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  1. HI All, I know theres MK Studios / Aerosoft for EIDW, but I'm struggling to find any scenery for any of the following for P3Dv4.5 EIKY - Kerry EIKN - Knock EINN - Shannon EICK - Cork EGAE - Derry Its like the entire country has been forgotten about my scenery developers. Does anyone know of any that exists for V4.5? I know Eiresim used to be about in the FSX days ... Cheers, Alex
  2. HI All, Ive tried applying in the Dynamic Reflection programme both INI / Chris O and other reflection profiles and get the following error: "Model not identical, do you want to conitnue importing the profile" I push yes and get the following error: "The following materials could not get applied: PMDG_737NGX_FUSELAGE_3.DDS [Index]: 22" I get the same error with the default Tomato 737 profile but it then loads and displays correctly in the sim, but I really want to try out the other profiles? Any advice? Cheers, Alex
  3. HI All, I'm having an issue where sometimes changing the view causes a sudden drop of FPS to around 10. I leave it for a few minutes or pause and unpause and SOMETIMES the FPS are back to normal 40/50. I've read similar issues with other users but no fixes, does anyone have any advice? Cleared shaders / P3D.CFG etc. If I pause the SIM the FPS then shoot back up again but soon as I unpause the drop happens again? Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi, Asked this on the ORBX Support forum but wanted to try get more help from here also. Firstly, this issue has been reported by several users, and the fact it happens just with this software and no where else in P3D beleives me to think its an issue with the scenery itself. Orbx EGNM runs with fantastic frame rates, but every now and then for a period of around 1 minute the frames drop to 2/3 FPS and renders the scenery unuseable. This only happens at this airport, yet when running EGLL Aerosoft with the PMDG 747 online on VATSIM with no performance issues, clearly highlights a problem with the scenery. I have noticed launching GSX does cause the spike to start the drop in FPS. But even with GSX disabled the spikes still appear randomly. Please see video link, right at the start FPS in 50's completely smooth, one stutter then down to unplayable: https://streamable.com/18qupn Anyone had a similar issue / fix? Cheers, Alex
  5. Thanks :) I'm trying out your preset now! :) Only problem I can see so far is the in the distance haze is very orange aswell as some clouds?
  6. Hi Guys, Quick question. I've been simming none stop for the last few weeks as you can expect. With the new cooler I've got the average temp was 65 MAX when running P3D under full load. I've noticed now its starting to increase with the average now again around 70 (sometimes). Is this normal? Ambient temps have been much higher (and humidity) in the UK, will this play a big part on the overall temp of the CPU? Or could I have installed the cooler wrong to allow temps to creep back up again? Dont get me wrong they are boderline between 65-70 average on full load (as opposed to 80 before the install of my new cooler). But brand new out the box the cooler was keeping the cpu around the 60/65 mark. Cheers, Alex
  7. Hi Guys, Im still in the process of finding a shader I actually enjoy and think enhances the sim making it look more realistic. Please can anyone advice their favorite / know of any good shaders that literally help with realism? Im not bothered about nice fancy screenshot looking shaders but something to make the sim look more "real". Sorry if its a very generic question! Cheers, Alex
  8. Fab! What European ground textures are they?
  9. Does anyone have any ideas with this? 🙂 Sorry to "bump" hope its not against the rules! Cheers, Alex
  10. Make sure autosave is off in FSUIPC aswell, as this will cause a temp drop in FPS as described as it saves.
  11. Taken this morning just out of EMA 09 for Valencia, some nasty clouds on the way into EMA quite close to minima! So happy with how my 4.5 looks, absolutely no need to get upto V5!
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know of any basic software that will add head shake / turbulence for the Aircraft View (eg wing / engine view on the NGX)? I know there are complex software out there such as EZDOK and OPUS etc that might simulate this, but I'm not after a view changing programme such as chase plane, just something to modify the current default camera to replicate turbulence / headshake upon landing / breaking etc? Cheers, Alex
  13. I've not OC'd anytihng before as Im happy with the performance. Thanks for the info regarding the second fan, I think I'm going to pass! I'm getting now a steady 65c MAX temp when on P3D in full load so I'm really happy with the results. The 80 degree temps I was reaching worried me slightly, hence reason for the upgrade.
  14. Haha thanks both! It looks so low quality and pixelated, is there any other textures you know of to replace it? If not I'll have to try dig out the file and delete it as it looks terrible on my system haha!
  15. Hi All, using P3DV4.5 does anyone know the ugly looking cloud texture in the sky I can see here? See Image Here :) I use REX and i think it was here before that installation but its so ugly! Cheers, Alex
  16. Have you installed P3DAddon Manager to check what your Scenery CFG file is doing?
  17. Happily, after installing with no antivirus: Menu doesnt open first time, multiple attempts to open the menu When the menu's open, clicking or selecting a ground service closes it with no action Ground services work one minute at an airport, reload another day and "no jetway available" suddenly Timings not matching whats in user settings Having to restart the addon several times and nothing happens when it runs Need I continue?
  18. Thanks mate, and yeh the NGX which is bizzare...
  19. Thanks Mrlip. How do Igo about removing the SODE ones and enabling the GSX L2 ones? Also, is there any way in getting pax and bags to board together?
  20. Thanks Mrlip. Also, is there any way in getting pax and bags to board together?
  21. Hi,Got a problem. A lot (but not all) of my airports have SODE Jetways installed (and recognised in the airport editor). When i click operate Jetways the menu just closes and nothing happens?I am using P3Dv4.5 and the current airport in question is Valencia X.Getting really frustrated with this now, paid a lot for this software and its full of bugs, and so far my support request has been ignored!Cheers,Alex
  22. No I dont, just Sky Force!
  23. Hi All, The weather changes in REX SkyForce 3D is just not subtle at all, does anyone know of any settings to help change this? Thanks, Alex
  24. This does solve the problem but the weather changes are too drastic in Rex. EG going from a clear sky to when it updates having a full sky full of clouds. Is there any fix for this?
  25. Hi All, Im using the free FSWX software (VATSIM WXR Sync) with REX Sky Force. On the ground the clouds look fantastic and quite full and puffy. Climbing upto cruise however they always appear flat and horrible (please see below image): https://ibb.co/Ky73nJM P3DV4.5. Can anyone suggest why this happens / ways of improvement? Thanks, Alex
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