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  1. elmucki

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    See, i use both... P3Dv4 and XP11. As i have so much invested in P3Dv4 (some from FSX and other versions of P3D), the move to XP11 will never happen for me. I still fly XP11, but not to the same extend i do v4. There might be people who have enough cash floating around to buy the add ons for both platforms, but unfortunately, that is not me at the moment. As far as stats go, FS9 users and FSX users are making choices, be it P3D or XP. Both are growing. And with FSW at its end, its no surprise that these two seeing growth. At the end of it all, i believe people will stick with whats familiar and has the most to offer (products/backwards compatibility and so on). Why reinvest if one does not have to?
  2. elmucki

    777 black gauges, gear not showing

    please use first and last name... As far as the installer, the issue your having could be missing dll entry in the cfg... I assume it is a legitimate product and you ran it as admin and AV off. Other than that, send PMDG a troubleshooting ticket.
  3. elmucki

    What's next for PMDG?

    try facts? QW did a good job, dont get me wrong. But the overall quality like certain textures for example are low quality. The plane flies, sometimes nicely too, but it doesnt compare to PMDG quality.
  4. elmucki

    What's next for PMDG?

    i wish a slap function would be incorporated/invented... it is essential these days...
  5. elmucki

    MD11 problems with FSDT KMEM

    i loaded up my MD11 in FSX and FSDT KMEM to try and duplicate this, but what you described did not happen here. Sorry.
  6. elmucki

    PMDG and X-PLANE

  7. one of the issues seems to be related to the latest FSUIPC and there is a post in the forums at FSUIPC about it. Reverting to v 4.122 seems to have fixed it for many. I know i had severe stutters when it did load and many CTD's.... Now, i can fly again. I actually ended up doing a fresh install as i thought i had broken something, turns out its not my fault 'this time'
  8. elmucki

    I had a dream...

    Epic, made me smile. Speaking of egos, cant find mine. Anyone seen it? Must of left it in another forum where people where complaining for free upgrades or demanding something was made to work with ... ah who cares these days.
  9. elmucki

    MD11 Install

    open a troubleshooting ticket with PMDG. thats your next step.
  10. elmucki

    Future of p3d v3.4

    a lot of developers are only supporting v4 going forward... Not sure if PMDG is part of that. Would make sense thou as v4 is going to be the main platform...
  11. elmucki

    P3D V4.1 apphangB1

    obviously, if you can fly the ngx in other locations, its not the ngx...
  12. elmucki

    P3D V4.1 apphangB1

    with LOWI there was an issue where the sim would crash (it was a NDB or approach or something) but it was fixed in latest update.
  13. elmucki

    P3D V4.1 apphangB1

    Have you done any exclusionary testing? 1) fly default (no addons)... Does it still happen? 2) Fly PMDG only, does it still happen? 3) Fly ORBX only, does it happen? Find the culprit by eliminating other potentials.
  14. elmucki

    [18OCT17] So what is going on at PMDG?

    no such thing as a 747-800.... duh. Its the B747-8i/-8F
  15. elmucki

    Unable to Install MD11

    there is a legacy forum for legacy products like this... should have posted this there