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  1. I been flying xp11 only, i am awaiting msfs2020 to be available to have both. Judging by the preview videos, it is quite obvious msfs2020 will rise the bar quite a bit. this is good news/times coming but the "recreate" video is quite absurd, xplane is clearly running at/near its lowest rendering capacity. Anyway i do think msfs is rising the bar on the graphical/weather department, no doubt.
  2. ohh well, Austin seems to finally understand WEATHER is critical for the sim. nice to hear this is taking priority.
  3. Did you perform the calibration process on the CFY app? are you able to move the brake lever full down and later full up when required during the calibration process? regards the pause button. maybe a script/plugin doing the assignment each time you load xplane?
  4. I have never tried this alternative. I do also have a brunner, CLS-E yoke and peddals here and can leave this option to AUTO as per default
  5. hi First of all, make sure you have downloaded and installed latest XPUIPC plugin from CFY page. Do not assign any trim button in X-Plane menu => remove if any there please… You assign your yoke desired trim buttons via XPUIPC plugin menu, Offset 0x9093 Start X-Plane and go to plugins menu =>XPUIPC=>XPUIPC+=>Joystick functions=>Joystikc button assignments In the window press the yoke's button for trim down => the button number will be displayed „Offset to assign…“ write 9093 „Value or bit to send when pressed“ => write a 1 „Value or bit to send when released“ => write a 0 „Offset size“ => write a 1 Press the „SET“ button Now press the button for trim up on your joystick => the button number will be displayed „Offset to assign…“ write 9093 „Value or bit to send when pressed“ => write a 2 „Value or bit to send when released“ => write a 0 „Offset size“ => write a 1 Press the „SET“ button Press Exit to Close the window…. Ready to trim hope this helps
  6. i do expect it to be better than anything else that we have seen for a default airplane, specially on the graphics department. But it will not be a top in class study level aircraft. Big part of the success of any simulation platform is the ecosystem and they will not shoot on their foot. Also there are a number of people not interested in study level There is no way they can develop the best weather, best aircraft best scenery of each region of the globe, etc for the license fee. They do need an ecosystem, developers providing best in class scenery, weather addons, aircraft, etc.. The base system must be better than what currently exists, BUT BETTER to make the business going, they do need payware ecoystem that will drive the platform forward and put the customers $$ onboard
  7. i do use an usb car racing wheel, microsoft sidewinder racing wheel. Works fantastic, you can explore getting one second hand (you may even replace the hand plastic wheel by an airliner like custom build handle) Whatever you choose, i think it is very important it has a large ratio/degree of movement (airliners have around 80 degree of travel in each direction) so when you manipulate your tiler you have a nice natural feeling and granularity. If you do use a short travel axis hardware, the nose wheel control may become way to twitchy.
  8. sounds to me your current xplane rendering settings are beyond what your video-card can handle, the card is overheating and protecting itself by going off. Same thing happened to me on the past. i am not familiar with your card but there should be an app to monitor GPU temp you should try lowering your xplane rendering settings to minimum to confirm issue is gone Other things to check -Room temp -Dust covering the components, fans, etc. will decrease the cooling capacity considerably, a good clean if required will cure this.
  9. 1. You need a pilot there is a free "PILOT COLLECTION 1.1" library in another forum (i am unsure if i can post links to another forum). Do a search for the library and download 2. You need to place the pilot on the aircraft .acf file via planemaker. there is also tons of step by step guides available, quite easy actually. You only need to do some testing until you figure out the right height and forward position for the pilot & copilot if you want be properly seated were should be also do a search for "how to get simulated pilots on the cockpit" or "adding a pilot". They are on another forum as well as the library.
  10. the new laminar experimental flight model is beta and under evolution. Any aircraft that was not extensively tested, recalibrated and fine tuned by its developer to perform under the experimental flight model -and the developer didn't say explicit to enable experimental flight model- will work, but will not perform any close to the manufacturer performance parameters and flying behavior because it was fine tuned to operate under the xplane current flight model. several aspects of the drag model and lots of stuff will continue to change on upcoming xplane 11.40 experimental flight model. As usual i do not imagine any developer running behind a moving target and updating their commercial products each laminar update release of a beta flight model. IXEG is not tuned for the experimental flight model, neither the Zibo. Zibo did try to use experimental flight model a few months back and rolled back to current xplane flight model until new flight model improves some aspects and stabilizes. As of today you must not enable EFM for those.
