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  1. I tired Chrome and MSEdge and both don't work. What happens is that on the pw reset page, after introducing the new password and confirming it, nothing happens after pressing "continue". Thanks Apologies. Me stupid. Did not match the password criteria. However, Chrome did not work for me. MS Edge did it.
  2. Hi, Happens to me as well. This did not happen with the other PMDG or any kind of aircraft, right? Only the 747v3.
  3. It makes my cargo hauler feel like a real truck!
  4. I must a admit I had a too quick look at the introduction manual, did not see it, then searched the forums and arrived here. My doors are now open. I plead guilty.
  5. I don't think Jack's question was so bad. Anyhow, the replies to his question weren't much better. My guess is that at some point in a (distant) future, we will get PMDG's rendition of the 737 MAX, which will include its winglets too. But that's just my guess.
  6. According to RW pics of the same airframe it appears to be correct. This is a KLM Asia livery and the crown on top of KLM used on normal KLM liveries was taped over. I don't know if it's cleaner, but the blue of that tape has a lighter colour than the rest of the airframe. Best regards, Ralf
  7. Yes, there is one by Corina Meyer on Avsim http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=185270
  8. Thank you for calling me a fine painter I feel honored without deserving it. I might be able to become a fine painter, if the will and patience would be there. And the will sometimes is. True that my tools are bad and what disturbed me about Photoshop full versions are the monthly payments. I didn't know about this freeware version, so thanks for telling me. But my patience isn't back for the moment and I found somebody helping me a lot with creating the fleet I want. Someday the urge might come back. I discovered that it is fun to paint, but for the moment I rather fly than trying to do something others are much better at. Thank you again,
  9. Hi, Somebody contacted me offering to help build a fleet. That really made my day. Many thanks to him. Yes, I was quite happy with the painting job myself. Didn't expect myself to ge this far. I think my main problem is that I use Photoshop Elements and that this program doesn't show Alpha Layers. I use the little freeware editor DXTBmp (forgot the authors name, but the initials are MW) as a work around, but the following things I was never able to correct, even after trying hard: - align the Alpha Layer of the windows correctly, so I always have some intransparent windows in front ant back of the fuselage and sometimes even transparent spots where there are no windows. For the 600 worse than for the 900 - I keep having this white line seperating fuse part 2 and 3 on the 800. Can't make it go away, even after reading a lot about it on the forum. - tail night texture: never understood how this work as there is no specific .psd for this. However, when turning on the logo light, I have the brightes tail is the sky, and it is all bright, not only the spot where the logo light is supposed to shine on - i managed night textures with the landing lights shining on the fuselage, but the inside half of the engines are as bright as the tail. So I completely gave up painting. Just can't do it and don't have the patience. But at least I can say that I tried. And because of this I can respect the beautifull repaints some of you are bringing out day by day even more then before.
  10. Hi, For over a year I tried to do repaints of the NGX in my personal virtual airline's colors, but I just don't get the windows transparency and night textures right. As I lost patience and really would like a fllet in ly own virtual airline's colors (a one man virtual airline that is), I would deeply appreciate any help in building a fleet of several NGX 6, 7, 8 and 900 and of course also the 777X pax and freight version. I am willing to financially support this effort or make a donation to any charity organisation in return for every livery painted. See below my try outs. I would like this livery or a livery close to this one, adapted by the painters creativity. I would like it on all PMDG NGX and 777 versions and I would like to have several (multiple) registrations for each model. EDIT for some reason I can't attach the images, but if you PM me I will be happy to send them to you. Hoping for a positive reply on this. Thanx ,
  11. As he's asking this livery on the PMDG ngX livery thread, I'm quite sure he requests this livery for the PMDG NGX, meaning the FSX version On avsim I found this one http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=161461 and http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=161461 Which are not the current liveries. But I am sure the current livery exists. I remember seeing it, maybe even flying it. But I don' know where it went.
  12. This one is in the library http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=161461 PS I'm not the painter, just did the search for you
  13. Yes this worked! You made my windows transparent! Allthough I seem to have some alignement problems between the black windows of the alpha layer and actual windows. However, now I know the basics about alpha channels and will sort it out. My first (very personal and very simpel) repaint is comming closer. Can't believe how often I gave up on this over the past year ... FYI, PS Elements does not show the channels. I found confirmation on this from the Adobe site. Channels is a PS full version option only.
  14. Hi Steve and Fabo, Thanks for your replies. I really do appreciate. I am using photoshop Elements and I now checked the individual file sections (before I was looking in the master fuselage psd only for alpha channels), but it seems that Photoshop Elements doesn't have a button for channels. I guess this means I can not have transparent windows using Photoshop Elements. A shame as this seems to be the only thing needed for a repaint that it can't do. I will now try to see if Gimp or Paint.net ca help me out for the windows, and if not, upgrade my Photoshop (if I can persuade my wife that both this upgrade as well as the upcoming 77X is well spent money and will benefit our family). I like the side effect of my question that this thread is up front again. For almost two years this thread has been daily lecture for me and I would miss it if it dies out, even after the 77X release .... Thanks, Ralf
  15. Thanks for this. It worked. My remaining problem now are the transparent windows. I read all the discussions about this, about the alpha layer that has to be black, but to be honest, I don't even know what an alpha layer or alpha channel is, don't even find it in the master psd neither do i find any buttons for channels in my photoshop (elements). Is elements maybe not good enough or is there another way to make the windows look transparent? I hope I can get a reply from anyone on this. It really would be the last step to have a nice repaint of my personal ngx, just on time before the 777 gets out... Thanks, Ralf
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