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    I was an electronics engineer by trade then started programing soon after the internet first came out! Been flying since the SubLogic II days and built my own flight Sim area which I call my cockpit. In reality, its just an elaborate desk :) In total I used around 6 meters of LED strip which includes RGB, Bright White and Blue LED's a load of switches and about 20 meters of cable to wire it all up.

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  1. For those of you where it's not working... Sometimes when performing copy and paste you may lose a carrage return and a line will end up under the comments ('--') so will not work. Just make sure that each individual line appears as it does in the OP in your lua file and you should be good to go.
  2. I noticed Hong Kong being mentioned above. I'm not sure if their are any models of the star ferries (I know I should have looked!) doing their thing in Victoria Harbour? Once you've done the Star Ferry crossing it's one of those things that stay with you. I was so very lucky to use them on a daily basis as a commuter on the way to work and back. That harbour is intense with its traffic and an amazing way to start and end the working day. Above, you also get lots of air traffic. P.S. Brilliant work Henrik... I've flown the route from HK to Taiwan an back and love the ships. They so completely add too and complete the flight sim experience.
  3. Have you carried out the mods? If you check the OP it's item 1. Your interested in.
  4. Deepest condolences to Tom's family and those that were close to him. Tom had a passion which he shared and gave others the chance to share in that passion also. May that passion help those left behind.
  5. Mmm I'm not using REX which appears to be the variable that's different. Perhaps the REX textures reflect differently. Interesting! You'll have to let us know what you find.
  6. After carrying out the mods I was quite happy but decided to go a stage further. I added ReShade. I use a three monitor setup and posted my settings earlier in this thread. For me, this just gave the P3D shader mods an additional boost. I've made a simple video using the split screen shader available so you can see the normal picture on the left and ReShade on the right. I've tried to give a full 24 coverage to the video, although more time is devoted to daytime. Ive also used a range of weather and the video begins with clear skies. As night time approaches you'll notice that the effects of ReShade become less obvious.
  7. Try adding an 'f' so the line looks like: float luminance = ( 0.50f * CalcLuminance( color ));
  8. After a few hours tweaking, I’ve settled on some settings which work well on my system. I’m currently using HDEv2 sky textures and clouds. Everything else texture wise is default. With three monitors (5760*1080) the HDR shaders needed a little more work to give good daytime results. Earlier I mentioned that my Ideals would be to have dark nights, dull days when it was cloudy, bright sunny days (that made me want to put on my sunglasses) with good cloud shadow effects. Cockpits that I could use and the HDR effect moving from dark to light. I figured this would be a lot to ask for but no, I now have all these things! I added Reshade to the equation out of curiosity. In FSX using SweetFX was the only way to get close to a reasonable 24hr lighting environment. Just by using the tweaks above I got to this position in P3D. Adding Reshade has simply made it better for me. The three settings I switched on have lifted the scene and made it more vibrant. I could get away with only using the tweaks above if I was on a single monitor but when spread over three it just needed a little more of a kick. So thank you once again Mike and Rob and others who have contributed to making all this happen. P3D is now (as close as you can get) a 24hr lighting environment. Yes Rob, a great idea to inform LM and if they indeed implement this in the future it will help everyone I’m sure. Here are my settings for a Three monitor surround system GPUTerrain.fx (F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\ShadersHLSL) COLOUR Line 888: BaseColor *= lerp( .46f, 1.0f, fAlpha ); HDR.hlsl (F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess) NIGHT Line 10: static const float BloomThreshold = 04.10f; Line 12: static const float BloomBlurSigma = 1.3f; Line 13: static const float TimeDelta = 4.5f; Line 166: avgLuminance *= 2.35f; DAY Line 90: float luminance = ( 0.35 * CalcLuminance( color )); Line 100: float difference = ( 0.75 * (currentLum - lastLum ) ); Line 11: static const float BloomMagnitude = 04.85f; ReShade - SweetFX_settings.txt (The following are switched on and at default settings) #define USE_BLOOM 1 #define USE_LIFTGAMMAGAIN 1 #define USE_VIBRANCE 1
  9. Excellent work! I have to admit, ships have never (here it comes...) floated my boat. Then one day, and totally unexpectedly, I was taking the bus back from Taiwan to Hong Kong. It was mid to late afternoon and we had descended for our approach into VHHH. Most of the journey was over sea so between reading, listening to my music and looking out the window periodically, there was not a great deal of interest. The final stages however left me with images I still remember to this day. Looking out the window, I saw my first tanker, even from the air this thing was huge but it wasn't that which impressed me. It was the wake behind the vessel that was the eye candy. this thing was ploughing through the ocean and churning up huge plumes of condensation as it made its journey through the south China sea. I had not expected it to make its own clouds! Coupled with the music that was playing through my ears at the time, the colours which were intensified by the wake and the cloud the tanker was producing all lead to one of those memories one never forgets. It goes without saying that I've replicated that trip many times in my flight sim. I've only just finished downloading your work and although I know ill never see the same effect again, I'm looking forward to seeing some life on the ocean which will trigger memories, and for that I thank you, you've added yet another layer of realism to our virtual world.
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