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  1. Some of you understand the issue and most of you don't. This is a metal surface with paint on the livery. In this case, Amercan livery is grey, not white as seen in the pic. There should be some shine to it, not as much as the wings cause they are bare metal, but there should be still some reflection on the grey paint. So I don't know if it's a texture issue or a color issue. Gnacino
  2. When I look at my plane in the spot view, it always looks like it's too bright and the colors are washed out. What settings can I use to chsange this? Gnacino
  3. It is your user name on Simbrief on your account page. Gnacino
  4. Hi, I'm trying to set my limits on my joystick thru properties in Win 11 pro. `The way I use to do it in Win 10 was to go in control panel>device an printers>my joystick, and right click on properties, then settings. In Win 11, this is not possible. I go into settings>bluetooth &devices>view more devices, I find my device and there is three dots at the right hand side. Right clicking will only give me an option to remove the device. How do I go into properties for this device? Gnacino
  5. I have. Been using Goflights hardware since FSX. I have been using Spad.Next on them and it works on all of there hardware plus, if you have an issue assigning something, their discord channel is very helpful. They also have good videos on Youtube to get you started. Gnacino
  6. Is the Kuro 787-8 Updated like the -10 to the Smbreif integration? I can't get to the user name for Simbreif pge on the fmc. Gnacino
  7. Since the last update, all my aircraft steer to the laft while taxing and have to constantly correct and over correct. Gnacino
  8. I have been using GOflight's MCPPro on WIN 10 without any issues. Recently, I've had to install a new motherboard, cpu, and WIN 11Pro. To get the MCPPro to work on the MSFS defaults you have to install the GF setup which includes the drivers and the app GFDevFSX. Everytime I try to open the GFDevFSX app I get the following error, "C:\Users\g113\OneDrive\Desktop\MSFS\GoFlight\GFDevFSX.exe The application has failed to start because of it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail" I have tried all that with no help. I've also tried uninstall/reinstall and it's always the same. Any computer geeks know what this is all about? I've mention this problem on many forums with no help. Thanks in advance, Gnacino
  9. Hi, I see from your posts that you may be familiar with Goflights MCP Pro.

    I've been using it in MSFS2020 on PMDG'S 737 and the default 787 and the G1000's on WIN10 with Goflight Interface Tool and on the default planes, I would also have to use GF's GFDevFSX app.

    Now the problem.  I've had to build a new pc and now on WIN 11 Pro.  Everything transferred to the new pc ok. But now when I try to use the MCP on a 787, I try to start GF's app, GFDevFSX, I get an error message, "The application has failed to start because it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect"  I don't know what that means nor how to correct it.  The GIT works great on PMDG'S 737, but can't use it on the defaults.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?  Thanks in advance.



    1. Ray Proudfoot

      Ray Proudfoot

      I don’t have MSFS so it’s hard for me to help, sorry. The best place would be the GIT forum where Steve is very helpful.


    2. Gnacino




  10. I've had to build a new rig on account that my other pc crashed. Got everything set, New OS (WIN11pro), cpu, motherboard, ram, etc. Got MSFS loaded, all my addons, aircraft. I have been having troubles trying to get my GF MCPPRO and EFIS working with GoFlight Interface Tool with the default 787 and the Kuro 7878. It's working fine on the PMDG 737, but not on any of the default aircraft. Before, I would have to load GFDevFSX with the GIT to use with the defaults. But now, I get the error message "The application has failed to start because it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect". It's not running or open anywhere else. Don't know what that means. Any ideas? Gnacino WIN 11 PRO, ASUS Prime Z790, Intel I9 13 gen, 64g DDR5 ram, ASUS 4070ti 12g, 2TB Samsung NVMIE, 3 3 WD SSD 2TB
  11. thanks Charlie, my mistake Gnacino
  12. Where is the MSFS exe for the sim? I know that it is in the start menu, but where is it in the files? I know where my directory for MSFS is in my store version, but where in the directory? Gnacino
  13. As the title states, I have planes in white liveries at the gates. I don't have any addon traffic on, and the settings in the sim are all down to zero. I do use FSLTL and that is when I first noticed it. I thought it was something in their app but it wasn't. So I started the sim without the traffic and the white liveries are still there. What gives? Gnacino
  14. Your right, that's what it was. I got on the right ac and am able to download it. taken a good half day to complete. Gnacino
  15. My 7 year old pc died. I'm trying to install MSFS2020 on new pc build but cant see the app in my library. Tried to go on MS forums for support an that was a waste of time. Don't want to repurchase and start from scratch after I had everything humming. Gnacino
  16. Can we get a CDU for the Kuro 787 8 and MFSF 787 10 ?? Gnacino
  17. Main component missing Tried to install this and can't. Keep getting this error message as in the title. Anyone else with this issue? Gnacino
  18. I have MSFS2020 and Prepar3D 4.5. I use only MSFS and kept Lockheed when MSFS didn't have any quality airliners. Since PMDG came on board, I haven't used Prepar3D in over a year. MSFS is the one to keep and will uninstall Prepar3D. Seeing this post alerted me to the fact That I forgot I had Prepar3D and that it was taking up a big amount of hard drive space. Gnacino
  19. Anyone else have this issue? When taxing to RWY 8 using either taxiway L or M, there is a very steep angled hill before taxiway ZN and my plane always gets stuck, cannot proceed because the nose wheel is up in the air and the belly is grounded and the mains are on the ground. This has been happening since day one. I thought that with all the updates, it would have been fixed. Apparently not. Gnacino
  20. 737 because I am a Boeing guy I flew the FBW a lot when it first came out because it was the only quality airliner available, and airliners is what I fly. When the 737 became available, that's all I fly right now. I like flying with a yoke and I prefer Boeing's philosophy on the technical aspect. When PMDG comes out with the 777, I'm there. All my hardware is for Boeing, CDU, MCP, throttle quadrant, rudder pedals, yoke, and switches. Also I have 4 screens, 47" for forward view outside and 3 20" screens for the PFD NAV, and engines. I also use Aviaserver for the CDU"s, so the EFB is unimportant to me. Gnacino
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