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  1. byork, Please find attached. Page 123 [Take-Off]. It would be great to have it modelled according to manual. https://www.mudspike.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/P3D-Leonardo-MD-82-Guide.pdf Regards
  2. Hi, Is there a possibility to turn off boarding sounds like in PMDG 737 ? Regards,
  3. 1. No 2. Yes 3. No I also used B737 and 747 from the same airport without any issue.
  4. Same here. No problems on the fist flights now CTD every time during Taxi. Nothing shows up just crash to the desktop. Maybe it has no relation but it has started when I started set the pressurization. Regards
  5. I used different airports so I decided go higher. I thought that AFE takes care of it. Thank you for you help.
  6. Yes, I'm talking about 2d pop up windows (AFE, Load Manager, Maintenance Manager, Realism Options, etc). All options were off (apart from notifications hidden and PMDG GNS430) as it was my first tutorial flight. I was using only AFE for every stage of my flight.
  7. Hi, When I'm reaching FL150 and hit autopilot altitude hold, all windows (AFE, Load Manager , etc.) are closing by themselves and cannot be opened again. Regards
  8. You really think I did not do it before. Must be hidden somewhere in the model.
  9. Hi, It's a great model. Thank you. I have a request for removing keys F1 and F2 from Throttle cut / Throttle full. I use Chase Plane and have assigned different views under mentioned keys.
  10. Could someone tell me what is the price for Alabeo PA44 SEMINOLE in AH2.
  11. rafgath

    Rudder problem

    OK. I found a problem. There was a conflict with FS Force 2 for some reason. Updating to latest version solved the issue.
  12. rafgath

    Rudder problem

    No, it's not hardware issue. Joystick works perfect and I don't have this problem with any other planes e.g.PMDG (738, J-41), A2A (all planes), Aerosoft (Airbus), Majestic or CaptainSim).
  13. rafgath

    Rudder problem

    I checked everything. Also rudders work fine in PMDG 738. I'm attaching one more video showing when rudders start behaving strange.
  14. rafgath

    Rudder problem

    Hi, I have very weird problem with rudders. As you can see in attached short video (link below) every time when I'm trying to turn left or right, rudders automatically return to the central position. Only 777 has this problem in other planes all works fine. I use Logitech G940. This problem occurs only when hydraulics is turned on
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