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  1. It's not the same issue (i.e. the "black texture issue"), though. The textures are loading, but they show through the volumetric fog. This applies to some specific objects/models only, so I guess those objects simply aren't fully v5-compatible. Nevertheless, they displayed fine in previous versions, up to and including HF1. This has been reported in the LM forums, but so far there's been no response from the team.
  2. Looking good, but what about low cloud layers? I seem to still get flickering and pixelation where the clouds meet the mountains... And I have to agree about being careful with add-ons, the times of merely updating the installer and slapping on a "V5 Compatible" badge are over for the devs, it seems... 😉
  3. You must enable cloud reflections when using EA, otherwise you'll get black water in cloudy conditions. I've always disabled them in previous versions as they looked terrible, so this caught me out when I first tried v5 with TrueSky .
  4. Well, since you're volunteering (and you seem to live closer to the place than any of us anyway)... 😄
  5. Out of curiosity, I checked in Google Earth -- there were two buildings there matching the above outlines in 2015, no longer present in satellite images from 2018. I guess there's always going to be some lag in the data, but the overall accuracy is pretty impressive...
  6. I hear you, and I've always appreciated Tiberiu's work, but he hasn't been active in the forums for more than a week, and we've never even got a proper response acknowledging the issue...
  7. As a fellow F1 GTN user, I really fail to see the point in blaming RXP here. The whole affair is pretty simple: Windows 10 version 2004 broke Garmin's GTN Trainer, so Garmin had to update it to work correctly. Kudos to them for acting quickly, and the same to RXP for updating their product accordingly. The only real issue is that F1 are pretending not to notice the issue, which has been known for many days now. All we've got are a few dismissive posts from an admin.
  8. Be aware that there are some severe performance issues with the F1 GTN under Windows 10 version 2004. As regards support, the issues were reported in the F1 forum, but so far, there has been no response from the developer(s). EDIT: Ooops, missed your last post. Good choice under the circumstances 😉
  9. Hi Tom, Actually, they are all components of (or supporting utilities for) other products, and thus of no use as standalone downloads. Object Flow is the component that displays conditional objects in Orbx airport add-ons (such as different textures depending on season, etc.). The other three are used in Milviz aircraft add-ons which are sold through Orbx. MVAMS is the control panel for configurable things like avionics options, and TFDI RealLight / RealGlass are used for high-quality panel/cockpit lighting and windshield rain effects. HTH, Tym
  10. As Garmin updates the underlying Trainer, you get semi-current (or at least less outdated) navdata, so it's not that bad.
  11. I second that! 😉 I went low-budget in my A2A Skyhawk (just the GNS 530), but in the Skylane, I use the GTN 750/650 combo and it looks amazing.
  12. That explains a lot... 😉 I've always kept it on in previous versions as they tended to look bland without it, but here, it actually makes sense. Thanks for that suggestion, looks like it's time to do some more tweaking... 😄
  13. My main issue is excessive contrast that causes loss of detail in darker areas, so I was half expecting you have some magic trick up your sleeve to resolve that... 😄 I guess I'll need to experiment some more with Envshade -- I use some heavy shader edits (via PTA) in v4.5 that are no longer available in v5.
  14. Excellent shots! I'm really curious how you managed to get such realistic colors and contrast, in particular in the internal view (VC). I'm really struggling to get v4.5-quality visuals in v5...
  15. Whoops 😉 It helped a little in my install, but not enough to warrant keeping the auto-discovery disabled in day-to-day use. Looks like we're stuck with long loading times until LM optimize the discovery/loading sequence for SimObjects...
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