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  1. Dear friends, Trying to assign all axis to the R22 sim. Have trouble assigning trottle axis ( govenor ) Can anyone help ? Best regards John Reimertz
  2. flyjohng

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Dear friends, Have checked with ORBX regarding SEATAC and rw 34 L. What I had downloaded did not include 34L. I was advised to download a scenery specific for the Pacific North West. Have done so, and it works beautifully. I used to work for Boeing 737 and 747- many years. I am Norwegian and live in Norway, but have great feelings for Seattle and Boeing Co. Again thanks for all kind help. Best regards John Reimertz
  3. flyjohng

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Dear friends, thanks for your answering me. My downloaded scenery for US is ORBX. Will look into your kind suggestions. Best regards John Reimertz
  4. flyjohng

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Hi friends, thank you for answering. The new Seatac runway 34L was opened Nov 8 2008. My scenery map for US was downloaded two days ago- 10 years later, and reports " Updated". Understand that the downloaded files has not been updated- correctly. Have tried to locate an update on AVSIM Library for Seatac, but at no luck. ( On final with APPR armed -autopilot on, and on GS all the way- can see the three runways- but offset to 34 L) Best regards John R.
  5. flyjohng

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Dear friends, thanks for answering- I am still puzzled and wander what is wrong. Have downloaded latest maps for North America- FTX Global Open LC North America. Also using Navigraph info ( oct 8 18) and Airac 1811 Have programmed the FMC on my 737-800 from Paine field to Seatac. Seatac ILS Rw 34 L ( 344 deg- freq 110.75) Picking up ILS at JALON/ 2400. This will take us offset and far from runway 34L. On a second run, this time programmed to ILS, 34C 344 -freq 111.7- Tifus-- took us perfectly to centerline . Will try to find an update for the scenery in the AVSIM lib. John Reimertz ( new to the simworld)
  6. Using Prepar3D ver 4.3 and Boeing 737-800. Experience offset landing at Seatac ILS - rw 034 L ( 344) with intercept ILS at TIFYS (2400" and freq 111.7) The offset is several hundred yards from centerline. Comming into Seatac from north ( ILS Rw 16L) is no problem. Any tip ??
  7. flyjohng

    Pilot chair

    How to raise and lower pilot chair on Boeing PMDG 747-400 using Prepar 3d ver 4.3 ?