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  1. In all honesty it is inadequate. It's not a bad add on at all, I very much enjoy it and I'm happy to have it bought but you can reasonably expect more in terms of documentation from the developer. What I'm expecting when dealing with "complex" aircraft is a tutorial flight. FSLAB provide a very good one, PMDG as well, Majestic as well. No intelectual property issue at stake. Not evrything is in it, not all function are detailled but it is a very solid way to start, learn the system and understand the logic. And then you can deep dive into real aircraft manual if you want further on. But the documentation provided by Milviz is too poor given the price tag in my opinion. Still i would recommend to buy the add on, as it is a solid one, and probably the best of the king air (compared to the Carenado / Flight 1 on P3D and Airfoilab on XPlane that I all own it is the most enjoyable by far) but a nice tutorial flight documentation would be more than welcome.
  2. Hello Nyxx, It's not up to the level of FSL (but what plane is ?) however it is closer to FSL than it is to Carenado, the system are simulated there is plenty to keep you learning. Also as mentionned it is a king air, not an airbus so there is less automation, still the FMS is plenty usable, you can display the airport chart (if you have a navigraph subscription) or you can do it manually but it is more complicated, Vnav works, AP works, radar works, Tcas works overall the avionics works. Performance is now ok, it is still a bit heavy on frame but less than the FSL (at a point in time on an intermediate version on my rig performance was worse than the FSL and that's something) now it is no more an issue (on my end at least) Documentation is still MIA unfortunatly so you have to find an original collins FMS3000 manual. There is one on internet for a cesna citation but it is roughly similar so you can start by that. A proper tutorial flight documentaion in PDF would have been great and expected given the price tag, that being said after a few flight I'm fairly confortable at flying the thing. All in all it's a good add on, I bought it recently (like 2 months ago) and I don't regret it, I still think it's a bit pricier but then I compare to the price for a one hour real flight and I smile.
  3. I received an e-mail from Milviz stating the final SP1 is now available. I am on the 1.27version, I think, and the final one should be the 1.29 or 1.30 but on my end, after some performance issue with previous version, the latest build where ok no issue to report.
  4. The G1000 is not the standard one, it may be not 100% like the real thing but it is not a cheap simulation. Texture are very nice, it's a joy to fly like any real air aircraft, performance are good no issue with them. Only drawback as mentioned is the future of this addon and compatibility with future p3d version. Now real air provide update compatibility for their previous aircraft even when the company was closed so we can hope we will have the same compatibility patch release et some point. If you're on v4 get it you won't regret it if you are looking at v5 maybe wait to be sure it is compatible.
  5. In addition to the airline2sim video there is two nice tutoriel in PDF you can dowload on the Majestic site (go to "ressources" and then "tutorial". They are fairly well done and explain fairly well how to use the aircraft even if the video goes a bit deeper in details and provide a welcome explanation from a real pilot.
  6. I board the KA ship only 3 weeks ago so I have more patience than someone having bought it 7 years ago. I feel your pain. That being said as I have written the rhythms of new version of the SP1 is now every two or three days so I think we are nearly there. But for sure if you want a final product you need to wait a bit more.
  7. It's now version 1.1.9 of the SP1. Probably not the final one. They release updated SP every two or three days so the rhythm is good. It is heavy on frame mainly due to a huge consumption of Vram but on my side I am lucky as I have no show stopper bug and overall enjoying the product. If you want a final release then maybe wait a few more days / week
  8. The SP1 is now available from the Milviz support forum dedicated to the KA 350
  9. Wicked video, I'm very happy with all the info we have been provided so far. And the fact they consider cockpit builder is a good news, not that I'm a builder myself, but I think it is a clear indication they are considering simer and not gamer. And it look bloody gorgeous
  10. Someone post some screenshot in the FSX forum. To be fair from a pure graphical point of view it is far from impressive.
  11. Actually you will get better performance with P3D than with FSX. And likely with X-Plane as well. Old software (FSX) does not means easy on frame, quite the contrary.
  12. "Et tu Connor" is not proper French. To means "and you Connor" you should say "et toi Connor" And if you want to say "are you Connor ?" (like "Sarah Connor ?" in Terminator 2 🤣) you should say "Es tu Connor ?"
  13. If we compare to DCS to stay in the flight sim domain the market place there has some good point for the user in terms of simplicity of installation and update. The fact that DCS is still an ongoing sim also have some drawback as they keep selling beta product but to be fair when a new version of dcs come out all is updated automatically with one click. If you compare to the burden it is with P3D... so as a user I wouldn't necessarily be against a MS marketplace provided it guarantee a level of quality compatibility and ease of installation and update. If it means paying my add on 10% more so be it. Anyway no market place did not prevent a significant raise in the ad ons price over the last few year. And a continuing flow of revenue for MS through the market place could also meand continuous improvement. Time will tell but again this could be a neat system.
  14. English with local accent related to the country we flight will be nice and add a touch of realism. Also some foreign language and not only English in line with the country we fly. As a French private pilot I speak French to the ATC when flying and they do contest me in French as well.
  15. Subscriptions will be a deal breaker. Whether monthly or yearly or whatever.
  16. Not necessarily if you are used to fsx /p3d Control are not the same and you are lost, there is this hazy sky all the way, stupid ATC, you just don't know exactly what graphic setting are the good one and so on. I know I have been there too. So yes It did take a bit of time to feel at home with the control, the view, the graphic and so on to enjoy the sim. As stated there is plenty of excellent freeware and for payware I highly recommend the hot start tbm 900. A bit pricier but worth it definitively. I run both sim now and enjoy them both.
  17. Hello Could you recommend me a freeware water texture ? I'm currently using fs enhancer and I'm not convinced by the water texture. Thanks.
  18. I do have a track ir and I recommend it. However if you fly only heavies it is less interesting than if you fly GA aircraft. For playing with the fms and so o it is sometimes better to have a fix view and in such a case the track ir could be annoying. I usually pause in such case. But overall a good buy. And yes I also recommend the ir clip option that is much better than the reflective cap. I have the fsl and i also highly recommend it you won't be disapointed
  19. It is likely that the aircraft you rent in FSE did not have a gps hence the fact that you can’t use it to the fullest extent.
  20. You can ask the ATC to change the proposed runway and it should work. If the ATC clear you to 22L, request a change and select 22R. I don't know specifically for Copenhagen but I have already done it on other airport having more than 1 runway on the same QFU (like 22R, 22C and 22L) as long as you ask for another runway 22 and not the runway 04 it works.
  21. Yes I ended up buying it while it was on sale and it work great. Funny how much more intuitive is it to operate compared to a Garmin 1000 !
  22. So there is indeed a discrepency. It miss one seat on the first passenger row in the payload option of P3D.
  23. Looking at the plane there is seating for 3 person on the first row and 2 on the second row. However in the P3D setting for fuel and balance there is only 2 passenger seat on the first row.
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