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  1. I'm having the same issue as paradisca1, unable to select to install into v4 (no option available), the installer completes as if v5 had been selected. Can anyone share where the v5 PC6 is installed? I cannot locate anywhere. Thank you, Bill
  2. I'm still unsure of what causes this issue. The work around I did find that is helping is to open smartCARS last, after lnm and AS16.
  3. UPDATE 2: Still have the same original issue. The engines simply will not stay running.
  4. UPDATE1: After posting, I reinstalled a clean v1.2 from Carenado, then applied Bill's v5 and started the sim using the LITE version of the 690B. I did not have any shutdowns (a very short flight without a landing). I cut the flight short trying to understand the missing GPS. Why GPS is missing... what am I doing wrong? In editing the aircraft.cfg and bypassing Bill's -10 panel (ie using the original panel) the 530 GPS is right there in the VC as well as using shift+1. I can see in Bill's -10 panel.cfg there are windows for the GTN750, but I do not have the 750. I made edits to the -10 panel.cfg. Am I missing how to use the 750 all together? That would be interesting.
  5. Hello everyone! I will attempt to keep this short, I'm truly thankful for anyone who might have an idea on how I can proceed. Setup: FSX Acceleration Honeycomb Yoke; Saitek/Logitech flight panels (Multi, Radio, Switch) using the original NEXT drivers; CH Pro Pedals and x2 Throttle quadrants - all connected via a 3.0 Powered USB Hub to a laptop FSUIPC - all controls are assigned through FSUIPC and assignments removed from FSX controls menu Carenado 690B v1.2 Known issue: Engine 1 and/or 2 failures (never simultaneously), mainly on the ground but also in the air. (mainly on the ground because that's where I stay) Supporting Data: The FSUIPC Log shows the follow every time this occurs (example for ENG2): *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65992 (0x000101c8), Param= 1 (0x00000001) MIXTURE2_LEAN *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65988 (0x000101c4), Param= 1 (0x00000001) MIXTURE2_RICH Hypothesis: When the above happens the engine fails, I believe I have also seen the Condition lever "bump" in the Virtual Cockpit View to Emergency Cut Off then back and bounce back to where it was.... at this point I can restart the engine BUT the length of time before it happens again is seconds to minutes. I believe preventing the mixture change to "LEAN" this the key to stopping this issue. Attempted changes (none with positive results) : Full reinstall; Bill's v5 Mod (do I also need v1-v4 or is everything included in v5?); unassigned mixture 1 and 2 to throttle quadrants; disabled/enabled axes filtering in FSUIPC... there are so many variables I have also run FSX without any external controls plugged in (flown with only a keyboard) and there were no issues. I also had a flight without any failures using all the controls.... I'm dumbfounded what to try next.
  6. Hello Bill,

    I too have been unable to PM you for access to your mods but would be ecstatic to join all who have benefited from your efforts.  I'm experiencing issues with the 690 but also have other Carenado birds too.

    Thanks for all your time,

    BIll D.


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