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  1. Do you use multiple sound devices in Windows? Accu-sim normally plays through the default device, maybe the sim is set manually to a different one?
  2. Mainly Pacific Northwest... It was pretty much the only area with usable scenery in the early FSX/P3D era, and I got used to all the charming little airports there. As much as I like the exploration side of things, flying into familiar places – as you'd pretty much do in real life as a light GA pilot – also has a lot of appeal for me.
  3. Working fine here, can you try forcing a page refresh (Ctrl+F5)?
  4. I keep forgetting that there are trailers coming along with every update, and I would've missed these beauties. Thanks! :-)
  5. Niiiice, really looking forward to another of your little gems. Since you've visited the place, you probably have all the footage you need, but just in case, Josh at Aviation101 has some nice videos from the place, including the restaurant and the airport sign:
  6. Have you checked the oil cap? In the Milviz Beaver, it can become loose and start to rattle. A nice little Easter egg from the dev...
  7. AFAIK, the offending company did different Citations for P3D, none with a full glass cockpit. I've just done a quick search of the files and they all list "Asobo" in the copyright sections, there's no mention of C...o (or A...beo for that matter).
  8. Thanks, I'm not at my simming machine right now and I was trying to remember the names of the bindings. 👍
  9. I usually have no problem with the direction of the adjustment, but the zoom issue is a whole different story. In fact, I had to disable scroll-wheel zoom altogether because it was driving me nuts 😉
  10. I've been in the beta, too, but no delay -- downloading right now.
  11. I agree with you in principle, there's no going back to the "on rails" experience for me, either, but there's this one aspect they simply need to fix: this section in the previously linked video shows the exact issue.
  12. I think the real problem with the current turbulence modeling is specifically the jerky yaw oscillation -- make sure you carefully watch this section of Cpt_Piett's video (starting around 5:20). I'm fine with the other aspects, but this thing needs to be fixed...
  13. Have you experimented with V-sync settings in the sim (100% refresh rate, disabled, etc.) and made sure no FPS limiter is set in NVIDIA Control Panel? Are you using any undocked windows on a second monitor? These are two typical causes of low FPS situations in MSFS... You can also try the developer mode (selectable via Options > General > Developers) to see whether you are CPU-limited or GPU-limited. What's your typical GPU utilization in MSFS?
  14. I've just finished work for today, so I can do some more testing 😉 I'm aware of the two parameters and I experimented with them a bit at one point, but this seems to be a different problem. When it kicks in, the plane simply won't turn in one direction, even if I accelerate or gun the throttle to get airflow over the rudder. So, it seems to be a friction issue as noted by eslader (preventing any lateral movement of the the nose-wheel), or perhaps a combination of the two problems (friction + exaggerated loss of nose-wheel steering response).
  15. Thanks, I'll try to investigate some more tonight with the visualizations in developer mode -- I wonder if it's a problem with the flight model or with a poor choice of parameters in the default planes...
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