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  1. Fantastic youre a legend! However I cant understand why Asobo wasnt able to implement this basic functionality like you have with alll the time and resources they had. Really appreciate your efforts thanks.
  2. I got 1.2 to work eventually after pointing it all the way to C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\vegetation\10-asobo_species.xml. I had to actually select the 10-asobo_species.xml file. Glenn
  3. Good point I think it came along with the 16.9 aspect ratio years ago.
  4. All my undocked gauges appear in the same window. Any idea how to create multiple windows? Regards Glenn.
  5. If I have a window undocked to another screen, for example the map, I have to click back on the main screen to bring the sim back into focus so that my controls start working again. Each time I loose my joystick I have to click back in the sim to make it work again.
  6. How are things progressing for P3D v4 and v5? Glenn.
  7. Yeah and 430 and 530. I wonder if these can open in a 2D window and be used with hardware? That would be awesome.
  8. This has been my experience also and as a small business owner I find it incredible that this type of interaction with their respective customer bases occurs. I have to say though that Pete Dowson has been incredibly helpful to so many people over the years and given so much. I have never found him to be rude. And people should RTFM as I am sure that he spends countless unpaid hours assisting many people. Glenn
  9. I have used Mobiflight to control Mindstar events before so it can be done. FSUIPC will do it using custom controls also. I currently use the G1000 but from memory the 530 works the same way. In Mobiflight add a button and then assign an event to that button. Mobiflight requires the event in decimal and the GNS.ini will require it in hex. An example is event 72458 assigned in Mobiflight will trigger AFCS_FLC=0X00011B0A in Mindstar. (This is an Autopilot function which is not what your after - You will need to replace the AFCS_FLC bit with the appropriate 530 control. Glenn.
  10. Sounds like you need to update the nav aids database. Google aero.sors and download the nav aids update. Working fine at my end - RXP GNS530 with current database and aerosors update. Glenn
  11. Just a shout out to JJ at Mindstar who stayed up half the night helping me with my G1000 problem! Really appreciate it Johnny 🙂
  12. Awesome pictures! Is this ORBX NZSI?? Glenn Wellington NZ
  13. Awesome thankyou - it just keeps getting better :-)
  14. Yes I would like to see the on off enabled also. It is the one thing when using the GNS with hardware that doesn't function as one would expect. Keep up the fantastic work! Glenn
  15. I may be missing something completely here but changing nobezel = false to nobezel = true in the RXP.GNS.INI file is not removing the bezel. ##Update## It is working but I'm having to shift left click top of the bezel to make it disappear. Glenn
  16. Much appreciated, we can all see how hard you have been working :-)
  17. That's fantastic its great to have such active on going development and communication. Can you check your emails please I have an urgent request pending. Regards Glenn.
  18. Hi Ed I have a number of questions please. 1. I cant get the Mindstar GNS530 to automatically sequence to an approach in the flight plan. Is this normal behavior for the Mindstar unit? 2. I cant delete waypoints by selecting and pressing the CLR key in the flight plan, only airports, sometimes. Is this normal behavior for the Mindstar unit? 3. After choosing to display datafields in Nav page 2, is there a way to make the change permanent? Regards Glenn.
  19. I have the same issue with BRG being displayed instead of TRK on the Nav screen page one top centre. How do I modify this please. Latest version installed. Regards Glenn
  20. Do you have the Marker Beacon selected on the audio panel?
  21. Hi Jean-luc Did you receive my PM from last week? I haven't been able to make contact with you. Regards Glenn
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