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  1. Is it possible to ad some VOR or at least NDB navigation instruments or would this be historical unrealistic?
  2. I use the HTC Vive: Can you choose between using SteamVR or using openXR? I think, I must use SteamVR
  3. This sounds great. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks for the hint.
  4. When I sit for example in the Cessna 152, the cockpit looks so tiny and also the runways look too short. Is there a way to adjust the scale?
  5. why do worldupdates need disk space? I thought the scenery is beeing streamed.
  6. Is it possible to add the G3000 in other planes, like in the Beechcraft? When flying on vatsim and I have to make route changes or to insert stars etc, i find it very stressfull to handle with other gps than the G3000.
  7. Hi, currently I use a GTX 1060 and a ryzen 7 3900x and msfs in VR ist just not enjoyable. So I am thinking to buy a RTX 3070 or a RX 6800. Has anyone suggestions for me which card is better for MSFS VR? The rx 6800 has more RAM. Does anyone of you uses one of these cards and has a suggestion for me?
  8. -For me Pilot2Atc doesn't recognice the sim weather. Have I anything to consider? -Is there a way to ad some random events? I would like that ATC chooses a approach, I did not set before.
  9. I think, I will go for premium, because of the "shock ultra". I think this is a great plane for bush flying.
  10. In the insider hub is something like "member since" but I registered much more early than mentioned there.
  11. In the last update the said, more invitations today. What does this mean? Are there more to expect till Friday?
  12. What are your specs? Perhaps I have no chance with m cpu i5 4590 and a gtx1060
  13. Do we know, how long this wave of invates will continue? I have only a i5 4590, but registered very early. It is so hard... 😞
  14. What are you doing in this thread then?
  15. Has anyone noticed that an invitation has been sent? It seems very quiet to me.
  16. @Wobbie just stop it, please. We got your point. Please back to topic
  17. now, I am confused. Isn't this the same? I signed up for insider, but have I to register specially for the Alpha ?
  18. where can you see, when you have registered for the insider program?
  19. I use the flight simulator for fun. It is 100% a game for me. Such as rfactor etc. A pilot, who uses the simulator for training may have another opinion.
  20. The scenery in the sim looks better than the bing image 🙂
  21. I didn't want to be rude. There is more important these days than my disappoinment.
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