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  1. If I was allowed to post ASCII art, I'd paste the biggest facepalm ever
  2. Hello, My computer is currently experiencing issues, and my motherboard will be replaced. Everything except the motherboard itself will he untouched. I am unable to boot into Windows, meaning I cannot deactivate my PMDG products. Will my licensing be affected? Thanks.
  3. Hello, There is an issue with the Chaseplane replay system. When slowing down the playback speed to 0.5 or 0.25, the simulator sim rates are not slowed down to the correct speed. In case the devs didn't know, the 'half speed' and 'slowest' simrates in fsx/p3d slow the simulator down to 0.75 and 0.5 respectively (it is misleading I know). Slowing down the Chaseplane playback speed to 0.5 will set the simrate to 'half speed' which is a speed of 0.75, and the same issue happens when setting the playback speed to 0.25 in Chaseplane. This means that 'preset' animations (ie. armed spoilers extending on the ground, but not ailerons or elevators handled by chaseplane) would play faster than intended, which is not good for movie makers. Remember, the playback speed in Chaseplane only affects the movement of the aircraft, ailerons, thrust etc. and the simrate affects animations like spoilers. For example, I set the chaseplane playback speed to 0.25. The plane would move at 0.25 speed, however, the animations would play back at 0.5 speed. Sorry if I'm not clear about what I'm saying; I'm not the best at explaining things.
  4. When applying my PTA preset it gives me this error: ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 3] : the desired block is not found Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Here is my PTA preset and full log if it helps: https://pastebin.com/PCuJNDLk https://www.dropbox.com/s/erhhnz2arilom3z/cagpta.ini?dl=0
  5. If you don't want dynamic lighting then why switch to p3dv4 in the first place, apart from the 64bit? Eventually most add-ons for V4 will be dynamic lighting only. Though, looking at your setup, it should run dynamic lighting just fine. I have lower specs and I have no problem with it.
  6. FlyLive http://flyliveapp.weebly.com/
  7. Hello everyone, As most of you will know, after taking off in the 777, the autobrake knob will spring back to the OFF position (if RTO was set beforehand). In the Prepar3D v4 version, after taking off, the autobrake knob's noise plays and the plane registers that the autobrake is in the off position; however, the visual model is still suck in the RTO position. Right clicking the knob while it's still stuck in the RTO position will mobe it to the DISARM position, as if it were in the OFF position.
  8. Hi everyone, I was flying a 12 hour flight across the pacific. Suddenly this message popped up: >SOURCE SEL IRS It popped up after I accidentally disabled the autopilot. How do I fix the problem? Thanks
  9. Just a quick tip to spare everyone a heck load of time reinstalling liveries - before uninstalling, backup your aircraft.cfg for your PMDG aircraft (and PMDG folder if you want to keep your settings/navdata). Uninstall then replace the new cfg files with the old ones. Hope this helps someone :D This works as the uninstaller doesn't actually delete the texture folders, just the aircraft.cfg.
  10. Exact same problem - my Chaseplane crashes when I click any tab at all. I would send the error log - unfortunately, this version of Chaseplane is so unstable it is unable to replace an old error log!
  11. Okay, thanks for the help. I was just a bit confused as I've been told that there is a chance it won't make it to the old store.
  12. I know - I saw that, I was just concerned that the update would not be available for people who purchased from the old store (FYI they switched store systems a couple months back). Thanks for the help anyways.
  13. So that means the download link from the old store will allow me to download the new version, correct? Thanks
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