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  1. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    It’s in British Columbia.
  2. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    I don't think it has trim, really, but I noticed that using my usual trim button works on it. And, yes, she will jump off the ground, so I think it reads whatever your last trim setting was. All in all, though, the best simulation of an autogyro in any sim I've ever flown. I've always wanted to fly one in real life, but no one I know has a two seater. I've been tempted to build one myself, but no one around here trains for them.
  3. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    I've been having quite a bit of fun with it. I have no idea whether I'm flying it correctly, but, so far, I'm keeping it in the air (except when I don't want to). On a related note, if you don't have his little Cricket autogyro, you should get it. He did a very good job on that as well, and it's great fun to fly around nicely detailed payware scenery like KAWO or KIDA.
  4. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    His recent releases are all top notch.
  5. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    Excellent. Got both. Thanks!
  6. Griphos

    Guimbal Cabri G2

    Just a heads up. No manual is included. Just a link to the official Guimbal manual, and you have to register on their website to get that.
  7. Griphos

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    I'm using normal vsync with the in game check box, and nVidia set to use the game setting (default). In what you quote, it say locks to nearest level, and includes the possibility of 45. 45 is not half of 60. That alone disputes your earlier post. And nowhere does it say it does so in one second integer increments. As I suggested, it is much more likely it does so only as long as needed, which essentially means on a frame by frame basis, which happens up to 60 times per second, leaving the average in any given second to fall anywhere along the integer line below 60, not locked at 30. But you didn’t just quote an authoritative source and let it speak for itself. You referenced an unauthoritative source and began making extrpolative (and simply wrong) claims about what happens on all our computers as if you yourself were an authority. That’s the problem. Common on enthusist forums, to be sure. if you’re still wanting to maintain your claims, why don’t you post a little video of you running XP with vsync enabled over demanding scenery and the internal frame counter showing you locked at 30 FPS because you can’t reach 60. Just the game vsync. Not nVidia. And not set to cap at 30, but at 60. In other words, showing that vsync set to run at the refresh rate of 60 hz but unable to do so actually drops you to locked 30 FPS. Or, short of that, please explain why every YouTube video of XP out there with the frame counter showing actually shows FPS all over the place anywhere from 20s up to 60 FPS. If you were actually right, no video would ever show FPS at anything other than 60, 30, or 15. Neither you nor I have ever seen that.
  8. Griphos

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    I'm referring to knowledge that comes from actually working in the industry. If you don't have that, and you are just reading things, then you shouldn't pretend you know what is going on just because you read someone say something. I DON'T work in the industry, but I can tell you from experience with standard vsync that my FPS are not some divisor of the refresh rate like 30 or 15. Perhaps this works differently somehow with Linux, as Pascal suggests, but with Windows, it just doesn't work this way. Or at least it never has with ANY of the hundreds of games and sims I have played across several different Windows machines. If your computer can output 40 FPS, and you have standard vsync on, and your refresh rate is 60hz, then your computer will draw 40 FPS and your monitor will try to display 40 FPS. It will stutter, because some of those frames will stay on the screen longer (several cycles) so that they can draw the next one without tearing, as you state. Not every frame will stutter, because not every frame will take longer than a single cycle to draw. The refresh rate sets a cap. And you're right that for a given screen frame, vsync will insist it be drawn all at once, but you're wrong that this means a FPS of 30. Some of the frames will be able to be drawn in a single cycle, and some not, and those that cannot be will take two cycles, and the resulting FPS showing on your monitor will be some average of the total, so anything in between 0 and 60 (or whatever your monitor refresh rate is) and stuttering, because of the uneven ability to draw without tearing. The real problem with vsync and a system not able to draw FPS at the refresh rate is stuttering, not FPS as a divisor of the refresh rate.
  9. Griphos

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    You really shouldn’t make claims based on stuff you read (particular on some forum from some guy who thinks he figured something out from reading some other stuff on some other forums) which you may not fully understand yourself. I use vsync, and before building my current machine, dropped below 30 all the time and never ever reached 60, and my frame rates were NEVER some fraction of 60. Using several frame rate counters, the rates varied across the spectrum. The counters count the actual FPS of the screen refreshes. Even though they count averages rather than each individual frame, the result would be closer to the fraction integer. My frame rates were frequently in the mid-20s for extended period. In my new machine, FPS is often locked at 60, but when it drops below that, it doesn’t drop to 30. It ranges through the 40s-50s. There is no “in-game” frame rate separate from the actual frame rate of the monitor.
  10. Griphos

    Switching to xplane?

    I have a hand held radio in my plane (no electrical system) but no transponder ( electrical system). I rarely talk to ATC except for towered airports. There’s no point in requesting flight following since they can’t “see” me. Are you saying I shouldn’t fly? I do talk to the CTAF or Unicom at any airport I land at or fly over without a tower just to let other traffic know I’m there. But, again, where I usually fly, it’s not really necessary. I’m almost always the only one around at these little strips.
  11. Your anecdote is not really evidence of your claim, of which I am deeply skeptical. I doubt it’s “a fact” that the availability of reprints has a “big influence” on sales of most models. Perhaps an older model that doesn’t have much appeal otherwise might see an uptick in sales with the release of an interesting livery for a subset of the public. I seriously doubt a first class release like A2A warbirds see any real change in sales due to a paint becoming available. At any rate, given the excellent quality of this new aircraft, and the several classic liveries provided, I doubt sales will suffer in the least from the difficulty of repainting it.
  12. I don’t think you understood Murmur. I think he was asking with genuine interest whether the 109 is as good as the P-51 in the specific respects he mentions as a guide to whether he should perhaps buy it.
  13. Griphos


    The Aerolight is pretty good, but vSkylabs is updating one of its trikes in the near future to be an exact replication of the Aeros 2. I expect that may be the new top ultralight to fly. I have his trikes. They are pretty good. I like the Polaris the best, and his Micro-hopper ultralight is the best of the ultralight bunch he offers so far. His gyro is pretty darned good as well. Best job of getting gyro flight dynamics in the sim I've come across. I've tried the Pottier 130UL, but I wasn't that impressed.
  14. I don’tknow why Austin won’t see that if the AI can’t taxi, there’s something definitely wrong with the modeling. Even in my early years of flying taildraggers, I never had any problem taxiing them.