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  1. ok now I am confused :). I just had the warning that the service was not available and has changed to offline mode. Now I have new atc-voices and they sound better 🙂
  2. To be honest, what is Azure? How does it influence the atc? I didn't notice any big difference ?
  3. Hi, In the arrival page of the Boardcomputer. I must first select the approach (i.e. ILS 25L) then I can select the STAR. Is this how it should work? Because sometimes I get first the STAR from the ATC and later the approach procedure. If the vatsim controller wants me to fly a star, I can't select it without selecting a approach first. Do I something wrong?
  4. There are two very big files called MANUAELCACHE.ccc and ROLLINGCACHE.ccc I think, I've found the answer because of your question 🙂 Thank's a lot!
  5. But why is it located at c:? I choosed F: as installation folder
  6. Hi, I have the steam version and I installed the game to F:\MSFS 2020 (138 gb). My Package folder is at E:\HDD Games\Community. But I am confused, because I have also a folder at C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator with 17gb. Can I move this folder to another installation path?
  7. Is it possible to ad some VOR or at least NDB navigation instruments or would this be historical unrealistic?
  8. I use the HTC Vive: Can you choose between using SteamVR or using openXR? I think, I must use SteamVR
  9. This sounds great. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks for the hint.
  10. When I sit for example in the Cessna 152, the cockpit looks so tiny and also the runways look too short. Is there a way to adjust the scale?
  11. why do worldupdates need disk space? I thought the scenery is beeing streamed.
  12. Is it possible to add the G3000 in other planes, like in the Beechcraft? When flying on vatsim and I have to make route changes or to insert stars etc, i find it very stressfull to handle with other gps than the G3000.
  13. Hi, currently I use a GTX 1060 and a ryzen 7 3900x and msfs in VR ist just not enjoyable. So I am thinking to buy a RTX 3070 or a RX 6800. Has anyone suggestions for me which card is better for MSFS VR? The rx 6800 has more RAM. Does anyone of you uses one of these cards and has a suggestion for me?
  14. -For me Pilot2Atc doesn't recognice the sim weather. Have I anything to consider? -Is there a way to ad some random events? I would like that ATC chooses a approach, I did not set before.
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