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  1. The night sky with the moon out is far too bright in this simulator. I have never seen skies that bright even with full moon in the hundreds of night flight hours IRL. You should be able to make out clouds but thats about it. Sky should still be dark. Ive been searching for a way to reduce the moonlight value somehow but I have no located the file or CFG for this. Anyone have any clue?
  2. I miss spoke, I meant Laminar Research, LR. Not LM. Mixed that up. I meant for Xplane. Thanks anyway !
  3. Well that's a darn shame. If anyone wants to take the plunge, im willing to pay for a GNS 530 mod for this plane. No joke. Thanks for your help, I really hope LM makes a way to customize avionics as easily as Flightsim. This is honestly a bummer.
  4. I'm aware I can fit one there, question is how do I Remove the two 430s, and add the 530 along with the bezel and working buttons in that space? Is that something that just cant be done without 3d modeling?
  5. Is there any way at all to implement the RXP GNS 530W into the Carenado baron in the 3d cockpit? I tried figuring it out through the Default baron tutorial but it left me nowhere. How can I physically replace the two Default GNS 430s in the virtual cockpit for one GNS 530? Much appreciated
  6. Agree with the "toyish" remark. The displays look mushy. On top of that, they have a very low refresh rate. Could be a performance compromise. I'm silently hoping they improve them.
  7. Great! because you have until January 14th to upgrade. Microsoft will kill support of Win 7. the future is now.
  8. Shawn, I misread your original comment as "does not have the fidelity". It was early in the morning and I recant my reply. Apologies for the confusion. I do agree with the pricing trend in our hobby becoming an issue. I suppose one could argue addons today are only getting better and more complex than years prior. It might be the new normal soon, unfortunately.
  9. The Aerosoft Airbus' systems modeling is less than half of the what FSLabs models (including failures). This is a fundamental fact between both of them. All opinions respected of course, but please be careful.
  10. I always enable it. I believe it gives meaning to checklists and flows. If the plane is always going to work perfectly, what's the point? . Which leads me to mention that the release of Global Flight Ops will add a whole new layer of motivation to use checklists. Jumping into a used airplane with possible faults makes thing more interesting.
  11. Keep in mind that radar sweep speeds are dependent on the range that you have selected on the N.D ( Nav Display). ie. The sweep is faster at 40nm range than 160nm or 320
  12. http://www.flythemaddogx.com/
  13. Does this allow the display of autogen over the orthophoto in P3D?
  14. @lasnubes Out of left field but does the integration with Navigraph charts have a high and low altitude en-route chart mode?
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