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  1. Well, you know, there are individuals these days feels that they are "entitled" and say whatever they wanted to say just because they feel like it and doesn't care about the consequences. Asosbos/Microsoft can pulled the plug on this project ANYTIME, if they feel the need to.....I am sure everyone of you remember MS FLIGHT. Nothing is perfect in this world, including you, yourself, let alone a flightsim software that is designed by talented individuals. If anyone of you feel you are so much better than them, why don't you go and do something and make a difference? Compliant is healthy, and identifying issues for improvement is important for a product to stand out, but this should be done in a civilized way, not in a insulting, childish bitching others kind of way.
  2. Welcome! I suggest you give FS2020 a try, using xbox live trial subscription to see if you computer can give you a satisfactory performance. FS2020 is THE BEST, if you want to do some simple VFR exploring and flying around the city. Not other flight simulator comes close to it when it comes to visuals. The satellite imagery and lighting are very good. Give it a try.
  3. Hi, Is there anyone noticed their Marketplace is grayed out and not clickable? I tried changing the language in the program,, but doesnt work. Also, the AP in the DA42 is unusable? As soon as I push AP button, the place rolls to the right 90 degree bank with nose down attitude. Anyone else has this issue? Version 1.8.3 Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have recently experimented using RAM disk as my rolling cache, and it seems to keep my FPS up and above mid 20s to closer to 30s but still have some stuttering here and there when loading textures. However, I do noticed that the ground is more crispier. I do have some video card overclocking as well. but the ram disk did made some differences. I did see an improvement in high dense area like Toronto, LAX and ATL area with high cloud settings I used around 13GB and using umlimited internet speed. Currently i have 48GB of ram and I allocated 15GB. You can try it if it improves your FPS and stuttering, but try at your own risk. If this method is viable, then I will use RAM disk each time when i use FS2020. Hope this will work if your system as some MAY not benefit from it. Thanks!
  5. Simply put it, nothing can make everyone happy There will always be someone complaining about something and disagreeing with it, and that is perfectly normal. The MS/Asobo team have done alot, about 4 years of development, to have allowed us to continue enjoying our hobby and fulfilling our dream in flying, which to those of us, for any reasons, who are not able to, in a grand product in as much true to life format as possible. We should be thankful, and not to talk down on the product, as it is still in its infancy and by saying it is "cheap" I feel its a slap in the face to the development team. Don't compared this with google map flying, yes bing and google map, are similar products, but visually, in terms of buildings, google map is a bit more superior. Maybe the OP should just fly in the google map after all.
  6. Yeah, night lighting is the best a flight sim has to offer. I flew in the G1000 172 at night and the feeling is pretty close, esp with the reflection on the windscreens. If you feel it is too bright, turn it down, just like in the real world
  7. Hey all, So i think i have resolved my initial issue with CTD after loading. I went and brought 32gb plus my 16, so i now have 48gb of ram. Now i do not have the CTD issue at the moment and the sim now loads faster from the icon to main menu...as well as to the flying state on the runway. If you have windows resource monitor app open along with FS2020, you will notice this sim loves RAM and last night, with my 16gb, at medium setting, it was already at 14gb usage or my total ram usage at 75% leaving about 550mb of ram available. Tonight, after the upgrade, at high and ultra setting, the program was at about 18gb to 19gb usage. Also, i have an old ssd as my page file, so i have set to almost at max pagefile to 50gb (my ssd is a 64gb) Make sure you have run all your updates, windows update, including the MS store updates, turn off all Antivirus. Also, update any visual basic versions. My specs, i5 6600K @4.6, 48gb ram, 1060@6gb Now another problem is my jojstick input, for some reason it locks it to the extreme point when i move the ailerons and elevator, any clue why? i played with all the settings and no joy. good luck to you all!
  8. HI all i am also getting CTDs after successful loading and ready for take off state. So frustrating...is it because i have old controller hardware? I have a MS Sidewinder and a CH Yoke. I cannot even get it off from the ground. My specs are: Win10 (2004), Q6600 @4.6, 16gb ram, 1060@6gb, latest Nvidia driver CTD happens for medium and high end settings. Also, i am getting delay inputs when i use my yoke....anyone else has this problem? or is it just me??? Arghhhh, i was soo looking forward to this, but the CTDs is really putting me off.. Any solutions? Thanks for your input everyone...
  9. Can anyone relate to the infamous Air Canada Gimli glider incident? ;) ;)
  10. I don't understand why some of you would make such a big deal with what you see on bing map and comparing it on something that is still in development? Maybe the in game is using a different version of bing map that has the most recent update? Who knows? The developer has no obligation to reveal that nor google map or bing map has the obligation to provide most up to date sat imagery to the public viewing for free. Free content will always generally be obsolete comparing to premium access. Yes, unless you are a scenic VFR flyer, having the most up to date is always beneficial, but if you are a VFR pilot, using map reading with VNC and VTA, having small landmarks is not necessary, as long as obstacles are properly represented. Flying an airliner and IFR is the same thing as some other said here, as long as the airport and the aids are accurate, thats all it matters.
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