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  1. tanker

    CH Products Throttle Quadrant Issues with S340

    The Ch Throttle Quadrant works with the 340 for me. I assign all the functions through FSUIPC rather than the CH program.
  2. tanker

    SAAB 340 Released!

    Have only done 1 short flight (KMGY to KSDF). Flight model seems very stable, has a slightly heavier feel than the F50. Not sure I understand the autopilot - is it supposed to capture selected altitude during climb or descent? It did capture and follow an ILS approach. Difficult to read overhead panel. No problem with FPS on my system with default weather. I assume "auto coarsen" is some kind of prop rpm control, but didn't find any mention in documents. Dale
  3. tanker

    Flaps lift/drag

    I have had the same problem. If I drop flaps to 20 degrees while on descent on the glide slope, the aircraft balloons and then the autopilot over corrects and the approach looks like a sine wave. It is normal on many aircraft to get some ballooning as flaps are extended, after all, they do increase lift (and drag), but not as much as we are seeing on the f50. One factor is excessive speed. I tend to start down final at 120 kias and expect the flaps to slow the aircraft. On this aircraft, I have better luck configuring to 20 degrees flaps and gear down before intercepting the glide slope, then hold 95 to 100 kias down to decision height.
  4. tanker

    Version 1.1 released

    No change in eyepoint here, both the regular and light versions.
  5. tanker

    Pressurization System

    There is a warning on the upper panel to depressurize before landing. Ok, but how? I don't see a dump switch anywhere.
  6. tanker

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    On my brief flight, I did not find the GTN 750 anywhere in the VC. Shift 9 brings up a 2d image. The autopilot did follow the GTN flight path. Also - the passenger views on the light version are incomplete. Ok on the regular version. I will try to take a more comprehensive flight tomorrow.
  7. tanker

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Just took a short flight (KMGY to KCVG), without even reading any of the docs. First impressions: It taxis well, better than most turboprops in FSX Frame rates on my system are very good (I flew the light version) GTN 750 installs ok, but you probably will need to use the "pop up" (Shift 9) Seems to hand fly quite well, seems to have a heavier feel than a Kingair The FMC is labeled "Universal". Interesting it can be turned on and programmed even with the GTN750 installed. I like the sound of the engines, but have no idea what a F50 should sound like.
  8. tanker

    C90B KING AIR Version 2.0 For FSX/P3D

    Shift + 8 will bring up a 2D "pop up" of the GTN which you can size and move. Not ideal, but at least it does allow the use of the GTN.
  9. tanker

    Update for C90B HD P3D4

    One of the pictures in the Carenado C90 product listings shows the GTN in the middle of the instrument panel where the Avidyne unit is now. This is very misleading, or perhaps the release of version 2 missed that update?
  10. They fixed the pressure controller so it's easier to dial in the desired cabin pressure.
  11. tanker

    ILS Approach

    I just did another flight into KRMN, and the autopilot followed the ILS perfectly. I can't say I did anything differently, so I will have to go back and try the KDAY approach again. On the previous approaches, I was in NAV mode and the autopilot set to APR. The NAV2 shows the glidepath and glideslope if the approach frequency is entered. A nice cross reference, but you are correct that only NAV1 is linked to the autopilot. Dale
  12. tanker

    ILS Approach

    Hi, Is anyone else having problems with autopilot ILS appraoch? I've only done 2 flights so far, but both times the autopilot did not follow the approach course or glideslope. This with the GPS off and both Nav coms set to the ILS approach frequency, and both times I was on the glide path well before the glideslope intercept. (Rwy 5 at KRDU and Rwy 24L at Kday). Dale
  13. tanker

    Cold and Dark Start

    Ok, got it to work by using the key commands to get the condition/prop levers to "emerg shutoff". On pushing the start button, the engine rpm quickly goes to 10% and then goes blank. When I move the condition lever to idle, the engine starts, but surges for a moment, then settles down to idle torque and rpm. This may be normal, I've never flown a real Conquest. I just bought this in late July, so I assume I have the latest version, but I will check. Thanks for all the help! Dale
  14. tanker

    Cold and Dark Start

    Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I set the condition levers as low as they would go (tool tip shows 0%), hit the starter and the engine immediately went to 100% torque. I tried it without the CH Throttle and got the same result.
  15. Hi, I've had some enjoyable flights when starting with "Ready to Taxi", but when I try the "Cold and Dark", the engines start, but go to maximum towque and don't respond to the throttles. I' doing my best to follow the checklist, but I'm obviously doing something wrong. This is the FSX version and I'm using a CH throttle quadrant. I've tried placing the throttles momentarily in reverse, both before and after start, but no difference. What am I doing wrong? Dale