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  1. And no, the props stop after shutdown.
  2. When you say you went back, where you running hf2 and then rolled back or?
  3. wow...might be something corrupt in P3D to cause the issue right where the most pbr stuff is
  4. I am actually using 4.5 hot fix 1. Have not swapped yet due to PTA not being updated
  5. Supposedly fixes the Flight 1 GTN for those who use it...
  6. Could always buy the better performing Reality XP GTN 😉
  7. Nice, I fly several of your bonanza paints!
  8. So I have about $400 set aside for a pc upgrade... Current specs: Ryzen 2600 OC'd to 4.1, 16gb ddr4 3200 memory, 512gb nvme, 512gb ssd, 512gb 7200rpm for downloads storage and the ever venerable gtx 1060 6gb evga SSC edition. I have a 27" 1080p monitor. I run P3D 4.5 HF1(still..probably should update lol), Orbx, active sky, soft clouds yadda yadda yadda. I also have Xplane 11 which i fly once every couple weeks. My system, contrary to what the intel fandom would have you believe runs P3D very well. See the videos from my youtube channel in the signature. BUT it could always be better right? So for the money, I am at a crossroads between a Ryzen 3 series (3600 or 3700?) or going to a new GPU like a 2060 Super or 5700xt for the 8gb of memory and the basically double gpu performance of the 1060 which I imagine would allow me more AA or Autogen etc for the equivalent frames I am seeing now. Your thoughts?
  9. So I normally use p3d 4.5 (HF1 still) on my desktop and it runs great on there. So I thought I would toss it on my laptop that I take for work that runs FSX SE (i7 7700hq, 16gb ddr4, 4gb 1050ti) so I could figure out how to get the gates on the condition levers to shut the engines down while I am here at work. Well the frames are in single digits which is quite odd, as I can run the other Carenado planes just fine, along with PMDG stuff like the JS41, NGX, etc etc. Might be worth holding out if you are using fsx....Or it could be something with my computer but I am doubtful of that.
  10. So far it is pretty decent. Couple of bugs...which is normal for Carenado but it flies well and looks pretty good too. I can say I have enjoyed it alot so far. Is it PMDG JS41 or Majestic Dash 8 level? no...but it is certainly leaps and bounds better than the old emb-120 model that has been around forever.
  11. Yeah I can't seem to get the condition levers set to cutoff. Ive tried the little switches under the condition levers to no avail, and i cant seem to pull them further back then 0/min rpm.
  12. Also left clicking and right click will cycle it, one is +, the other is -
  13. The more i play with her the more you notice it, including the reflection on the yoke as well.
  14. I believe it is. The cockpit certainly has a different feel to the texture work, especially the top of the glare shield. It could also just have been some reflectivity along with the PTA shaders making things look different too...
  15. I only had a chance to take her up for about 30 minutes before I had to head into work yesterday. As far as I could tell the basics work well. It seems everything on the overhead is clickable/switchable...though if they are just dummies or not I could not say. Hand flew well. Is it realistic? Could not tell you as I don't have any real world EMB-120 time, and finding information on its quirks online seems to be hard to come by. APU started well, engines started well. Flaps moves well (the digital flap meter on the overhead is neat). All the engine instruments moved smoothly. I'm sure there are bugs, but my 30 minutes didn't have anything glaringly wrong stand out.
  16. Seems to perform better than the SAAB for me, in fact i don't notice any change in smoothness from some other recent planes i have flown. Though it could be due to using the Reality XP GTN and not the Flight 1 one. the sounds of the toggle switches and flaps are orgasmic though!
  17. Because not every 8 core processor @ 4.5 ghz performs the same. The 8350 is very, very long in the tooth by today’s standards. 7yr old architecture. He would see probably close to a 50%or more improvement on cpu bench results by swapping to even a zen+ stock clocked 2600 from his overclocked FX. Less physical cores and a slower clock but better architecture, better power draw and a better IPC, not to mention DDR4 etc etc if cores and clock speeds were all that mattered then no one would have upgraded past the almighty 2700k....but while overclock speeds haven’t gotten much higher....cpu architecture has gone leaps and bounds better.
  18. Wait...are we really throwing tantrums because a developer released something you did not agree with? Who are we to feel so entitled as to demand only products which fit our narrow spectrum of the hobby? If you don't like it, don't spend your money pretty simple, but to throw a tantrum because they decide to release products for another sim (not a bad idea to diversify your revenue streams, especially with more and more people picking up xplane), or because they are running a contest which requires a product purchase to enter? Plenty of companies do that. Oh well, I will keep supporting them with the products I choose to pick up and keep being happy with them. Also i purchased TE Oregon and got an entry into the contest so I guess their marketing worked.
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