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  1. fly_edds

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    The dev of Pro-ATC/X seems to be in his yearly winter sleep already (which lasts approximately from Oktober to July)... No crashes occured since more than a year, but it still generates a very! small percentage of weird routings on taxi, takeoff and approach at a few specific airports , but I can live with that.
  2. fly_edds

    Black patches 4.2

    As far as I know, this problem only exists since P3D 4.2 Update. I have seen those black/night textures around the globe (and also in FT Sydney), usually not far away from the airport. It's really strange. What I want to try next is to reinstall the 4.2 client. If it still doesn't fix it, I will downgrade to 4.1 as I already have enough of reinstalling, testing, rebuilding cfg's,... Not sure who to blame in this case. Lockheed Martin? Orbx?
  3. fly_edds

    Black patches 4.2

    I deleted the relevant .txt files for openlc EU in <p3d folder>\ORBX\User Documents\Versions . Then I was able to do a fresh install.
  4. fly_edds

    Black patches 4.2

    Hi, does it look like this? My textures were messed up after the 4.2 update. I reinstalled OpenLC and the problem was solved.
  5. Yes, I tried it multiple times: Everything is fine when it's not running. As soon as I start FS Real Time, the mouse bug appears. I close FS Real Time again and everything it's working like before. I know it's odd, because both programs have a totally different purpose and I don't understand how they can interfere with each other. Now I think it's more a bug of FS Real Time (which is P3Dv4 compatible, but very old to be honest) and the way it interacts with the simulator , so I will contact the dev. Thanks Keven and let me know if you have any idea ;-)
  6. Hello Keven, I'm using version 0.4.168
  7. Hi, when FS Real Time is running, the mouse cursor doesn't disappear anymore if the middle mouse button is pressed. (or to be more exact: The cursor disappears when the middle mouse button is pressed and reappears on mouse movement) I'm unsure who to blame in this case, but I think it's more a problem of FS Real Time than of Chaseplane. And additionally it's unlikely that one of your team members own the tool to test it themself, but I thought it's a good idea to try it anyway ;)
  8. @J van E Congratulations on winning the "best creator of unnecessary threads" - award of January 2018 - that was fast Can we please lock and clear away this thread? Thanks.
  9. Similar bug here: Suddenly/randomly the middle mouse button stops working, I'm unable to pan the view. In such a case I can only solve it by restarting CP. (v0.4.161 Beta) Will revert to the latest stable build and check if the bug still exists.
  10. fly_edds

    CP down "Connection closed"

    That's off-topic, but something seems to be seriously wrong with your system then. On my rig, Chaseplane takes between 0,2 and 1% cpu load, which isn't much. It runs very smooth and I don't remember any crashes of P3D caused by Chaseplane or even crashes of the program itself.
  11. fly_edds

    CP down "Connection closed"

    In the meantime, using space to pan around is also a more or less acceptable solution. Annoying, but it's okay to begin a long haul flight ;)
  12. fly_edds

    CP down "Connection closed"

    It seems that they need some butthurt as it's not the first outage. And now already 5 pages of frustration, thats why we need an offline mode ASAP. Time to install that crappy Ezdok lol
  13. fly_edds

    ENVSHADE released.

    How on earth should that work? The tool isn't running in the background during a flight and it doesn't know anything about the conditions of your flight. I think the "dynamic" thing is just marketing bla bla...
  14. fly_edds

    ENVSHADE released.

    @simbolI don't think so. PTA and Reshade can for sure work together and run at the same time.
  15. fly_edds

    ENVSHADE released.

    Thanks for the hint, Lars! Difference between default and ENVSHADE is still marginal: Default: ENVShade High Quality Preset: (Active Sky and) Reshade is still enabled & running in the background on both screenshots, but that shouldn't break any functionality of ENVShade's shaders?!