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  1. mrbill55

    virtual Memory

    Ah yes! The sweet sound of a rational and factual response. Sometimes the Sim is like life. You just have to accept the way things are. Maybe I will try a long flight into the Heartland and just land in a wheat field.
  2. mrbill55

    virtual Memory

    Yes I imagine I can do that, but the dilemma is that when you pay for stuff so things look realistic, it becomes pointless if they have to be turned off most of the time.
  3. mrbill55

    virtual Memory

    I'm not sure I understand your question. I have lots of addons but they are not relevant. OOM kicks in at around 4100 so I am not out of memory before takeoff, but shortly after leaving a high memory invironment. It continues to accumulate until it maxes out. Most flts start at around 2000 with addon scenery and detailed aircraft. JFK and New York Megacity is notorious for problems with OOM and frame rates in general. Works great with a default Cessna but anything complex causes problems. Bill C
  4. mrbill55

    virtual Memory

    Most of us are aware of the virtual memory issues, but I am really frustrated. If I start a flight at JFK in New York with the PMDG 777 I am almost out of memory before I take off (just under 4000) Turning off detailed scenery in route is pointless because I won't get that far. Yes I run a 64bit system windows 7. I can't fly from anywhere to New York or Boston because I run out of memory before I get there. I have a $3000 dollar system with loads of hardware, which means nothing because of this virtual memory issue. I don't believe in miracles, but I just thought I would vent on the forum. Bill C.