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  1. Finally no more tweaking! However i wouldn't be surprised if they are made worse again in a future update😁
  2. No - I'm out. I'm definitely NOT willed to (again) frickle around with external tools for whatever reason. That process lasso thing reminds me of a time we should have left far behind... (OOM, VAS, memory leak, threads,... you guys still remember?
  3. Can't complain about him so far: At least in the early alpha he managed to perform a perfect approach and soft landing into QUITO (the old one) in the TBM 930!
  4. Reported as a bug one month ago. Status has changed to solved today, probably it's now on their internal bug/to-do list. My understanding of an active pause is that all calculations/renderings like traffic, sound, environment and weather -except the own aircraft simulation- would continue in the background.
  5. I'm still surprised how FS2020 in alpha stage can run more stable in terms of crashes than P3D in version 5 after several years of continuous development...
  6. Please don't spread leaked footage - that's the reason, why we now have the screen full of watermarks since today
  7. Also got an invite today and...guess what...found it in my microsoft outlook spam folder I also signed up at day one. Maybe people with more powerful specs are now wanted for testing.
  8. Thanks Sethos, I've posted the issue on their forums: https://reshade.me/forum/troubleshooting/6386-reshade-not-compatible-with-prepar3d-v5 Let's hope the best - and @ all: feel free to join!
  9. I don't get reshade to work anymore in v5 - even with the usual workarounds applied (disable magicbloom.fx, disable HW acceleration in registry). Reshade V3.x doesn't load up at all, while reshade V4.x causes a black screen followed by artefacts, mouse delays etc: Hopefully we can fix this somehow and find a workaround (once again 🙂 )!
  10. It's too difficult to give a topic a meaningful title, right? Sorry for the off-topic, but it's annoying sometimes.
  11. Sadly it doesn't work anymore. Artefacts, lags and additionaly a crash as soon as I open any settings. It seems to be a general compatibility issue, it's not related to a specific effect. Best way would be to make LM aware of this directly, I wonder what they've changed in 4.4 to break reshade support?
  12. Looks like reshade doesn't work anymore in V4.4. There're some artefacts with menu and buttons and the effect loading stops with 6 effects remaining to load... Can somebody confirm these issues?
  13. Their sceneries were awesome. In the year 2004 maybe.
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