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  1. For Vatsim users it is fine. I am happy with some fictional Airlines
  2. So I did a testflight and one thing I have to mention is that during cruise and approach the AI traffic gets more less. During approach there was nearly nobody corresponding to ATC. I used AIG flightplans and have a lot of them. During departure everything was fine. No no AI Aircraft is injected when AIG is selected. But everything is fine with AIG
  3. And is it right that FS Hud does not work with FS Traffic?
  4. I have a few questions: Does the AI traffic also follow a route or does it fly directly to the STAR after the SID? How is that for the user, do you also get directs when cruising and does ATC advise you to fly the whole STAR if there no Vectors are needed?
  5. The voices.. okay But how is the seperation between the player and ai aircrafts etc ?
  6. How about using Map Enhancement does it have any influences on PG?
  7. Is it only possible switching PG off by uninstalling?
  8. Same here. Yesterday I flew together with my made online on vatsim at the Same FL but my TCAS spot him -1200ft under my level
  9. Three publisher and one nice freeware for only one airport 🙄 How about sceneries which are missing in MSFS? E.g Frankfurt ?
  10. Exactly, but the real path is correct. So you can believe the TOD
  11. Hello guys, NVIDIA released a new studio driver version 522.30. Any experiences?
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