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  1. Mac1

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    Thank you for that, one step nearer. When I tried to open it said it couldn’t find the file. Since that time when I open Operations Centre it just says I have an aircraft update available. I’m using NGXu
  2. Mac1

    No Icon

    I’ve just download PMDG but there is no icon on the screen. Where do I find it? Mac1
  3. Thanks anyway. The issue is solved. I’ve purchased PMDG. Goodbye PM. Mac1
  4. Hi and thank you! I’m trying to install PM and P3D on the same computer. Enrico says this is now possible on more powerful computers. I have been using PM for 30 years and know my way around multi computer set ups. I had five computers networked. I have now installed the programs on the single computer. Is there any other program I need to install? Surely not Widefs etc. Is there an ini setting that’s required? My modules are just not talking! USB seems to be on the way out. Ethernet is faster and this what the latest CPFlight Stuff uses. Regards Mac1
  5. Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated when someone takes the time to help. Yes, I have duplicate GC programs and ini files but nothing talks to P3D except the EICAS for some reason. The manual talks about multi set ups and that doesn’t help me. What am I missing? Apart from installing the software is there something else I should install? Can you talk me through it? Incidentally my CPFlight Ethernet MCP doesn’t talk to PM or P3D either. I can ping it ok. So all planes are grounded at the moment. Regards Mac1
  6. Hi Two questions. Is P3D compatible with Project Magenta? If so can someone please help me with setting up PM on a single computer. The manual is for multi computers and is of no help. Enrico tells me 50% of his customers now use only a single computer so I know it’s possible. Apart from the Eicas I can get nothing working! Help would be appreciated. Mac1
  7. If using project magenta’s MCP is it possible to use auto throttle if you don’t have the hardware?
  8. I am using Vive with P3D. Do I have to set up using Vive software? It asks me to sign up with Steam which seems odd.
  9. I use project magenta and CP Flight for the MCP
  10. All my screens, ND, PFD, MCP remain blank until I press the key under the ESC on the left hand side of the keyboard. The screens go blank again when I release the key. Whats going on? How do keep the displays alive? Am I missing a setting or procedure?
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