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  1. Yes I am sure that would work, but I prefer to have the weather auto update, it is easier and more realistic (; I will try your settings and see if I like them more than the default recommended ones for stuff like visibility, thanks for the help! Okay, one last problem I have run into, whenever the weather updates when I fly by another weather station, the simulator stutters for a period of time, anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. What I mean by stuttering is I get a consistent frame rate but the sim freezes every 1-2 seconds for about a half second and then the plane appears where it would have been if it didn't freeze, so basically if this happens right before I am about to land, chances are I will slam the plane into the ground because it is impossible to judge when to flair when the plane descends in 50 foot increments every few seconds lol, (my poor Carenado Bonanza found this out the hard way). Anyways, what causes this stuttering and can it be fixed with an fsuipc setting?
  2. Really? That's a shame, I will try what these other guys have said and see if it works, but it looks like I am stuck with 10 mile visibility in my area then. Okay, I figured out a fix for the problem, I checked the "random extend metar maxima" in fsuipcs settings and it fixed the problem. I am surprised it wasn't a recommended setting in the fsmetar manual, it was mentioned though, it was just hard to notice because it was in a picture with small print. Thanks for the help everyone!
  3. I have the max visibility in the sim set to 50 miles, and I use vatsim, but judging by the problems I am getting it seems unrelated to the simulator settings because sometimes the problem occurs and other times it does not depending on the country/state I am in.
  4. I have my default flight set with the fs real world weather, I will change the default flight to clear weather and see if it does anything, but I don't see how it would have an effect because fsmetar overrides fs weather automatically when the program is running, and what is FS dynamic weather progression?
  5. Okay, new update, at European airports it didn't do the same, but I noticed that at various US airports, fsmetars visibility interpretation is strange, at one airport the metar said 10sm or 10 statute miles, but the visibility fsmetar set was 5 miles, then with another airport the metar said 6sm but fsmetar set the visibility to 50 miles, but in my state of Colorado it takes the 10sm on the metar and makes the visibility 10 miles, when 10sm doesn't necessarily mean that the visibility has to be 10 miles, it means that the visibility is 10 or higher, and I am looking out my window right now and the visibility is 30 miles at the very least (can't tell for sure too many trees), but probably more like 40 to 50 miles with the altitude of over 6000 feet.
  6. I use the recommended fsuipc settings and the max visibility I have set in my sim is 50 miles. Ok thanks, I thought it was the actual weather for a while because we had a slow moving front and it was overcast and rainy for a few days (very unusual weather for where I live) but when it cleared up I noticed that the visibility stayed the same, and it does this for all US metars, maybe it doesn't for European ones? I will have to try an airport in an area of the world that uses metric measurements and see if it does it too.
  7. I got fsmetar about a week ago and it is great, but It always sets the visibility to 10 miles or less, I am stuck with ifr flying only when I use the program, and it is unrealistic. I heard somewhere that 10sm on a metar means good visibility, and all metars I have seen say 10sm or a lower, anyways fsmetar interprets this incorrectly. Am I stuck with it like this? or is there a way to disable or change the way fsmetar interprets visibility? Could something be done with fsiupc's settings to fix this?
  8. Yes I have noticed that visibility transitions are far more realistic, it was pretty annoying going from 2 miles of visibility to unlimited visibility instantly lol, and I also have added sky textures from real environment pro, it looks great and is freeware so I am happy with it, I don't think my pc could handle rex's textures very well anyways.
  9. Actually Dave sent me all of the files for version 1.5.4 and I got it working literally 10 minutes ago and the weather I got was Identical to what I am seeing outside my window, finally lol, also I already have the cloud textures in the link, defiantly the best cloud texture set for fs9.
  10. Could you give me an example of how it looks better? I got the payware version of FSUIPC about a week ago, but I haven't seen a noticeable difference, maybe it is because I wasn't looking for a difference as I got it for joystick calibration, is there something I have to turn on within FSUIPC to make it render weather differently, or does it do this automatically? And I am looking more for realistic real world weather, because fs9's interpretation of metars is useless, though visual improvement is defiantly a great bonus.
  11. Interesting, It looks like you get 8 free weather downloads so you can try the program, I may get it if I like it, I like how it works with fs9, fsx and p3d, but it is very likely I will stick with fsmetar for now because it looks like Dave will help me with getting it working.
  12. ....Well...... sitting around doing nothing doesn't waste money lol, but yes I am considering getting it, though I think it is overpriced at $40.
  13. The version I found is not the most recent and it either won't do anything or it will crash, where can version 1.5.2 be found?
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