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  1. But what I have to do with the beacon for example thet the Light is brighter an flashes a little bit more?
  2. I changed now the partition where the update files are installed and now I got 8% in 30 Minutes with the same Mbps
  3. I really have no idea. Actually 6% either. I started the download yesterday at 5 pm
  4. 300Mbps normally. MSFS download wiht max 30 Mbps and slow down to 0 when a package is complete (100%) an raise back to 30 Mbps for the new package. Speedtest is okay!
  5. Hello guys, with the release I brought the Box Version of MSFS. But due to my bad system it was not playable for me. Now I have a new System and try a new install of MSFS. After the first Launch MSFS asks me to download another 130GB Update. Now I download over 14 hours and it only gets to 6%. With this speed I nearly have to wait 10 days to complete the download. In this case MSFS is totally unplayable for me, there is no chance for waiting such a long time. Is there any possibillity to hurry up the download speed e.g.?
  6. Are there something new news ?
  7. Would be nice if some scenery developer also notice the improvments of P3D aswell and do not look into the 'playmobile' MSFS only
  8. Thanks guys. I did it as you said, it works fine actually. Do you think I can try to install the windows updates again?
  9. Yes there are a lot of differences. The legacy .cfg does not show those different setting options like HDR e.g. PL was always "deacitvated" during our solution finding so I did not think about that primarily.
  10. Here is my restored .cfg I think it is solved - I'm not sure why but I think the Affinity Mask setting was wrong. So I also decided to uninstall Process Lasso - I think that's why there was a issue with the affinity setting Thanks to all of guys for your patience and helping, espacially to you @Ray Proudfoot
  11. Sorry you are right! HT is off BUT now I'm very confused:Just for fun I copied my old .cfg (was a Backup from wednesday) and replaced the new one an P3D starts now for the third time in a row without an issue.
  12. Thanks @Ray Proudfoot# I do not have any values for EA and HDR in the clean .cfg I guess I have an I7-7700k with an GTX 1080 Ti. My resolution is 2560x1440. HT in Bios in enabled
  13. That makes no difference. I'm running out of any motivation that we can fix this problem
  14. Current path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\P3D v5\v5 - previously: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 dll.xml exe.xml P3D.cfg
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