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  1. I'll check that out right away. Thanks for the info. I'd like to design livery but unfortunately the price of PSP is a little too much to me. I'm making my research for another, cheaper tool, that'll do the job correctly. The thing is, practicing for a while on some basic tools to get the basics of livery design is my short term goal, but in the end if my liveries get the required quality, I'd like to have them downloadable on avsim.... Let's see if it works. Sorry for my late replies, as part of my real life is flying a real airliner with real passenger on my back ;-) and I just finished my full rating on the B737NG (800) and I'm enjoying it A LOT!! Thanks for the reminder! I stand corrected ;-)
  2. Thanks! I didn't know that PMDG Paint Kits had instructions regarding the textures files format. I'll check that out. Thanks for that info! I'm discovering the whole livery design process curently so any info is helpful, even if it sounds "basic" to you ;-) Ok, so DXTbmp can be "avoided" now with the Photoshop plugin? That's great! thanks! That's what I got on my MacBookPro. Sounds good! Thanks! So Photoshop is the most "obvious" software for livery design? Bootcamp is somewhat my "second choice", I'm not fond of letting Microsoft enter my Mac Laptop.... Maybe a bit supersticious :-) Thank you very much for your help folks. So regarding your last post, Photoshop seems to be THE tool for livery design. Is there any other tool that would be Mac compatible for livery design? Any idea of the price for these softwares? Photoshop looks very expensive, I don't know if I can afford it right now.... Thanks! Happy New Year to you all! David
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been on the forum for a long time, but I decided to step out and start a new topic, as I decided to try myself at livery design. For now I love working pictures on a MacBookPro running on OSX El Capitan. And I was wondering if FSX and PMDG livery designing would be possible on a Mac. PhotoShop exists and is available for Mac for instance, and as I work a lot on Mac, that would be great if I could design liveries on this laptop. Any suggestion, ideas, or advice would be really much, much appreciated. On another side I'm getting bored of seeing always the same liveries made over and over again for the same airlines/aircraft (The Lufthansa 747-8i is just too much to me!) and I'd love to see more FS fun, with original liveries, and creations of my own that I could set available for download on Avsim.... Waiting for your replies! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all! David
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