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  1. 🙂 I think I'd find a big building and just try to land on the leeward side. Should be able to come in like a gyro and stop once you are in the wind shadow.
  2. That's why I said take off again. 🙂 Not sure you'd have much say about that in a 50 kt wind.
  3. Certainly in something like a Cub. 🙂 With a 50kt crosswind, you should be able to land and take off again across the runway. 🙂
  4. Link doesn’t work. But scenery does look very good. Very nice work.
  5. Not really. XP taildragger performance is not realistic. The fuselage as airfoil experiments Austin has been doing make things worse for taildraggers because of the CG/gear geometry issues. I think I’ve flown all the available taildraggers in the sim and none of them get it right, or even very close.
  6. Best developer for XP, I think mi have almost all of his products, and they are excellent. While some, like the Eurofox, could be improved still in terms of graphics, he constantly updates all his models. His latest offerings, like the Longeze, the SF-25, and the choppers look fantastic. All of them fly very well. His autogyro are the best simulation of those odd aerodynamic ducks I’ve flown. Big thumbs up.
  7. I have no trouble starting it. Have you read the manual? Pull the mixture all the way out to start it. It will go in automatically, and then you don't touch it again (it will cut the engine off). Not sure what menu you're meaning. I don't have anything in Russian.
  8. I’ve done several flights so far and really like everything about it. I’m partial, because I’ve flown a CH-701 and it was quite fun to fly. This is a very good representation. The systems depth is excellent, as are the visuals. The FM is very good. I get a sense of inertia while flying this plane that is missing or subdued in many other addons. It is pricy, but I’m happy with the purchase. Always risky to buy from new developers, but this model was released in a very polished state, so that’s a good sign. I haven’t bought the SF-260 yet, but both the price and the quality seem comparable. I’ll buy it soon, I think. I just have a preference for backcountry bush flying...so this one came first.
  9. I'll give it some further testing. Won't be until Wednesday, though. Busy, busy day tomorrow.
  10. I took her up. I've no hours in a real helicopter, and don't really understand the flight dynamics, except that the rotor disk is a kind of wing. However, I tried to nose over in several segments of the flight, and found no particular issues. Pushing hard forward on the cyclic did indeed push the nose over and increased speed, but there was a limit. I quickly got to the forward limit of stick travel without anything else happening. Perhaps I should lower collective while trying this? At any rate, in the experimental flight model, I can't see anything unexpectedly or unusually dangerous. Happy to experiment further if someone can tutor me a bit more on what to look for and how to instigate it.
  11. Yes, he's right about how it all works, but, as he said, he's never experienced one. It's something to understand and watch for, but it doesn't have to happen if you control the plane correctly. Unless there are mechanical failures (loose front wheels, tailwheel spring issues), piloting correctly will avoid such shenanigans. And piloting correctly is piloting correctly. Just because a different configuration allows you to be sloppier is no reason to be. No reason not to fly tailwheel aircraft. They are best at bush flying.
  12. VSkyLabs has two different autogyros as well. Well worth getting. Best autogyros in any sim I've ever flown. I bought the Mini 500. I'll try the NOE nose over tomorrow and see what happens. 🙂
  13. I wouldn't wait. This one is probably better anyway.
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