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  1. Well he did apologize and give me a link to what i wanted... if he did not post in the first place I would likely not have been helped at all.
  2. Ok thanks, the link worked (: (gwillmot, if you are so interested in helping the fs9 crowd then stop complaining and do something, Will gave me a link and actually helped, you didn't)
  3. Ok thanks, I considered it, but I somehow got the impression it was only compatible with fsx, I guess I was wrong. I just tried to start it up and it is giving me an error message saying it needed simconnect and it could not initialize core components, how do I fix this? I did some more research on this error and I need a program called simconnect, but It seems like it only comes with fsx, so is it even possible for an fs9 user to use vpilot?
  4. I want to give flying on vatsim a try, I have already become a member but I am having trouble finding a download link for it, the one on vatsim's website would not work and I could not find one anywhere else. Could someone give me a link or tell me why I cant find one? Thanks, Ryan
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