every flight started much lower than that upon spawn and took a minute or so to climb to 30ish. Can't say I'm happy about that. Hope that gets optimized before full release. Well, time for more testing.
  3. Griphos

    1950 Ryan Navion

    It is quite nice. Really like the old, well-used feel of it. It sure seems much more "modern" than my '46 Chief, though. Funny how much difference four years can make.
  4. Griphos


    Use the free notepad++ to edit these files. It has a number of advantages, and it saves the file as an .ini ( or whatever it’s current extension is) rather than changing the extension to .txt. My ini file never rearranges itself, so you may indeed have some script at work that deletes the file on each start.
  5. I don't get your anxiety. It's not like the version we have now isn't working. Whenever the new version is done, we'll get it. And it won't be all that different.
  6. Griphos


    Dreamfoil's 407 is excellent. I’m enjoying the Cabri G2. And vSkyLabs has a wonderful autogyro called the Cricket. Much better than anything in FSX/P3D.
  7. Griphos

    Holy smokes!

    In your file the order should always be: airports (custom at the top above default and global airports last) libraries (landmarks, etc) overlays (and objects like trees and farms) ortho scenery mesh i believe the A file line in the package is libraries. There’s no mesh in this package, I don’t think. The thing to remember is that anything above in the list overrides anything below it
  8. The free version is an approved adaptation of the excellent C-47 from Jan and friends. It doesn’t have all of the same features, but it is good. But I’ll join in on the suggestion to buy the VSL version. jetMan is one of the very best developers for XP at the moment. His aircraft are reasonably priced, the recent releases are as top quality as any on offer, and he is the most involved and responsive of them all. In addition, he models less common but interesting aircraft like the LongEZ, motorsailplanes, and even a fantastic autogyro. He is constantly updating older models, for free. Support this guy. We want to keep him developing.
  9. Griphos


    I’m sorry to have derailed the thread. The scenery is excellent and I’ve been enjoying flying around it in the Eurofox and some ultralights. I tried the 1.3 version of the J3, because of your lovely pictures above; but it just doesn’t fly at all like a Cub, so I just can’t enjoy it.
  10. Griphos


    It is so sad that the ASDG Cub will never be fixed or finished (or even optimized). It fits that scenery so perfectly.
  11. Griphos


    FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for this one ever since JetManHuss started using it in his videos.
  12. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    This is a very fun stable helicopter to fly. Particularly with my new VKB pedals. 🙂
  13. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    It’s in British Columbia.