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  1. Hey Guys, Most of you don't know about this yet, but there is a new ACARS and administration system being developed. It is called the Virtual Airline Operations System (VAOS). The system is free and oppen source. It will be availible for all operating systems as well as all sim platforms. Recently, they have started accepting applications for a closed beta program for new people to try out and hammer out some bugs in the system. The applicaitons close March 14th. Other than that, here is a Facebook and I will be on my way.
  2. Bonanza123d

    PMDG products and Steam

    We honestly do not know yet. We are still "Day 1" release. This is a new environment and stuff may change on how PMDG Products will be sold in the near future. I cannot say anything for anyone, but please be patient. Taylor Broad
  3. Bonanza123d

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise"

    I am still putting my bets on Cascade Game Foundry. They were founded by the ex-Aces developers. Honestly looking at it, I can see it working extremely well in their favor.
  4. Bonanza123d

    26APR14 - P3D Development Status Thread - Updated

    From what I am seeing. The T7 for FSX is running around $90. With these licensing issues with PMDG's vendors for commercial use, I almost guarantee the price will probably be increased significantly for P3D solely on this basis (PMDG, feel free to correct me on this). This is probably the whole reason why they are having these licensing issues. This could also be why the X-Plane thread has yet to be updated so much. They have licensing issues over there. Just one flashdrive can turn the home version into the Professional copy of X-Plane. However in the end, I expect nothing less from the quality of products PMDG will bring. Taylor
  5. I am going to sit back for the time being and wait and see what happens. I need to drop cash on a newer PC before I make any considerations for XP or P3D. But from the look of things, I will be going XP.