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  1. Hi, The Saitek/Logitech ProFlight Yoke 90 to 180 conversion kit is complete. If you are interested, here is the YouTube video link: Thanks for watching.
  2. Ark, From the above video, I think it does have the same switches at the end of each axis range that are activated by pulling the lever all the way down. Hope this helps.
  3. Ark, I believed the one being offered on the Amazon is the same one listed on logitech,com. In fact I do think the Amazon has the best price for the throttle. Functionality they perform the same. Hope this helps.
  4. I just completed a "Saitek ProFlight 180 Rotation Upgrade kit" project. If you are interested to see how its works, here is the video link for my prototype testing. https://youtu.be/kyGshdBoo6k Thanks.
  5. Hello TallTanBarbie, Linear Hall Effect sensor 49e is used in this project. All the plastic parts are my customized 3D printed components. Thanks for your interest.
  6. I do not mean to hijack this post. If I have offense anyone here please accept my apology and ignore the followings. If you are good in DIY project and have soldering skill. I have the USB version CH Pro Pedals Hall Effect sensor upgrade kit (3D printed kit for right brake/left brake and rudder) available to replace those defective OEM potentiometer. I am not promoting my kit here, just want to help others to re-gain the fun and control of the CH Pedals.
  7. Sorry about the incorrect video link. This should work now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Sg9LqhNdA
  8. Glad to find the solution to the 180 degree of rotational angle design in Hall Effect Sensor application for Saitek Cessna Flight Yoke after many trials and errors. Here is the video to show the installation of HE kit for both Roll (180 degree ) and Pitch (85 degree) sensor units which will replace the faulty Saitek OEM potentiometers in my good old 15 years Saitek Cessna Yoke. Thanks for watching. Here is the video link: https://youtube/7-Sg9LqhNdA
  9. I have developed an Arduino Pro Micro controller for my Saitek/CH flight yoke HE kits. This is a good replacement or upgrade for faulty or outdated OEM controller board. Here is the Youtube video link: Thank you!
  10. Hope this helps. Per my CH Pro Pedal USB: For Rudder : From left to right => Green = Ground, Purple = Signal, Blue = +5V (view from the flat cap bottom facing up with tabs pointing down) For Right Brake: From left to right => Blue, Black, Green (view from the flat cap bottom facing up with tabs pointing down) For Left Brake: From left to right => Blue, Brown, Green (view from the flat cap bottom facing up with tabs pointing down) Always double check all wires are connected properly before connect to USB port in PC to prevent damage to the CH controller.
  11. Hi to all, Due to no one is interested in this project. I would like to withdraw my request for help to this project. Thanks !
  12. Hello to all, I am thinking to work on a Thrustmaster T16000m rudder Hall Effect sensor potentiometer project in my free time. As you may know I have designed and developed various HE sensor units for replacing the Saitek and CH defective OEM potentiometers since 2019. I would like to take the advantage of the Hall Effect sensor of its long lasting life and reliable performance and make one for the Thrustmster T16000m rudder. Instead of buying a used Thrustmaster T16000m and tearing it down for the OEM potentiometer, I would like to ask for a defective rudder OEM pot only (not the whole joystick unit) as a donor electronic part. If you have this defective OEM potentiometer that you do not need, may I have this for my project. I will send you the new HE unit to compensate your shipping charges if the project is successful. My (USA CA) contact email: ntydkhe@yahoo.com Thanks for your attention and most important to stay healthy.
  13. To replace the whole TQ magazine and faulty OEM potentiometer wth reliable HE sensor compatible unit. This V6 upgrade will provide easy and speedy upgrade process for Saitek PS2 or USB TQs.. No disassembling of the OEM magazine is required. Basic electronic knowledge and soldering skill are preferred. Thank you for watching. Here is the video link:
  14. Hello, I believed the internal structure in the new Logitech Yoke and the Old Saitek yoke are the same. If the modification that you and picked or preferred is working on old Saitek Yoke then it will have no problem when doing the same modification to the new Logitech Yoke. Personal preference of the result after modding is very subjective to different individual though.
  15. Nico, You may try this. This will remove all problematic predefined yoke settings. You can re-calibrate the yoke with fresh start. Be remembered to back up the registry file before proceeding.
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