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  1. You should be able to extract into the folder to overcome the too long file name. If that's the issue. You can right click and drag the zipped file into the community folder and then click "extract here."
  2. I'm buying this now. Some of my best time flying in FSX was in Sibwings' An-2 Colt. I quit that sim (and it's Lockheed incarnation) before this company put their version out, but I have been following their development for MSFS closely and will buy the Colt and the Piaggio when they are released. I'm buying this one to support them and because I've been fascinated with this little homebuilt since it was first built. I've never seen one in real life, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the virtual one. So pleased to see such interesting planes, like this one and the Bleriot and Dino's Long-EZ, being developed early in this new sim's life-cycle. This is the perfect platform for these kinds of aircraft!
  3. Oh, my bad. I just didn't understand what he was meaning...that Ray has the Fulcrum. I thought he meant Ray has a Honeycomb Alpha. Thanks.
  4. I'm with Frank and Romeo-Tango. The pitch tension is just too high and not progressive enough. Yes, in real aircraft at speed, depending on the flight surfaces, pulling back or pushing a lot on the yoke requires some force, but not this much force, and not near center with smaller deflections, and when at landing speeds, there just isn't this much resistance. At least not in the C172s that I fly and my Chief. I had high hopes for it, and got mine from Newegg last week. I've been flying it about 5 days now, trying to like it. I like it's build quality. I like the roll axis. I really like the switches, and they worked great without needing to be set up in MSFS. But the pitch tension is just killing it for me. So, if they are out of stock again, and someone wants mine, I'll sell it for the list price + shipping. Just PM me. Otherwise, it's back to Newegg for this one. I think I'll take a good look at the Fulcrum once folks have had a chance to try it out.
  5. Final update. I kept trying. MSFS support was no help. They just told me I don't own the game and they would "elevate" my request to those who can address the "wording" of the Marketplace offer. I notice it's still the same. MS Store support wouldn't help. There was a Xbox support reference ticket created by another person which was supposed to provide supervisor approval to issue refunds for people in this situation as this is a known issue. I tried using that reference ticket # over four more phone calls and three different people and they wound up saying they couldn't help and I had to just use the web refund request, which I'd tried several times and was denied. So, I just got Paypal involved. They resolved it in about a day. Two weeks of trying to get this resolved, talking to over 20 different people and I don't even know how many phone calls. Still the worst customer support I've ever experienced. I know some people have gotten refunds without having to work so hard, so if you're in this situation, maybe you'll be lucky. But I recommend just getting your bank or CC or Paypal involved. MS pays more attention to other companies than it does to its customers.
  6. Yeah, the Zendesk MSFS folks have definitely rejected my case, but have said they will ask for a refund. We'll see. Perhaps they will make a different decision in your case.
  7. Excuse me?! What a load of tripe! The language in the game says clearly EVERTHING PLUS. This is not wishful thinking. It's a clear promise. But I reached out to an official representative of the company BEFORE buying to ensure what it CLEARLY SAID was truly the case. So, according to you, I should just disregard the claim in the Marketplace and the promise of the official representative and believe my own whimsical interpretation because that's what makes sense to YOU!?! And people on a FORUM posted they didn't THINK it would be a real thing?!?!?! Your argument is that official representatives of the company are notoriously unreliable and I should pay attention to the musings of forum strangers instead?!?! Because they are famously reliable!?!?! Yeah, I'm the problem! No, this situation is objectively a mess. Hopefully, my report about the circus that is MSFS/MS/MSXbox support will help inform others in an actual, factual way, as opposed to idle speculation. And I can't believe you're seriously saying that promising one thing and then not delivering it, and THEN NOT GIVING A REFUND even though your official representative misrepresented the product is okay?!?!
