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  1. I own both the FSL and the Fenix, and I had my brother (real A320 pilot) test it out thoroughly. He says the Fenix behaves much more closely to the real aircraft. The handling is close to being very true to real life. FSL is good too, but handling and flight dynamics wise Fenix is a better representation of the real thing.
  2. No. Didn’t get anywhere close to being saturated.
  3. I didn’t pay attention to specifically just texture loading... but pretty much everything else i was looking at loaded much faster... autogen, buildings, lod, scenery objects. And the sim loaded much faster as well.
  4. 5950x is on avg 10-15% faster than the 8700k at ghz. 8700k HT on. With HT off, i get stutters.
  5. Hi folks, got my 5950X (for MSRP!) and had the opportunity to run a few benchmarks for you all. Hardware: 8700k (at 5.0 GHZ), Asus Z370-A Prime, 8x4GB DDR4 3200 CL 16-18-18-32, Noctua NH-u14s 5950X and Asus X570-E Gaming, 2x16GB DDR4 3600 CL 16-19-19-39, Corsair H115i RGB PRO XT GeForce RTX 2080 (both systems). Addons Prepar3d V5.1 HF1 FSL a320X (latest) ORBX (latest) Aerosoft Heathrow (Latest). Benchmark Scenario Take off from EGLL 9L, climb to 3000, turn right and intercept 27L for ILS CAT III Autoland. Entire flight on AP, no panning or changing views. P3D settings pretty much maxed out, but without EA. No weather, clear sky, Daytime. No GPU bottleneck, utilization less than 70% at all times. Configuration Average FPS Min FPS Max FPS 1% Lows 0.1% Lows 5950X PBO 45.6 26.9 56.6 25.0 21.5 5950X PBO (SMT OFF) 47.3 37.5 65.9 32.9 27.9 8700K @ 5.0 41.3 29.7 54.3 25.2 19.8 Observations Even at stock, the 5950x gameplay was significantly smoother than the 8700K at 5.0 ghz. Sim, scenery load, autogen loading were significantly faster on the 5950x. There was NO stutters at all with the 5950x, the 8700k has intermittent "regular" micro stutters especially in autogen dense areas.
  6. With great difficulty I have managed to source a 5950x from neighboring India for roughly MSRP. I should have it in hand by Monday... will be sure to do a benchmark against my current 8700k at 5ghz. Waiting on the asus x570 mobo and gskill 3600mhz cl16 memory kit as well.
  7. Will be great if you can benchmark the 5800x against your 9700k at 5.0 and post it here.
  8. On the CPU front, i think their selection criteria might have something to do with the L2 Cache, as well has memory bandwidth. CPU Mem Bandwidth L2 Cache 9900K 39.74 GB/s 2 MB (8x256 KB) 9800X 79.47 GB/s 8 MB (8x1 MB) 2700 Pro 43.71 GB/s 4 MB (8x512 KB)
  9. Yes, intel chips are still the optimal cpus for p3d solely because of their overclocking ability, if you’re after the last extra fps. More importantly what i wanted to show is that even under very resource intensive sim scenarios, amd chips like that 3800x will provide more than adequate performance to maintain 30fps and provide smooth 30fps locked gameplay.
  10. On my system, overclocking fclk did not scale as well as cpu frequency... but 1% lows improved quite a bit.
  11. 8700K at 4.4 ghz Average framerate : 34.6 FPS Minimum framerate : 28.0 FPS Maximum framerate : 39.0 FPS 1% low framerate : 24.5 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 18.6 FPS
  12. I tested the 3800x at various frequencies from 4 ghz to 4.4 ghz, the increase in fps is pretty much linear.
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