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  1. Sorry but this is not a tip or trick. It’s the only 2020 forum I could find. Is there any news about 2020 driver compatibility for CPFlight hardware and Cockpitforyou hardware. I can get no information from the manufacturers and I’ve not been able to fly since MS2020 came out.
  2. Has anyone any information on compatibility drivers for MS2020 with CPFLIGHT hardware and Cockpit for you hardware? I get no response from either manufacturer which means my flying days are over, at least for the time being.
  3. I updated my XPUIPC to the version. I just changed one for the other in plugins. I changed the ip address. However now my CFY throttle says it cannot find Xplane. Is there something else I should have done?
  4. I’ve been having difficulties configuring the above. “Three green” wrote that typically you arm the A/T at the gate along with VNAV and LNAV, but as soon as I arm the A/T my throttles move forward. The cause I think is that on the PFD it shows “TO/GA” in green. How do I clear it? The auto throttle disengage does not remove it..........
  5. I don't see the opportunity in calibration to move brake. Speed brake yes. I'll experiment with plugins regarding the pause. Thank you.
  6. Thank you both. I went Manuel’s route but downloaded vJoy just in case! For most of the day my throttle was asleep and stayed that way until 4.30. It then burst into life! The trim wheels are working well. Thank you. I have a couple of other problems....my brake lever is firmly in the off position and seems determined to stay that way. Also, and quite unrelated, the red button on my Honeycomb throttle pauses the sim when pressed. It never used to and is not programmed to do this. I have programmed the button to other uses but it still interferes with the sim. You might have some ideas.
  7. Thank you so much Manuel. I look forward to giving that a go but standby because I’ve only been doing this for 35 years and I still don’t know what I’m doing. I may have questions about the auto throttle operation - CFY give no information. Thank you again for the time you have given to my question.
  8. I have just purchased CFY gold+ throttle and am having difficulties getting some parts of it going. I cannot get the trim wheels to respond to switches on my Honycombe yoke. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Hi Dirk Good thing I didn’t delete these from my mail as I intend to print them out. I can’t find them now in the forum! Kopteeni. Sunday 7.21 Flying Paul’s. 8.50 threegreen 9.15
  10. I remember a time when I was happy with a paper dart. Now you need massive amounts of money and you still can’t take off.
  11. Thank you Threegreen for you lengthy reply and Paul for your advice. I will look at those videos. I’m flying Zibo. I really need to reinstate an auto throttle before I go any further. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your previous help. Bearing in mind that I’m not using an auto throttle at the moment, can you tell me why when I arm my auto throttle switch it invariably switches itself off regardless. I’m not sure I understand the relationship between the throttle (not auto) and A/T switch. If using the A/T should the throttle be at idle? Thank you
  13. Thank you all for your comprehensive replies. I sold my auto throttle last year in a moment of madness. I must now replace it. Thank you
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