  8. Report: Well, this has been a week from Hell. On the basis of the reports above, and the fact that I didn't show any version of the game as owned by me in either the MS Store or the Xbox app, I contacted support again. This time, during an hour of chatting, where I showed her the language in the Marketplace and the prior chat from support where I was promised, TWICE, that I'd own the game and no longer need to be subscribed to Game Pass, she finally said she understood the issue and was elevating it to her "Rangers" and they would get in touch with me within 24 hours. That did not happen. She also gave me an email to use to contact her directly. I tried at 12 hours, and at 24 hours, and at 36 hours, and again at 48 hours, and then gave up, when I got no response. Then I started calling. I called (and was disconnected) over a half dozen times talking to at least 10 different people, all of whom were very sympathetic, and promised to call me back if disconnected, but who never did, and who all told me that they couldn't help me but would connect me to someone who could, who, when I actually got connected to someone and not just disconnected in the transfer, or connected to a recording which hung up on me after it played, ALL told me they couldn't help me and I needed to contact the people I'd just contacted who said they couldn't help me and tried to connect me to them. Starting to feel like I'm trapped in a Camus novel at this point. This chain of calls included one transfer to just a MS Windows person who categorically wouldn't help. In fact, he played a cruel joke on me. I was SO tired of repeating the whole story everytime I spoke to a new person, so he said he'd made detailed notes and gave me a case number (the third someone had given me), and that if I got disconnected, all I had to do was call back and give the person the case number and they would know everything and I wouldn't have to tell the story again. He then connected me to a number that was the same voice recording that hangs up after. So, very frustrated, I called right back and told the person the case number and they said that case number has been closed! He opened it and gave it to me and then closed it right after he transferred me to a recording that would hang up on me!!!!! So, I tried submitting a "request" (which is French for "ticket" I guess) on the MSFS site. I explained everything and included transcripts of both chat support sessions, both where I was promised that I would own the full game after buying the bundle, and of the Marketplace language that clearly states buying the bundle will give me EVERYTHING in the Standard edition PLUS the 10 extra aircraft and 10 extra airports. They responsed with some advice to restart the game and I would see the DLC I wasn't able to see before. In other words, boilerplate language about SOME COMPLETELY OTHER PROBLEM I DON'T HAVE. When I pointed this out and asked them to please review the material I submitted before responding to me, they went silent. After a few hours, they told me that I don't own the game, that I just own the DLC. I pointed out, AGAIN, that this is not what I was told BEFORE I BOUGHT IT, and which I had asked about PRECISELY TO AVOID making a mistake and only owning the DLC. Again, silence. I opened a new "request" to point out I was not getting any help in my original request and included all the material again. This was IMMEDIATELY merged with the original. So, someone is reading these right away, they're just not responding until they darned well feel like it. Another day goes by and finally someone posts that they cannot help me. They cannot give me a key to the base game (which, of course, they could if they wanted to live up to the their and their support personel promises), and that, if I'd like, they will transfer my issue to Billing so I can have the purchase cancelled. I reply that I am disappointed in their failure to give what was promised and purchased in good faith, but, yes, to give me a refund. Hours again go by and I decide to just request the refund directly before I run out of time (there is a 14 day limit according to their website). The next day I get a reply saying they will not refund on DLC, despite the fact that the page where you can request the refund CLEARLY STATES that the bundle I bought is still eligible for a refund. Another LIE. I have written in response to the MSFS "request" case telling them this and asking for them to expidite the refund as they promised to do. We'll see, I guess. It's been 18 hours with no response. Oh, and the second chat person from a week ago just replied to me FINALLY and told me to contact MSFS (which I've already done with terrible results). I will give them the rest of the day, and then will have Paypal reverse the charge. I can't believe I took the trouble to check with support BEFORE I made a purchase to ensure that I was buying what I thought I was buying, and to be told that I would indeed own the game, but then not only do I not own the game, but they won't live up to their promises and, apparently, won't give a refund even though they lied to me to get me to purchase the product! What a MESS!!! This is not a good way for them to start off. I sincerely hope it doesn't wreck them. But I also don't want folks to have to go through what I went through. Worst customer support ever!!
  9. No, I don't think this is very helpful. It's just your interpretation (guess), and I think it's faulty in some ways. Do you work for MS or Xbox? In the MP the three versions do not state to "add" the extra content. In fact, they state that buying one of the upgrade packages will give you everything including the new material. “The Deluxe Premium Edition includes EVERYTHING from Microsoft Flight Simulator PLUS 10 additional…planes and airports.” What you see in the Xbox app is affected by what you do in the Xbox app. Again, I will rely on the explicit confirmation from Xbox/MS representatives that my purchase included the whole package and doesn't require a continuing subscription to Game Pass. I'll cancel Game Pass when I'm ready, and if I was told the wrong thing from the rep, I guarantee you that they will make it good. But unless you work for the company and know what you're talking about, or have tried buying it and then cancelling Game Pass, then writing your interpretation of matters here on the forum isn't at all helpful.
  10. That's what they assured me. It has something to do with "flightsim credits" which will be a thing in the marketplace, I guess. Kind of a nice feature for those who try it with Game Pass. It says I own the standard and all the upgrades. And I was able to download everything. Of course, I haven't cancelled Game Pass yet, so I can't be absolutely sure. I do think they got the pricing mixed up. I'm betting they meant to set the price for the Deluxe as USD 79.99 and the price of Premium for USD 84.99 and the price of the Premium Deluxe for USD 99.99 but got those latter two crossed. Works for me, though. 🙂
  11. You don’t need to go to the marketplace or buy what you already own. Go to Profiles and the Content Manager and just download what you don’t have downloaded yet.
  12. I contacted Xbox/Microsoft game support and asked them. The support person double checked my account and asked me to send a picture of the in-game Marketplace price and info. She checked with others above her and assured me several times that once I buy that bundle with the "flightsim credits" I would own (digital ownership) the Standard edition and all the upgrades in the Premium Deluxe version that usually sells for $120, and I won't have to continue my game-pass. So, I bought it. I won't be cancelling my Game Pass for at least the rest of this month. Why should I? But I downloaded all the new content, and the Marketplace shows all three upgrade packages as owned by me. If you're having trouble with missing content, @Flyfaster, go into Profiles, Content Manager and download them that way.
  13. I contacted Xbox customer support and asked. I was told that the upgrade to Premium Deluce (USD 84.99 for me) includes the Standard Edition and I do not need to stay subscribed to Game Pass. I think I'll try it.
  14. 🙂 I think I'd find a big building and just try to land on the leeward side. Should be able to come in like a gyro and stop once you are in the wind shadow.
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