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  1. I installed RC again and have this error: Your FSX installation is incorrect! The version of SimConnect installed will not load FSUIPC4. You may need to repair the FSX installation to rectify this first. No changes have been made by this program. !!WARNING !! This version of FSX is later than any known by this FUIPC4. There may be problems. Please check for a later version of PFSUIPC4! Checking compatibility with installed SimConnect: Probe Manifst fails to match base SimConnect needed to load FSUIPC4! But installed the latest FSUIPC version, I just dont understand it.
  2. Ok, will read this, but i already deinstallerd my fsx before I red your advice. I deinstalled fsx and all orbx scenery. Now I installed FSX SE again and have this error message: SCENERY.CFG File error. Local Scenery Directory (ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GES_08_CUSTOM\SCENERY) in Scenery Area.129 not found. Click OK to continue. How is this even possible; how das FSX "know" I used ORBX before?
  3. But maybe its my orbx scenery that causes the problems. I have the FSX Steam Version which is located at F:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FSX Radar Contac is installed at C:\ My sim file are at D:\Eigene Dokumente As I installed RC there was a error message complaining about my simconnect versio, but I really have the latest FSUIPC installed.
  4. sadly I have still the same problem. I will reinstall fsx and try again, thanks fo far.
  5. @ray Are you talking about the FLT/WX Path? I set it to my download ordner but I still crash in the water after "Start RC" 😞
  6. Thanks for your reply. In RC I click on "FS200x Flight Plan .pln" and open a downloaded flight plan. In which settings must I save the path? In fsx?
  7. Hi there, I have the error message runtime 9 as soon as I click on Run RC the error code appears and my plane is crashed and suddenly in the water. I had previously loaded the flight plan into the FSX and had myself seated on the airfield. I use the fsx steam version. I already ran the makerwy.exe and updated the scenery database in RC could the error be related to orbx scenery? does RC have to be installed on the same partition as FSX? many thanks for your help
  8. is there anything against the possibility that many more alpha or beta invitations will follow? or was there an announcement that this was the last wave?
  9. Hi, do we know when the next session for alpha-invitations will begin?
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