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  1. tanker

    Waypoints sequencing

    Ok, I submitted this to Carenado and they replied they will look into it. I'm not sure if everyone is having this problem, but at least several of us are seeing it. I don't have this problem with the Carenado Kingair 350, which also uses the PL1.
  2. tanker

    Waypoints sequencing

    Still having this issue with Ver. 1.1 Tried the MFD ADV, but it had no effect
  3. tanker

    Waypoints sequencing

    I have the same issue and it happens even when I don't use a SID. I tried a simple flight plan today just using VORs, KPHX to KLAX, and the same thing happened.
  4. tanker

    Lite version ?

    Yes, it has a lite version. As near as I can tell, the lite version does not have the passenger cabin, but otherwise is the same as the regular version. I have tried both and it does make a difference, especially on the ground at busy airports. Once in the air, I'm getting my 30fps (locked ) with either version.
  5. tanker

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    Neither, just did a manual vs to 5000 feet.
  6. tanker

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    I've only taken a short flight with it (KMGY to KCVG), set up a simple flight plan in the FMS and the autopilot followed it ok. Seemed to hand fly well. Will take a longer flight tomorrow.
  7. tanker

    CH Products Throttle Quadrant Issues with S340

    The Ch Throttle Quadrant works with the 340 for me. I assign all the functions through FSUIPC rather than the CH program.
  8. tanker

    SAAB 340 Released!

    Have only done 1 short flight (KMGY to KSDF). Flight model seems very stable, has a slightly heavier feel than the F50. Not sure I understand the autopilot - is it supposed to capture selected altitude during climb or descent? It did capture and follow an ILS approach. Difficult to read overhead panel. No problem with FPS on my system with default weather. I assume "auto coarsen" is some kind of prop rpm control, but didn't find any mention in documents. Dale
  9. tanker

    Flaps lift/drag

    I have had the same problem. If I drop flaps to 20 degrees while on descent on the glide slope, the aircraft balloons and then the autopilot over corrects and the approach looks like a sine wave. It is normal on many aircraft to get some ballooning as flaps are extended, after all, they do increase lift (and drag), but not as much as we are seeing on the f50. One factor is excessive speed. I tend to start down final at 120 kias and expect the flaps to slow the aircraft. On this aircraft, I have better luck configuring to 20 degrees flaps and gear down before intercepting the glide slope, then hold 95 to 100 kias down to decision height.
  10. tanker

    Version 1.1 released

    No change in eyepoint here, both the regular and light versions.
  11. tanker

    Pressurization System

    There is a warning on the upper panel to depressurize before landing. Ok, but how? I don't see a dump switch anywhere.
  12. tanker

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    On my brief flight, I did not find the GTN 750 anywhere in the VC. Shift 9 brings up a 2d image. The autopilot did follow the GTN flight path. Also - the passenger views on the light version are incomplete. Ok on the regular version. I will try to take a more comprehensive flight tomorrow.
  13. tanker

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Just took a short flight (KMGY to KCVG), without even reading any of the docs. First impressions: It taxis well, better than most turboprops in FSX Frame rates on my system are very good (I flew the light version) GTN 750 installs ok, but you probably will need to use the "pop up" (Shift 9) Seems to hand fly quite well, seems to have a heavier feel than a Kingair The FMC is labeled "Universal". Interesting it can be turned on and programmed even with the GTN750 installed. I like the sound of the engines, but have no idea what a F50 should sound like.
  14. tanker

    C90B KING AIR Version 2.0 For FSX/P3D

    Shift + 8 will bring up a 2D "pop up" of the GTN which you can size and move. Not ideal, but at least it does allow the use of the GTN.
  15. tanker

    Update for C90B HD P3D4

    One of the pictures in the Carenado C90 product listings shows the GTN in the middle of the instrument panel where the Avidyne unit is now. This is very misleading, or perhaps the release of version 2 missed that update?