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  1. Thanks! I found 2 files for the PA44 (one appeared to be compacted). I deleted both and downloaded again, and it worked.
  2. I tried to download the latest Carenado PA44 update in the MSFS Marketplace. It seemed to download ok, but then hung up on "decompressing". I tried deleting the aircraft and did a fresh download. It shows the aircraft as installed, latest version, but when I try to select the PA44, it's not there. Now I can't delete the aircraft and try again. Any ideas?
  3. I have been flying IFR in P3D4, using Radar Contact, an old program, no longer supported. RC4 is by no means perfect, but seems far more realistic to me than MSFS 2020. When RC4 assigns an approach, it gives you the ILS frequency and gives you the option to take vectors to the final approach or to fly the full approach. The voices are mechanical sounding and there is no support for taxi or VFR flight. What's needed is the best of RC4 combined with the MSFS ATC.
  4. Thanks again Ray, your suggestion solved the problem.
  5. Thanks, Ray. I will try that on my next flight
  6. Just recently, I started getting FSS weather at the same time as RC4 weather. This happens at the start of a flight and also when I leave the frequency to get weather at around 50 mile from the destination. All other ATC communications are normal I am using P3d4, Win 10, Active Sky. Any ideas on how to silence the FSS weather?
  7. Received a reply from Carenado regarding my ticket on the F1GTN - they say it will be corrected in the next release. Dale
  8. That works! Thanks Dale
  9. Did my second flight today, I noticed during the climb with the autopilot engaged and in VS mode, I could only adjust the vs down, not up. This was with the 2d pop-up or on the console. IAS mode seemed to work ok. The rocker switch is labeled "up" or "down", but either gives a negative value. This is on P3Dv4.5. Frame rates were much better on this second flight.
  10. On my second flight, the frame rates were good. Must have had something running in the background on the first flight.
  11. I was probably at 90 to 95% torque.
  12. My brief flight was smooth enough, I just noticed that my frame rates were around 45 fps. This was at a regional airport with minimal traffic and default weather and scenery. Under these conditions, I typically get around 60 fps with other Carenado aircraft, like the Fokker F50.
  13. Shift 7 brings up the engine/system setup, Only problem - when I select 1,2,3,& 4 (ready to taxi), the engines start, but all the instruments go blank. If I go back to Shift 7 and select 5, ready to takeoff, all the gauges come back on. Dale
  14. Just downloaded it. Only had time for a quick flight around the pattern. Installed the F1 GTN - shows up as a 2d pop-up but the panel just has a black screen Seems a bit heavier on frame rates than my other Carenado aircraft Seems somewhat over powered, but I only had 1 pilot and 50% fuel. Usual Carenado excellent visuals inside and out Dale
  15. Managed to solve the problem! I went to the site Major Geek, and downloaded "Visual CH Runtime Installer (All-In-One) V56. It installed all the vc redist dlls and repaired the paths. Everything now works! Dale
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