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  1. All I am saying is that some monitors advert with gsync compatible while not listed in Nvidia homepage and then the compatibility is really bad. I made this mistake myself this year. Tearing of hell. Good luck
  2. Yeah it works in terms of displaying an image. But you dont have true gsync. Slow games are less affected than fast fps ofc
  3. I have this too and it triggers me. I cant unsee it. it only happens when you look around with trackir. freelook with mouse or keys is unaffected.
  4. Only when listed on Nvidia Homepage. Not all freesync monitors are compatible with Nvidia cards
  5. Gsync compatible is fine as long it’s listed on the Nvidia Homepage under compatible monitors
  6. 1.Forget hdr. In general hdr for gaming monitors always suck. Hdr400 is useless anyway. 600 should be minimim but anyway the picture will become so dark that you will turn it off. 2. do you really need 4K? It costs a lot of performance. 3.do you own an amd or nvidia cars? 4. curved or not curved i bought 1month ago the new asus pg329q. 32 uncurved 1ms fastIps gsync 2k monitor. It’s a beast https://m.alternate.de/ASUS/ROG-Swift-PG329Q-Gaming-Monitor/html/product/1679595 if you like extreme curved the Samsung Odyssey g series is the benchmark. But the extreme curve rate of 1000 is a nogo for me.
  7. Licensing is one thing. Delivering them to the users the other. You can’t install the whole world into people’s hdd. You can only stream the data. XP doesn’t have the servers nor the funds to realize that. what they could do I some Small selected regions maybe. But how well that worked was perfectly demonstrated by MS flight 8 years ago.
  8. I never talked about Asobo. Asobo alone would not have been able to create anything of size and complexity what we have now. It’s MS everywhere. ofc a battlefield or rdr2 looks better. But one is a 5x5Km map and the other the whole world
  9. Maybe I misunderstood it. But improving the graphics alone will not be enough. The can have the best looking cities, houses, oceans and roads ever made. If they will not match the accuracy that msfs brings in terms of layout precision and realistisch representation it won’t be enough. I rather fly over my hometown in msfs where every road and house is where it is in real than over an imaginary better looking city that is nothing like the real thing. yeah I know xp has this ortho stuff but that’s not possible for the whole world without streaming.
  10. I strongly disagree. The vast majority does not care for the accuracy of the flight model, me included. I was fine with the fsx flight model and so are most. what made msfs sell big time is the graphics and the landscapes. The real representation of the whole world. And that is something they could achieve because they have the date in-house with Bing and the millions to spend on experts like blsckshark.ai to brig the data to life. they also have the server capacity that allows them to stream all those petabytes to millions of people flying. That alone costs millions a month probably. nobody can recreate that except of companies like maybe google or apple or others in the same size. xp can update and tune their flightmodel as much as they want. That will not sell them any more copies. What is needed is a graphical improvement in graphics and world landscaping that they won’t be able to ever achieve. msfs without the graphics is a pretty bad sim in its current state. But the visual experience is enough to make up for that. And I have faith in them to turn the sim in a better state in 2021. the rest will the 3rd parties do
  11. Well I don’t see that ever happening. The investment needed is just too big. XP might survive and fit in a small niche of some hardcore fans but I wouldn’t expect many 3rd party addons down the road. The only thing that can stop MS is MS themselfs. A good start for MS would be to stop breaking stuff with every update. Their QA seem rather useless. Hopefully the beta program will help in this matter. I personally am very relaxed. Have purchased the sim in the first day but haven’t started it for weeks. This will change radically on xmas with the VR update and the near release of the Crj. Until then I am very busy with my new PS5 and the incoming Cyberpunk game.
  12. Xplane will never fetch msfs. Both are in different leagues and the manpower and money that was put into msfs is probably 10x the amount xp made in total since its release. All msfs needs now is a decent payware ac. of course msfs is the future. It is already the present for many.
  13. They milked the users in a way that even EA became jealous. I don’t know how many times I was supposed to buy the same 737 for 100+€. I couldn’t care less for their financial situation.
  14. They Need to highlight the changes in the snapshots as for me they seem unchanged and tiring to reread them every week
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