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  1. Aerosoft Berlin Brandenburg in summer There will also be a rename of their runways from 07/25 to 08/26
  2. How about the cloud layers with ASFS, do they rise when you get on higher altitudes aswell or are we able to see real layers which are on lower altitudes?
  3. Refer to the description, AS seems to control the cloud layer. So will it possible to increase the sense of height with a very low cloud layer in some conditions? Actually the cloud layer rises aswell as you get into higher altitudes.
  4. Can someone help me with this texture issue on Fenix?
  5. I do not have them without FG, especially during t/o run e.g.
  6. Any Chance to reduce this shadow flickering with FG?
  7. The position of flaps 1, 2 and 3 still looks more than wrong
  8. I changed my reply. So yes, maybe it is a MSFS issue. I have never seen it before
  9. With the new test version I had the problem that some buildings didn't reload when approaching. Target FPS is 55. TLOD+Min 80. TLOD Max 400. Alt TLOD Base 800ft.
  10. That wasn't meant - but whatever. A review of MK and Simwings would be nice
  11. LEBL = 4 Airports EDDF = 0 LFPG = 0 LIMC = 0.. 🥳
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