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  1. You have to use the flywheel in combination with the rudder. To use the flywheel the joystick has to be slightly backwards; with the joystick in that position you can then move it left and right. Pedals are essential to control the rudder while controlling the flywheel with the joystick.
  2. The Khamsin P51 Mustang is just great in VR although it is not fully compatible with X-Plane 11. If you like difficult planes to land taxi and take off, the P51 is just amazing. The only problem is that the developers seem to have abandoned it.
  3. To have good performance at 4K, (30+FPS with default aircraft), antialiasing should be set to a minimum, everything else except shadows can be set to max. Even if the GPU isn't at max with AA enabled, reducing it has a significant impact. None of my CPU cores is at 100% the same goes for the graphics card. Strangely X-Plane doesn't force the GPU to run at max frequency. I had to overclock it to make it run at 2035Mhz where it would run at 1900Mhz. I7 7700K - GTX1080 Edit: Anisotropic filtering can be set to 16x in Nvidia control panel to compensate for no AA in X-Plane graphics settings.
  4. Anyone can explain what do they mean by developing Airbus systems? Is Jardesign having "X-Plane engine" limitations?
  5. This page is also a great reference: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=897182305 It is a very long web page.
  6. Having a problem with a plane does not necessarily mean that the plane has a problem. Check the forums, depending on the number of complaints on that specific issue you will than be able to tell if it is a problem with the plane or if it is a problem with your installation / configuration etc. Addressing the developer with accusations is not a good way to start a relation.
  7. Remove the AI traffic, especially if you have addon planes, (AI uses them too). No more slow FPS on startup.
  8. Check your windows user, verify that it is in the administrators group. Check Windows user groups/administrators, check that your user is in that group.
  9. So for Ortho4XP overlays what configuration you chose at 6m32s in the video ? In the video it seems to use default. I find HD mesh V3 necessary to get better overlays, mainly better defined roads.
  10. Don't count on flight sims to do everything. To get the best weather just like in P3D addons will be required.
  11. +1. Loving X-Plane 11. Great job Laminar Research. The diference between P3D v4 and X-Plane 11 is the diference between adaptation and evolution. Just hope that major addon devloppers like HIFI, PMDG, A2A, Aerosoft, Majestic, etc see that XPlane is becoming a viable market and invest in it. Allready bought five aircraft addons in X-Plane.
  12. A few months ago I have switched to the best flight model and best scenery simulator - X-plane 11. I will continue interested in the best weather, ATC and AI traffic simulator P3D V4.
  13. There is a big confusion OOMs are not related to RAM but to Virtual address space (VAS), the amount of memory your system can address to a specific program. If you don't have enough RAM the system will use the paging file. The theoretical memory limits in 16, 32 and 64 bit machines are as follows: 16 bit = 65, 536 bytes (64 Kilobytes) 32 bit = 4, 294, 967, 295 bytes (4 Gigabytes) 64 bit = 18, 446, 744, 073, 709, 551, 616 (16 Exabytes) That is why in a 32 bit program you can have OOMs even if you have 32GB of RAM The usage of the paging file will reduce performance, but there will be no OOMs unless your paging file is limited in size.
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