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  1. They really need to hire a ui guy. That looks like a website from 1998
  2. Last update was felt 2 years ago.that’s not early access but abandon ware
  3. Funny how this old fs addon developers still live in 2005 and think they can forbid something on the internet. funny also how they think mods will harm them not understanding how many games live long or are becoming popular because of mods. ridiculous. And I don’t even care for their arcade busses
  4. Fstl has a usp feature for me. Beeing able to populate the gates with statics. As I fly only on vatsim moving ai would mess things up. But having parked ac everywhere is great in combination with vatsim. Can fs Traffic do this?
  5. Great thx. Love ur work. Any estimate on separate mcdus? So much needed in shared cockpit
  6. Hopefully not the new communication manager 😂
  7. Good for Aerosoft. His aggorance towards his customers and products with a mindset it’s still 2015 have no place in a modern company
  8. Dude it’s EDDF not EDFF. Me and many friends all own premium deluxe and we all agree that asobos premium airports are garbage. We will all buy the new EDDF on day one and so will hundred thousand others.
  9. The new terminal in Frankfurt is planned (we know how well planning went in EDDB) to open in 2026. EDDF from AS is stated by Kok to be hopefully released in 2023. They will proabably do an update in 2026 to their scenery
  10. "Jo Erlend" who is this? What are his previous prodcuts so I can get an idea of the quality to be expected. EDDF is my home base and I habe been waiting for 3 years for Aerosoft get their word not allowed together
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