  11. Take into account this information is xp11 lifetime, VR was not even available. It doesn't tell how much users base % use VR lets say by the last 6 months or so. The information presented as is doesn't tell latest trends
  12. this is pretty exciting news! I been away from the IXEG for several months flying the Zibo738NG and the FFA320 on free time, but gave it a try a week back and was just WOW, level of immersion/sounds and detail on that bird is AWESOME, i had the same feeling i had at first, this thing feels like a real aircraft. I do not care much about doors and so, hopefully they complete/tune the FMC and retune the flight model to xp11.xx. The takeoff pull and the aircraft refusing to climb and the nose dropping like the real deal is just not there as used to be on XP10 days. Also landing flare and ground effect needs some tunning as well. Been flying the IXEG again for the past days, very exciting news.
  13. Because his problem is not GPU bound, but CPU and yours is 4.0 Ghz
  14. @Nigel If you pay attention to your Cessna's copilot seat looking right forward screen capture, the GPU is almost idle compared to the CPU which is heavy loaded taking the delay. You CPU is the bottleneck, at least in that example. It is well known that xplane is still single core performance yet, luckily going to improve soon. So while you have a pretty modern 9700 multi-core CPU, it is not one of the fastest CPUs available for single core performance as of a I7700k will perform clocked to 5.1 Having said that, you should scrutinize CPU bound resources. -xplane, AI traffic and road cars are heavy hitters (try disabling AI if any, try reducing road cars) -make sure no other windows app or anything is taking precious cpu cicles on the back hope this contributes
  15. I am simply amazed what VR offered to simulation as well. Also trying to learn helicopters, purchased the B407 but i am terrible to control it, lot of spins, going back & forth, lot of unstable flying still. VR gives me some nausea. I do not experience that when flying fixed wings. i.e. the ixeg 🙂
  16. My opinion 1. Better and modern simulator's coding will lead to better hardware utilization for both CPU & GPU. So, yes better coding should lead to do a lot more for what we have. BUT 2. Home simulation is years light behind from recreating the real deal ambience, not even the fastest machine on the world as of today can recreate clouds and depict weather as it should be, let alone the entire sim engine, graphics, physics, rendering, ultra high resolution, etc. etc. etc. So answering to your original question, you WILL NEVER be able to max out all sliders in any reputable simulator because that is the end of development. Development will and should always be ahead of what current hardware can pull. So by the time you have a modern coding that can use "current simulators maxed out for current hardware", that would be a pretty old simulator tech just my 2 cents
  17. Hi @alpilotx this is really impressive will start downloading now. Do you see South America coming as well? thanks again!
  18. BIKF has no runway 10, it is 106 = 11. Maybe the airport renumbered the runways due to magnetic shift. Cycle 1803 says RWY 11 as well as NVGRH charts. Are you trying to load a saved old file?
  19. I am no expert at P3D but when tested it, found that pressing and hold spacebar and moving the mouse around gets similar to xplane right clic + mouse movement
  20. yes, xplane demo is always the exact same version than full version except: 1. If you do not own a license key to enter (demo mode) you are time limited to 15 minutes per session. You can do unlimited 15 min sessions 2. You are limited to KSEA (Seatle) geographical area From the feafures, redndering, hardware and everything they are exactly the same, just time limited on demo. When you run the installer make sure you clic "check for betas" to install latest release 11.20VR6 which is not full stable status yet.
  21. If you plan to max out the sim and enjoy everything is has to offer in terms of rendering, you need to go a top end machine -1080TI -i7700k overclocked 5.1 -SSD disk if planning to run orthos, otherwise any fast SATA will perform just great -32GB RAM Asking for the right machine is very subjetive thing, any modern machine will run xplane 11 depending the rendering settings you set. And minimal acceptable rendering settings still varies person to person personal taste and preference. Unfortunately there is no 1+1 = 2 answer. My advice would be, get the most your budget can afford.
  22. Just a heads up. This has been announced already, ETA is March/April. A few WIP videos are already available https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkyStarSimulations/
  23. you are welcome Sorry i am not at the sim now, not being using p3d for quite some time now so tried to remind the setting location from the top of my head. Inertial systems are based on gyros by "feeling" earth rotation, because earth rotation produces very tiny movements it takes time until the system can determine its initial reference point. If you want to know all the details and mathematics behind this, you may google it lot of info available and much better written than my poor english Glad to have helped, i hope. Happy flying.
  24. IRS align time on the real life aircraft varies between 5 to 17 minutes based on airplane present latitude. From equator to 78 degree North/South 5 min at the equator (faster earth rotation speed) and you get longer times as you move outer from the equator due to slower rotation speeds Since the earth does not rotate in FSX/P3D, i would speculate PMDG should be using some sort of formula to determine how much it will take on the real thing based on present aircraft latitude note: if you do not want to wait for IRS "REALISTIC" times go to the FMC and change the setting. Should be under PMDG -> General -> IRS or so...
  25. Unfortunately not, you have to have your own backup to do rollback between betas, 11.20 beta2 to beta1. note: You can disable the beta checkbox on the installer but this will revert back to latest stable release 11.11
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