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  1. Hello again Keven. Let me shout... Err... maybe not... LOL. It is a H A P P Y D A Y at my hangar. "All is well with the Immersion FX package for the Q400". It works like a charm... from engine start smoke... prop vortices during t/o roll... volumetric lighting... contrails..." OMG... Considering I'm a retired engineer... it reminds me of the days when the client called to say "It works like a charm, Keith" Maybe this might help someone else... I dunno. I cleansed the previous install. Reinstalled the sim and applied the patch. Re-installed the FX pgk. Followed the suggested flow (like I always did). Lit up the APU started #2 then went outside to check and... and... and... there was that smoke effect. LOL Thanks again for your help, Keven. Keith
  2. Happy New Year Keven. At the Majestic User Area there is no mention of OR ability for me to d/l the 1.018e update you mention above. FWIW... I have the 1.018b patch installed. In fact I reinstalled everything... including the 1.018b patch. Granted... I'm at the office right now and haven't been able to test any further... but will update this topic if the 'b' patch ISN'T the fix. I only have the Pilot's Edition... NOT the Pro Edition. If the 'e - Echo' patch is hidden somewhere else - that YOU know about, please advise. Thanks, Keith Sorry. I meant 1.019b not 1.018b Keith
  3. I too have no effects. The pkg appears to have installed correctly into the "aircraft.cfg" [smokesystem]. Steps I follow... a) start FSX/Accel with the default C172 at a default (non-payware) airport, cold 'n dark b) start FSInn (VATSIM Client) c) start FSGRW d) use FSX menu to GO TO AN AIRPORT (Default or Payware) then SLEW the C172 to a gate e) select the DH8D (after slewing) and preflight... the plane performs the same as prior to buying this addon FX I've tested in dry, ovcst and rain conditions. No effects at all. I also own the 777 Immersion and I have ALL the effects. The same weather FSGRW... everything the same... the B777 Effects work just as expected. Let me ask this... "Am I supposed to press the letter I or something to get this thing to work?" Thanks, Keith
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