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  1. Maybe shining aircraft during nighttime?
  2. Just to confirm, in AS I have to deactivated its function to create the .cfg?
  3. Did he use Dynamic reflection?
  4. I hope some developers like simwings/aerosoft etc. will come back to P3D aswell. I see a lot of potential in P3D and users who would pay for addons.
  5. I will not leave LM - I'm happy with P3D. Sure there are some bugs but in MSFS also
  6. Yes in EDDK Simwings e.g.
  7. Hello guys, today I saw some strange FPS issue in P3D v5. First start of P3D v5 I got 33 fps in Orbx LDSP with Fslabs. Second start without any change (really) I only got 25 fps in the same situation, same weather etc. I only wanted to test a new livery. After that I tried loading P3D several times today I never got 33 fps again. I also tried the other livery which I used in the first situation, nothing changed. Why is there a FPS change after starting P3D for the second time? Thanks Frames a locked at 33 fps
  8. Guys, you can role back so P3D will work without any issues
  9. Okay thanks, but if I use the same settings as in the video I get blurries although I have nearly the same GPU and a I7-7700k 😄 But I will try the RTSS configurations when I get my new Monitor
  10. Would be nice if someone can help with the RTSS settings
  11. What would be the best settings with the News Monitor? Vsync, fps Limit etc?
  12. Thank you! But do I missunderstand something? The AOC is able to handle 144hz
  13. Thanks Ray. The problem is if i set unlimited performance in P3D me ground textures starts to get blurry although i limit frames extern. My actual monitor only can set 60hz the new one will be a AOC CQ32G1 and we will see.
  14. Thanks mate I will check it out. I purchased a new 32“ WQHD monitor now 🙂
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