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  1. Usually your are not denied to Tell people you r under NDA. I for example am under NDA for Star Citizen as I am one of the so called Evocati Testers but I am free to tell anyone that I am in. What happens inside on the other side I cant tell anyone. this ofc can change from NDA to NDA
  2. I was too lazy to pull out the calculator
  3. It will come on 50.000 3.5 disks
  4. Pmdg will be like: so it took our trainee 2hrs to port the 737 to FS2020 and therefore we ask our customers to pay an upgrade price of 99$ in 5 years we will release the NG v17 then with brand new features like adjustable seats for only 199$
  5. Prepare what? The graphics are a major factor but what stand out Most is the performance. I am so sick of 15 fps approaches.
  6. If you think i will be buying region limited scenery updates for 50$+ which will ruin my performance you are wrong. With the scenery I saw so far I will never need any more addon scenery but probably airports.
  7. Not interested in any addons anylonger. P3D is riding a dead horse right now.
  8. I hate MP and I want a real sim. A real sim is not achievable with random kids in MP. So an offline ATC is needed. Idc for vatsim and co. Never have never will
  9. I think the 10 users who actually own a VR can wait and the dev time can be dedicated to more important stuff
  10. There is no more 32bit Software . What a Thread
  11. I dont care for Seasons at all. I dont think I flew ever a different season than summer in 15yrs of FSX
  12. Maybe in 10years I will care for VR Right now to My understanding that halfs the fps and the Qualität is not really good on any available device
  13. The usage of Openstreetmaps was confirmed by the Gamestar preview
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