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  1. I have been having this problem for some time now. As I approach the clouds, They become imposed I guess that is what you would call it. They become separated by rings that are constantly moving as I fly through them. It looks horrible. I have played around with the monitor settings but I can't get rid of them. Thanks for any replies Doug M.
  2. I just received my new computer from Jetline systems and I'm having a problem with the sound in the cockpit fading out when I move a switch. After a few seconds the sound will slowly come back. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks Doug Morlan
  3. I just purchased the PMDG DC-6 for P3Dv4. After assigning all of the flight controls and engine controls through FSUIPC5, everything worked fine except the throttles. I have tried with the gust lock installed and removed. I even tried assigning through P3D controls instead of FSUIPC. I am using the CH throttle quadrant, yoke and pedals. Thank you for any help. Doug Morlan
  4. I have VFXCentral installed and today I purchased chase plane. I used VFXCentral to install it and after the install, I clicked on the desktop icon to run it and I got this error: It looks like something unexpected occurred. A log file will be sent to FSFX Packages automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience. Any ideas to get this running? I have it installed in P3Dv4. thanks Doug
  5. Let me try this again. Had FSX and P3Dv3 installed, windows 10. Removed FSX and P3Dv3 because of issues that I caused. Reinstalled P3Dv3 only. Ezdok camera will not work now. Tried migration tool also, no luck.
  6. I haven't used FSX for a while and recently had issues with P3Dv3 because I kept tweaking it. After a clean install, and after running P3d, the first app was Ezdok. It installed ok and the config worked. When I launch P3d, Ezdok will not start. This has been going on for a while. I have the new version(1.18.7). I do notice that in all of my Ezdok folder locations, the exe file is missing the .xml. It should be "exe.xml" I even tried the migration tool. It seems to me something is corrupt, or I'm doing something wrong. thanks for any ideas Doug
  7. I just did this approach with no problems. Before your initial fix (QWIKE) or (CLFFF), the aircraft needs to be at flaps 1 or more. This will keep the aircraft in VNAV PATH. As you approach LEETS, you should be at flaps 25 for a stable approach and do not set your missed approach alt until your below your FAF of 300 feet. hope this helps!
  8. My apologies, I have updated my signature
  9. Why is the DC-6 only offered for Xplane, I was hopeing to get it for FSX or P3D.
  10. I have been with UAL for 31 years now as an aircraft inspector. Out of the entire fleet, I have enjoyed working on the 747. I have had the pleasure of performing inspections through out the aircraft from the nose to the tail, from wing tip to wing tip, inside and out. She is a work of art. Sadly, UAL is slowly phasing out the 747 which is being replaced by the 777 and the 787. I will surely miss them. Thanks to PMDG, I will soon have one of my own!! Doug Morlan
  11. Hi, PMDG 777 FS2CREW runs perfectly when I use it. But after landing, while taxiing, or sometimes I make it to the gate, I get a CTD. Sometimes I even make it to eng shut down. It has been that way for a while. At least I get to do the whole flight. If I don't use it, I will not get a CTD. Any ideas what this may be? regards Doug Morlan
  12. When the 747v2 is released, will it be available for P3D right away or will it only be available for FSX first. I would like to install P3D but I don't want to wait any longer for the 747. Thanks! Doug Morlan
  13. I just did a short flight in the 300ER with out ASN and I did get the fatal error again. I do not recall getting the crash with the 200LR. Is anyone else getting the crash with the 200LR ? Doug
  14. I did shut down ASN before FSX and I did not get the crash. Doug
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