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  1. Disregard this post, I didn't select "pilots.setup". Installed now. Doug
  2. I just tried installing Boing 314 version 1.2 and while it was unpacking, I got a NET Framework pop up saying that 4.8 or later update is already installed on this computer and that my installation will not occur. How do I get around this? Thanks Doug
  3. Shortly after updating windows 10, P3Dv5 has been starting in a weird windows mode. The right side of my screen is visible approx. 2". The windows bar is visible at the bottom. When I "ALT ENTER", the right side of the screen fills in but P3D is still in windows mode until I "ALT ENTER" again, after the second time, I have full screen. I have to do this all of the time. Any ideas why this is happening? regards Doug Morlan
  4. I fixed it. The throttle quadrant fell out of calibration. In order to calibrate it, I had to set the default setting, then calibrate from there. It's working fine now! Thanks for your help!! Doug
  5. Thank you for the reply's. The funny thing here is that my Yoko yoke is working, my CH pedals are working but my CH throttle quadrant is only partly working. I can get only two axis working, the other four are dead. When I try to assign them in FSUIPC, I click scan while moving the lever but FSUIPC does not see it until the lever is at the full forward position. When I move the lever aft, there is no movement seen in FSUIPC, it just go's to zero. BTW after running the update, all of the control assignments repopulated in P3D! I had to go in and delete all of them again. regards Doug
  6. I just did a windows 10 update a couple days ago and since then, FSUIPC6 is not working correctly. Some of the axis levers on my CH throttle quadrant do not calibrate or show any movement when moving the lever. I uninstalled FSUIPC6 and reinstalled and that did not help. I have had it for many years and have had no problem until I did the windows update. I am running P3Dv5.1 Thank you for any ideas! Doug Morlan
  7. I have been having this problem for some time now. As I approach the clouds, They become imposed I guess that is what you would call it. They become separated by rings that are constantly moving as I fly through them. It looks horrible. I have played around with the monitor settings but I can't get rid of them. Thanks for any replies Doug M.
  8. I just received my new computer from Jetline systems and I'm having a problem with the sound in the cockpit fading out when I move a switch. After a few seconds the sound will slowly come back. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks Doug Morlan
  9. I just purchased the PMDG DC-6 for P3Dv4. After assigning all of the flight controls and engine controls through FSUIPC5, everything worked fine except the throttles. I have tried with the gust lock installed and removed. I even tried assigning through P3D controls instead of FSUIPC. I am using the CH throttle quadrant, yoke and pedals. Thank you for any help. Doug Morlan
  10. I have VFXCentral installed and today I purchased chase plane. I used VFXCentral to install it and after the install, I clicked on the desktop icon to run it and I got this error: It looks like something unexpected occurred. A log file will be sent to FSFX Packages automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience. Any ideas to get this running? I have it installed in P3Dv4. thanks Doug
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