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  1. #8 whoo hoo! but great news
  2. elmucki

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    I did it this way, i had 4.3 installed. I ran the P3D uninstaller and let it do its thing. Keep in mind, i had GB's or ORBX, FSDT, Flightbeam, PMDG, etc etc etc AS16 and so forth. I installed 4.4 right over the 4.3 directory (not the client, but the entire thing). And all my addons still worked after. Granted, FSLabs needs to be updated and AS16, but AS16 is already providing a working beta. So, no issues 🙂
  3. elmucki

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    i can confirm no issues with a vanilla install. Everything works. I did try the update client only but ran into issues (mainly with FSLabs). Other than that, AS16 is working and everything is OKAY.
  4. elmucki

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Hey, if FSLabs can bring the Concorde to v4, then the MD11 should not be out of reach 🙂 One can dream thou right?
  5. elmucki

    Changing motherboard + licencing

    just deactivate and then reactivate?
  6. elmucki

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    you may want to check out Dretzwicki designs (not sure if thats how its spelled) but a google search will aid. Their work around Seattle is amazing.
  7. elmucki

    HELP ! P3D V4.3 with PMDG 777 mouse cursor in VC !!!

    well, if you want support.... First and last names are required. Also, you should list your specs and other relevant info.
  8. elmucki

    Some VR questions/concerns

    i dont need glasses.... I downloaded the tray tool and that helped a bit. I messed around with the super-sampling and that helped out too. Still not totally crisp but maybe in some future update we will see improvements... Thinking about returning the Rift (still within return window) but i do love flying with it. Especially VFR and Carrier Ops.
  9. Been flying in VR a LOT lately and love it. I actually removed my big fancy 4k monitor as i no longer use it but use VR. Now i know about the white box issue in VR and solved that by using the transparency slider. No longer get 2D panels to pop up but at least i get clear VR. My main question is this. Is there a way to get the VR experience to become more clear? i get a good picture, a real good picture, but in the VC, its a bit blurry at times (the textures). Even if i move in real close, it does not become sharper/clearer. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks!
  10. elmucki

    PMDG 747-8 Release Date?

    while we all have our own way of humor, lets not call each other names...
  11. elmucki

    PMDG 747-8 Release Date?

    i heard if you wish on a shooting star, and ask very nicely with a cherry on top, they will PM you even give you a discount. 🙂
  12. elmucki


    Long story short, its a APP and driver issue. Or rather how they talk to each other. Some older Drivers work and resolve that issue or update to the latest. Just make sure you have the latest installers as well from the developers. I have the latest FSLabs/PMDG, etc etc and latest NVIDIA and no issues with P3Dv4.3
  13. elmucki

    737 BBJs

    When PMDG redid the 747 into the QOTS II, we received a lot of different models with it... will they do that with the NGX3? Who knows.... only PMDG and BETA testers. Gotta wait on news. They dont share something just because their fan base demands it. They share when they are ready to share.
  14. elmucki

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    See, i use both... P3Dv4 and XP11. As i have so much invested in P3Dv4 (some from FSX and other versions of P3D), the move to XP11 will never happen for me. I still fly XP11, but not to the same extend i do v4. There might be people who have enough cash floating around to buy the add ons for both platforms, but unfortunately, that is not me at the moment. As far as stats go, FS9 users and FSX users are making choices, be it P3D or XP. Both are growing. And with FSW at its end, its no surprise that these two seeing growth. At the end of it all, i believe people will stick with whats familiar and has the most to offer (products/backwards compatibility and so on). Why reinvest if one does not have to?