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  1. mmerelles

    Helicopter flying

    I am simply amazed what VR offered to simulation as well. Also trying to learn helicopters, purchased the B407 but i am terrible to control it, lot of spins, going back & forth, lot of unstable flying still. VR gives me some nausea. I do not experience that when flying fixed wings. i.e. the ixeg 🙂
  2. My opinion 1. Better and modern simulator's coding will lead to better hardware utilization for both CPU & GPU. So, yes better coding should lead to do a lot more for what we have. BUT 2. Home simulation is years light behind from recreating the real deal ambience, not even the fastest machine on the world as of today can recreate clouds and depict weather as it should be, let alone the entire sim engine, graphics, physics, rendering, ultra high resolution, etc. etc. etc. So answering to your original question, you WILL NEVER be able to max out all sliders in any reputable simulator because that is the end of development. Development will and should always be ahead of what current hardware can pull. So by the time you have a modern coding that can use "current simulators maxed out for current hardware", that would be a pretty old simulator tech just my 2 cents
  3. Hi @alpilotx this is really impressive will start downloading now. Do you see South America coming as well? thanks again!
  4. mmerelles

    FMC Error

    BIKF has no runway 10, it is 106 = 11. Maybe the airport renumbered the runways due to magnetic shift. Cycle 1803 says RWY 11 as well as NVGRH charts. Are you trying to load a saved old file?
  5. I am no expert at P3D but when tested it, found that pressing and hold spacebar and moving the mouse around gets similar to xplane right clic + mouse movement
  6. yes, xplane demo is always the exact same version than full version except: 1. If you do not own a license key to enter (demo mode) you are time limited to 15 minutes per session. You can do unlimited 15 min sessions 2. You are limited to KSEA (Seatle) geographical area From the feafures, redndering, hardware and everything they are exactly the same, just time limited on demo. When you run the installer make sure you clic "check for betas" to install latest release 11.20VR6 which is not full stable status yet.
  7. If you plan to max out the sim and enjoy everything is has to offer in terms of rendering, you need to go a top end machine -1080TI -i7700k overclocked 5.1 -SSD disk if planning to run orthos, otherwise any fast SATA will perform just great -32GB RAM Asking for the right machine is very subjetive thing, any modern machine will run xplane 11 depending the rendering settings you set. And minimal acceptable rendering settings still varies person to person personal taste and preference. Unfortunately there is no 1+1 = 2 answer. My advice would be, get the most your budget can afford.
  8. Just a heads up. This has been announced already, ETA is March/April. A few WIP videos are already available
  9. mmerelles

    IRS Alignment time

    you are welcome Sorry i am not at the sim now, not being using p3d for quite some time now so tried to remind the setting location from the top of my head. Inertial systems are based on gyros by "feeling" earth rotation, because earth rotation produces very tiny movements it takes time until the system can determine its initial reference point. If you want to know all the details and mathematics behind this, you may google it lot of info available and much better written than my poor english Glad to have helped, i hope. Happy flying.
  10. mmerelles

    IRS Alignment time

    IRS align time on the real life aircraft varies between 5 to 17 minutes based on airplane present latitude. From equator to 78 degree North/South 5 min at the equator (faster earth rotation speed) and you get longer times as you move outer from the equator due to slower rotation speeds Since the earth does not rotate in FSX/P3D, i would speculate PMDG should be using some sort of formula to determine how much it will take on the real thing based on present aircraft latitude note: if you do not want to wait for IRS "REALISTIC" times go to the FMC and change the setting. Should be under PMDG -> General -> IRS or so...
  11. Unfortunately not, you have to have your own backup to do rollback between betas, 11.20 beta2 to beta1. note: You can disable the beta checkbox on the installer but this will revert back to latest stable release 11.11
  12. mmerelles

    XPlane 11 Vulcan

    A few comments from Ben that should clarify doubts rised here. ******************* Ben Supnik says: December 11, 2017 at 10:35 am Our porting targets are Vulkan for Windows, Linux and Android, and Metal for iOS and Mac OS X. Apple doesn’t provide a Vulkan stack and based on their investment in their own API, we don’t expect them to. In terms of APIs and porting: – On Windows, we can and do use OpenGL with VR now – we can get stereo hw rendering and use OpenGL to render to the compositor. – On Linux, apparently we have to port Vulkan Metal first – no GL SteamVR integration. I’m taking your word on this, I haven’t investigated for myself. – On OS SX, we have to port to port to Metal first. While we can talk to the compositor in GL or Metal, we can’t do hardware stereo rendering — not even Apple’s ‘core’ drivers support it. Without stereo rendering, the GL-based framerate is unusably slow on even the fastest hardware. We have no plans to port to DX12 – there’s no need since we can get Vulkan there. ******************** Ben Supnik says: December 10, 2017 at 1:37 pm Our focus is shifting to shipping VR – Vulkan after VR. ********************** Ben Supnik says: December 10, 2017 at 8:27 pm Yes, but no. We will surely optimize even more after we release – we never stop tuning the code – but we have to get a HUGE amount of work done before we can show Vulkan at all. Vulkan allows new approaches, particularly in the multi-core area – writing a multi-core GL renderer is possible (see all the AZDO talks) but miserably difficult – the GL threading model is exactly not what you’d want. Vulkan also _requires_ new approaches. In OpenGL you can just mix and match pieces of your graphics pipelines willy-nilly, and the driver will, mid-frame, go “oh, wait, you want that with onions, not garlic, let me re-cook your meal” and build a whole new pipeline. This is lousy for performance in OpenGL, so Vulkan is fast in that the slow thing doesn’t exist. We could do a faster Vulkan port by simply implementing OpenGL on top of Vulkan as a shim layer and running X-Plane, emulating all of the goofy things that GL drivers have to do. We are NOT doing that – doing so would result in an X-Plane that runs at a worse speed than it does now — we’d have all the slow-down from GL non-optimal abstractions, and our code wouldn’t have been tuned by a team of 100+ engineers. Instead we are reshaping X-plane to talk to OpenGL the way a modern card wants to hear – when this is done, Vulkan and Metal will be relatively painless drop-ins. So the work is incrementally released in that X-Plane’s use of GL is becoming “all modern”, but the actual Vulkan switch has to be hit at the end. These ‘modernizations’ are usually good for FPS in their own right. In 11.10 and 11.20 we’re moving X-Plane’s material model from loose constants to constant buffers (dynamically streamed in 11.10, static in 11.20) and it’s good for fps, as one would expect – it’s an abstraction that’s better for X-Plane and better for the driver. It will be better for Vulkan too. *********************** Ben Supnik says: December 10, 2017 at 1:45 pm It’s on-going, but you don’t get to run Vulkan until we are 100% completed. That will be some time next year. *********************
  13. On the 767 you need to go the IPAD general tab and customize the mouse as per your liking, scroolwheel or not, etc. Many options available to use the one that works best for you note: i do now own the A350 but coming from the same dev, should be similar.
  14. mmerelles

    PMDG 737-800 NGX Questions scroll down to the 737 NG "complex" panel MCP section
  15. mmerelles

    737 brakes inguaging

    have you removed wheel chocks from the FMC? if set they will not allow you to remove parking brakes