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  1. What a beautiful little gem, thanks for sharing. And the shots are spectacular in themselves, too... 😉 Thanks, this will come in handy once I get round to visiting that field.
  2. Looks like Portland, heading SW from KPDX. EDIT: I instantly knew where it was, even though I live on the other side of the world and have never been to the US. Should I be looking up my local Simmers Anonymous groups already?
  3. I can confirm that the latest replacement EXE works fine here, too. Font scaling looks good with the DPI Aware setting (I'm using Win11's native 125% scaling on a 2560x1440 screen). The icons are nice and crisp at 24, no scaling artifacts. All in all, an excellent update for larger screens, thanks! 🙂
  4. Thanks, I was afraid that might be the case. Well, looks like I'll have to wait for A2A then... I got so used to the whole engine simulation in their FSX/P3D products that I simply cannot stand the fake startups, etc. I hope they get their act together sooner rather than later 😉
  5. Looking good, but definitely too much plane for me at the moment 😉 I really miss the light singles from A2A in MSFS, but I'm afraid they're still a long way off...
  6. Thanks! As for the steering thing, that's what I really meant: tight turns on narrower taxiways (typical of small GA airports), where rudder input alone is not enough. That's something that bugs me about the JPL C152 mod, for example, although it is otherwise quite nice -- it turns on a dime without touching the brakes. Well, I haven't purchased anything for the sim in quite some time, so I guess I'll have to see for myself 😉
  7. The early reviews seem rather positive, but -- having been spoiled by A2A's C172 -- I'd like to ask those who have already purchased the add-on about a few details: Is it possible to start the engine using the proper technique, that is prime > mixture to idle cutoff > crank > mixture to rich after the engine starts? Can you flood the engine, fail to start it if you don't prime properly, etc.? Is the Cessna-style nose wheel properly modeled, that is, does the plane require differential braking to steer on "GA-sized" taxiways? TIA, Tym
  8. I think the latest "official" version is the same on Github and Flightsim.to (https://flightsim.to/file/2246/msfs-c152-community). There is a much newer development version, but it's labeled as WiP with missing features, so I'd stick to the official one. Yes, it has an autopilot (which can also be disabled/hidden if you prefer). The mod is quite nice, my only gripe is that it does not properly model the Cessna-style nosewheel (which absolutely requires differential braking to make turns on normal GA-sized taxiways).
  9. tymk

    Oh, my.

    ... or this one 😉
  10. You need to look at the "F" (or lack of it), this indicates whether the CPU has an on-board GPU ("F" means NO GPU). The letter "K" stands for unlocked multiplier, which makes overclocking easier.
  11. Just a quick note concerning the CPU models. I noticed in another thread that you are/were considering the Fenix A320. Users have reported getting good results by offloading the rendering of the displays to the on-board (integrated) GPU, but Intel's "F" models are the "GPU-less" CPUs (ugh, what a nice acronym soup... 😉).
  12. There is the "Home Cockpit Mode" option under General > Camera that should do what you need, but I've never tested it. EDIT: Ooops, looks like the option is still broken as Michael has explained...
  13. Absolutely! 🙂 The 172 is likely the first plane they'll encounter if they choose to start flight school, and there's just nothing that comes close to the A2A C172 when it comes to immersion. If you have time, check out this playlist on YouTube for an overview of the level of detail they went for in this add-on.
  14. Adding to that, if you go to the hangar view and find that everything is broken, it's a typical sign that SimConnect is not installed correctly. I no longer have P3D installed, but AFAIR there's an installer in the Redist subdirectory of P3D. A quick search of the A2A forum indicates that the version you are looking for is "P3D/redist/interface/FSX-SP2-XPACK/retail/lib/simconnect.msi". Let us know if that helps.
  15. As far as the sound issue is concerned, this in an MSFS setting. Go to Options > General > Sound and make sure "Mute audio in background" is set to "Off". I'm sure Alex will have more to say on the window placement questions, but is your Search window (which includes the Procedures tab) undocked?
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