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  1. I've just seen who checks me out the most on Facebook. You can see who creeps around your profile too! http://redirectway.com/stalker

  2. Hi There,Servinfo is a freeware you can find in the "Hangar Sites" located at the top of the Avsim main page. It is a very useful app especially if you fly online. Iam not an expert but I doubt you can find any use of it if you are not connected to one of the Online services.Regards
  3. Hi Peter,In addition to Flightkeeper you may want to have a look at the following page:http://www.avsim.com/hangar/utils/nav/#What_is_This flight recorder is the only attempt I know of made by any flight sim developer. It has been working well for me on FS9. Frankly speaking I have not tried it on FSX so I can't comment on that platform.Having said that, you raised a broader issue here which may be considered by a number of people as a taboo. The question is: in the sim world what are developers, Microsoft, the simmers (users) and Vatsim/Ivao?. Compared to the real world the answer may be that the developers are the aircraft manufacturers, Microsoft delivers the environment we are evolving in, the simeers are the pilots, ATC personnel, mechanics, airline agents of all kind, and even passengers, and Vatsim/Ivao a kind of FAA or similar where pilots are evolving in a more or less regulated environment.My point is that in the real world aircraft equipment like flight recorders are generally speaking not developed and manufactured by the aircraft builders but more often conceptualized by the Aviation Authorities developed and manufactured by independent companies and some of these equipments MUST be integrated in the aircraft before delivery by the aircraft manufacturers the remainder been sold as options.So, in my opinion it would not be the role of PMDG to develop a flight recorder but if we had in the sim world a strong Vatsim/Ivao who would impose vital equipment on aircrafts PMDG would have to integrate sub-contracted equipment before delivering the aircraft to the simmers.What we miss in the sim world is an Aviation Authority which can impose security standards on all actors and at all levels meaning from aircraft conception to equipment, from flying rules to code of conduct. This maybe the next decade goals for new developers.Regards
  4. Hi Matt,Your call mate but if you got a spare hour or so you should try it. It is a really good program and not so difficult to install. As it has been said before - and this is true for the installation of ALL softwares - it is highly recommended to read the install notes before installing any product. Too bad a lot of peopl
  5. Well done Chris. One comment I may add. As far as ATC is concerned I would recommend Radar Contact instead of the MSFS ATC. Even better try to fly online with VATSIM or IVAO.Best...
  6. Hi,Very good program indeed especially if you are not a dispatch expert. A lot of automated entries which help the casual user. Alll-in a nice add-on.Michael
  7. Hi there,Very well done Mr. Randazzo. It shows the high quality of the PMDG team not only in professionalism but also in human relation.Michel
  8. Hi guys,Thanks for sharing your experience. Surely of great help to me.Michel
  9. Hi Terry,No question about it if you need contribution I will participate. By the way you may remember me from a previous life. I used to post here under "pagotan".Michel
  10. claviermichel


    Hi there,Oops, I did not mean to start world war III with PPrune when starting this thread. I hope noone here or at PPrunes feel offended.
  11. claviermichel


    Hi there,Yes right, a lot of info and rumours. The Tech Log forum is really interesting and would help a lot of simmers flying the heavies (PMDG and alike)better understanding the machines they fly. Quite frankly I am surprised there is so little reference made in the forums about the endless source of info you can find in the PPrune forums.Oh ya, I am not associated whatsoever with PPrune and do not try to promote them.
  12. claviermichel


    Hi,Just by curiosity what do you guys think of the pprune forums?Michel
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