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  1. itay5344, you do not have to wait for an answer... you can find them yourself. From PMDG posts, their next airplane(s) are the B747-8 and the JS41. The search function is your friend.
  2. the -300 uses the -200 files to some extend if i am not mistaken... Also an NTDLL.DLL error could almost be anything. I have used both extensively and have zero issues since the update. Did you change (install or remove) anything since?
  3. Very, very nice!
  4. of course its still in the works... i highly doubt that they work on it this much and say "nah, lets abandon it".... They are working on it and will share something when something is worth sharing.
  5. I am voting for the Paper Airplane.
  6. Its okay to dream, but do not expect one from PMDG as QW is close to done with theirs.
  7. i hope they would consider their B1900 C/D as well
  8. 99% of the time its not the products fault, but user error in one way or another.
  9. if you stick to the sim you purchased your product for, you will be fine.
  10. its a new product for a new platform. No discounts
  11. Considering PMDG is allowed to license Boeing aircraft, adding Airbus to that list would be a conflict of interest... So one can scratch that idea. As far as corporate jets, what makes you think that they would be next? According to many posts from PMDG directly, they are already working on something (some unannounced projects as well from a really old post). Lets just wait and see, speculation gets us no where.
  12. suppose i should open a ticket for further troubleshooting.
  13. nope, nothing like that. ORBX, PMDG, FSDT and FlightBeam and thats it.
  14. did that, did nothing.
  15. not sure what other graphic settings have to do with it, but sure... 1) Display: https://gyazo.com/06feb8983330e90caf8d6b47ae1bbde1 2) World: https://gyazo.com/0070a4696b617b6300f0a567f828dae7 3) Lighting: https://gyazo.com/d7734994c08f1b1d0377dd4da8b9167d