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  1. Hey Guys, here's some pictures of the Fall Livery from the new F4U Seasonal Camo Pack! Ok, here's two more!
  2. It could be any repaint addon that didn't setup right or just has bad code in it. It means you have to redo that addon if you're the repaint creator.
  3. There may be a bad addon, do a process of elmination.
  4. The other option is to delete the backup file it's having a issue with.
  5. It extracts it from this archive in this case for 1 of the F4U liveries I have: C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\#\#\DLC #\Content\content.pak All the add-ons are in your DLC folder.
  6. There may be something in the AK pack that allows the add-on manager to work, but it may be that the Dev. did this to at least have MS get something out of it. However, I recommend that you have both packs so you can install repaints for the basic cub and RV6. Nevertheless, the AK pack must be installed to use any of the repaints. The 2d images are the texture files that the add-on builder extracts so you can create a new livery. You can use Gimp, Paint-shop Pro, or Photoshop because these will edit the .dds and .psd texture files that the add-on builder extracts.
  7. Flight uses DDS in the .pak files, but It compresses everything to save space.
  8. I think there are 2 plugins that I know of, 1 for 32bit gimp and 1 for 64bit gimp. I haven't used the dds format lately in gimp 2.8, but I might try it and see if it does that with the alpha channel for me.
  9. @@LuisFelizTirado To turn the red off in the alpha channel, turn the layer off and go back to the alpha channel.With the extra channel visible and all layers off, you get a gray-scale image.
  10. 58 Layers! wow Luis, thats more than I would use on my AutoCAD projects! However, thanks for the tips, and I figure the rivets and lines I'll get to eventually.
  11. @@LuisFelizTirado as always thanks for the help. The extra channel I figured could be the alpha channel. I just turned on the extra or alpha, and I turned off the layer and all I get is the gray scale image, so I should be able to do something now. B) @@HiFlyer I don't know, It might explain why it costs more than the other war-birds :LMAO: .
  12. @@LuisFelizTirado OK, I looked over the textures I changed and I did change everything but the Alpha channels; however, I'm trying to figure out how you get the alpha isolated in gimp. <_< I turn off the RGB channels and all I get is a black screen not the gray checkered pattern, is that the alpha? Filling in the FB or Spec maps didn't seem to help. All I need is the FB and spec maps to be turned off or to match the base color of the camo skin basically. Also, I noticed there is a "extra" channel on which everything but the FB map gives the texture a red hue even with the RGB off. Thanks, F50ACE
  13. @@LuisFelizTirado Thanks for the advice. The P-51D so far is the only one I've had a issue with, but I haven't done the zero or the P-40 yet. :wacko: The other cockpit-less planes I haven't had to change the alpha or the Fresnel bias. Sounds like I got some work to do. :t0117: :p0129:
  14. Yea, I've changed everything but the Fresnel bias, but I haven't fooled around with the alpha channels at all. :p0128: That Miss Seattle livery is the hardest I've come by so far. :t0105: This issue with the text showing through is really noticeable at certain angles, esp. in light.
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