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  1. It’s probably lower than 1%. The only good thing of the weather api will be actual real weather radars hopefully.
  2. I fly in vr only so no camera addon needed. Even in 2d I would not know what for. the default weather is awesome and I o any weather addon is a money waste. so I don’t care
  3. Yes terrible. Lazy word not allowed attempt with low detail terrible textures and no ground markings.
  4. Dubai, Frankfurt or Heathrow are terrible. Quickly made with zero details. My biggest regret is buying the useless premium package
  5. Dont buy deluxe. The deluxe airports and planes are really bad. Look for 3rd party addons instead
  6. It is. They are calculating their own tod and descendening with open desc or vs. source a friend of mine who is capt on a A320. But vnav seems to be the holy grail of the average pc pilot
  7. Not really interested as no real A320 pilot uses vnav for descent in the airbus but thx fbw for the contineuos support
  8. And it takes pmdg 8 months and counting to add an EFB. Using pmdg as a Benchmark is ridiculous
  9. Not a single new photogrammetry city? Like Honolulu ? What a fail. Seems rushed and unfinished
  10. Aerosoft and Kok a clownshow. They banned me in their forums after I asked if their Airbus will support simrate 8x like I can easily do in the pmdg. They said I am hallucinating as no airliner in any sim can do 8x. I read that while I was flying in 8x in the 777 over the Atlantic and I am neither drinking nor doing drugs.
  11. The EFB is now beeing developed by CIG. Chris Roberts himself will now bring us the best word not allowed EFB ever. We will soon get a roadmap for the roadmap. 2028 the year of the EFB
  12. VAs are a thing of the early 2000s sim rate 8x and there we go. Nothing wrong with skipping x hours boring crz
  13. Atr is nice and I might buy it. But having Hans demonstrate sub pages of sub pages for a span that felt like 30min was the wrong place. I literally fell asleep
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