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  1. Thanks Scot. It works now after installing the V3 and 2.8.9. However, I've one more issue. How could i remove the FCU combo module? It runs when I run the aircraft. Thanks and regards, Edward
  2. Hi Scot, Thanks for your help. However, there is no joy. There is no config-mcp2a.default in the /modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts/fsx default and the /modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts/aerosoft airbus The log file still making the same problems. Thanks. Edward
  3. Hi All, I am new to LINDA and VRinsight FCU Combo. Have installed the latest FSUIPC, LINDA and Module for Aerosoft. However, when I run LINDA and select Aerosoft A320, the program reported USER module creation error and termiunated. Linda2.log read: [MAIN] LINDA Version Ver 2.8.9 (446) initialising (1702111406) ... [MAIN] Can start ... [MAIN] Opening Main form [MAIN] LINDA Ver 2.8.9 (446) GUI starting... [MAIN] Fonts added [MAIN] News added [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E4FF0=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E4F30=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5230=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E52F0=044F/0404 [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E53B0=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5470=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5530=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E56B0=1B1C/0C04 [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5830=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5770=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E59B0=06A3/0763 [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5B30=1FD1/03EA [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5A70=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5D70=1FD1/03EA [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5BF0=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5EF0=044F/0402 [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E5FB0=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E6070=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E6130=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E61F0=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E62B0=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnArrival 29E6370=046D/C52B [MAIN] HID OnDeviceChange [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E4FF0=046D/C52B = 1 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E4F30=046D/C52B = 2 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5230=046D/C52B = Keyboard [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E52F0=044F/0404 = Joystick [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E53B0=046D/C52B = 4 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5470=046D/C52B = Mouse [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5530=046D/C52B = 1 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E56B0=1B1C/0C04 = 1 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5830=046D/C52B = Keyboard [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5770=046D/C52B = System Control [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E59B0=06A3/0763 = Joystick [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5B30=1FD1/03EA = Undefined [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5A70=046D/C52B = 88 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5D70=1FD1/03EA = Undefined [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5BF0=046D/C52B = Mouse [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5EF0=044F/0402 = Joystick [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E5FB0=046D/C52B = 1 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E6070=046D/C52B = 1 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E6130=046D/C52B = System Control [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E61F0=046D/C52B = 2 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E62B0=046D/C52B = 88 [MAIN] >>>HID IsJoystick test = 29E6370=046D/C52B = 4 [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found [MAIN] >>>hidConfigReload unsuccessful [MAIN] >>>FSXSYNC off and flag=0 [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysSave() completed [MAIN] No Ident.lua file found for aircraft * FSX Default [MAIN] Aircraft Selector initialized [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>FSX_SYNC unset [MAIN] >>>ConfigSysLoad() completed [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found [MAIN] >>>hidConfigReload unsuccessful [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found [MAIN] >>>hidConfigLoad() complete [MAIN] Main Timer started [MAIN] Opening Viewer form [MAIN] Opening Input form [MAIN] Opening Macros form [MAIN] Opening FSX Controls form [MAIN] Opening New Module form [MAIN] Opening Editor form [MAIN] All Forms opened successfully [MAIN] Opening Console form [MAIN] HIDSwitchDevice 1 [MAIN] hidConfigCheck - config-hid.lua file not found (D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V3\Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\Aerosoft Airbus\config-hid.lua) [ERROR] Fatal Error. LINDA exiting... [MAIN] Fatal Error. LINDA exiting... [MAIN] Terminating Application [MAIN] LINDA Terminated Any help is much appreciated. Edward
  4. Hi there, Do I need to buy a new key for 747X? I've tried to install the one for 747 FS9 but the interface file failed to run because it said it can't find the flight sim path!Any help would be highly appreciated.Edward Law
  5. Hi Captain,Can I ask when the driver will be available?Regards,Edward
  6. Hi there,Wondering if anyone has experienced the subject problem. Some the airports show "runway errors", such as LIML - "18L runway error". I've downloaded the latest cycle of navdat and sid/star but the same problem still exits. CheersSagan
  7. Hi cap, I noticed that there are always a 2-3 seconds delay between the pressing of key stroke and response. Say it takes 2 seconds before there is a playback of acknowledgement after pressing key "7". Is it normal?Thanks.Sagan
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