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  1. Exactly. Just shut down my engines and vr went into menu and back. No words for that
  2. Depends how you code it. If code backward compatible it’s not
  3. Not for people like me who disable multiplayer
  4. You can win. Don’t make the updates mandatory. Having mandatory updates and then releasing such broken updates is unacceptable. They rendered the sim unusable for many with this update.
  5. Then try an index with fov of 120. no mask effect at all
  6. Worst update ever. They broke vr, they broke trackir, performance is worse and all that for some arcade circle flying. Wow. Can you please stop doing updates Asobo?
  7. How can they release something like this that makes VR unusable? I have no words for this stupidity
  8. Can not rotate the world map with mouse anymore
  9. I hope the replay system will work without dev mode. I don’t want to have to enable dev mode
  10. Thx so much AIG. This pushed the sim into new spheres. Amazing looking airports now
  11. Never buy anything from bedok3d. It’s a cash grab. Zero quality and crapped quickly together. It’s so bad you wouldn’t even want to install it for free
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