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  1. tymk

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    It may be unrelated, but did you try deleting your scenery indexes? Just delete the entire "SceneryIndexes_x64" subfolder under "c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\", they will be rebuilt on the next launch. I got regular freezes with Tongass Fjords X after the update and this cured it for me. EDIT: I initially cured the problem with TFX by doing what you did, i.e. deselecting and then reselecting the scenery folders. Then it occurred to me that what the disable/reenable process accomplished was equivalent to deleting the scenery indexes... HTH, Tym
  2. Hi Matt, Thanks for getting the update out so quickly! I also get the urban areas lighting error, but that's a minor thing. I'm going to test the night lighting improvements listed in the release notes first. Cheers, Tym
  3. tymk

    ATC Id

    Hi, There's a list of recognized types/models available at https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?298488-Recognized-ATC-Airlines-Types-and-Models. It's based on the FS2004 SDK, but I used it in FSX without issues (P3D reuses the FSX voicepack without any changes). You could experiment with something like this: atc_type=DASSAULT atc_model=FA50 and see how it works. HTH, Tym
  4. tymk

    P3D on the blink?

    Does this happen if full-screen mode, too? I experienced it one day in windowed mode (scared the #$% out of me as I thought my GPU was failing), and I googled it only to find out that it's a known issue, but supposedly only affecting windowed mode (switching to full screen cured it for me).
  5. tymk

    TE Netherlands - updated

    I don't think you can set it to install on another drive, Orbx scenery always goes into your P3D installation folder. I suspect you only moved the temp location (which is where the installer keeps the downloaded files during installation). They are working on an FTX Central update to enable installing scenery packages on different drives (which is becoming pretty much necessary due to the size of the TE products), but for the time being, you'll probably need to move TE NL manually from the Orbx folder within the P3D folder to the separate drive and use the symbolic link method. Tym
  6. tymk

    TE Netherlands - updated

    The only other option is the placement of openLC entries, so you can keep these separate, but other than that, the Orbx entries do stay together.
  7. tymk

    TE Netherlands - updated

    Have you tried using the "FTX entries should be inserted below" option in FTXC settings? I always use one scenery entry that must be above Orbx as an "anchor" and set FTX to insert its entries below it, then I place all other stuff above it. Using this method, other installers normally place their entries above my "anchor" and FTXC keeps its entries below it. HTH, Tym
  8. tymk

    TE Netherlands - updated

    The funny thing is it had never really done this to me until yesterday. It appears there was some funny interaction between FTXC's scenery.cfg entries and the packages I had defined in P4AO using the add-on.xml method. Enabling "Enforce strict package law" has cured it so far, but the parallel existence of the two methods is bound to cause problems, I'm afraid... BTW, does this mean that after fixing your scenery.cfg the updated TE NL is working fine? I've been on the fence about this one for quite some time. How does it look with the improvements they added? Cheers, Tym
  9. tymk

    BBC News and aviation

    Thanks for that! I'm having a bit of a lousy day and I've really needed that... 😉 This one's had me in tears, literally: 🤣 Cheers, Tym
  10. tymk

    KGPI ORBX Issue

    Have you tried the new update (with SODE support) that just got released earlier today? It uses a new SODE-controlled ground poly, so that might be worth a shot. Tym
  11. Your library config seems OK (according to Orbx, the TFX entries should be right below FTX). However, in the screenshot, it definitely looks like the elevation adjustments are not working. Can you check again if the BGL files are placed directly in the correct folder (Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery\), not in an additional "scenery" subfolder, for example? It has happened to me a few times 😉 I've just fired up PAFE in my 4.4 install and everything looks OK. Tym
  12. That's been my approach, too... Before 4.4, I set this parameter to 2.75 to get more realistic light levels and contrast for early mornings and late afternoons, but now it's no longer possible. I've tried experimenting with expressions using cb_mDayNightInterpolant and cb_mSun.mDiffuse, but the former seems to have no effect and the latter affects the lighting by a tiny bit only... I'll try to test this some more, I'll let you know if I make any progress... Tym
  13. Hi Wanthuyr, What is your "diffuse sunlight" value under "Terrain lighting"? I've discovered that LM has made some changes to how lighting values are calculated. Up to version 4.3, this tweak had little or no effect at midday, which was nice, because you could adjust post-dawn/pre-sunset lighting (which is too dim by default) without overexposing textures during daytime. Now, the tweak applies uniformly throughout the day, so the value has to be kept close to 1.0. Tym