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  1. I'm a bit disappointed on two levels: 1 - this (excellent) review was published in February of 2016 - here it is February 2020 and all of the issues that Ray noted still exist in the Phenom 300 sim. It appears that absolutely nothing has been changed. 2 - whatever happened to the plethora of .jpgs that used to grace this review? Otherwise thank you, Ray, for a great review. My enjoyment of the Phenom 300 will be greater now that I know it's unlikely there will be any "fixes" coming down the road. I'll just enjoy the thing as it stands and learn to work around the various glitches. "Glideslope, Glideslope, Glideslope" Cheers, March Feb 2020
  2. Hello, I'm ported over from FSX, P3Dv3 to P3Dv4. I'm experiencing a display error in my logbook. Nothing serious, just annoying. I have not found any posts related to my problem. From time to time it is convenient to dispose of incomplete flights that were made to test an aircraft install or some other minor thing. The box at the bottom of the page that says "Click to Delete This Entry" is just visible. I can see the top of the box border and a bit of the white background inside the box. Clicking on the visible edge has the desired effect, it erases the entry. I expect there is nothing below this box, but I don't know that for sure. I have downloaded Dan Downs Logbook Editor and I will install it as soon as I work out what its issues are. At this time it is showing an error if I try to install it using the Windows method. It runs fine if I use the "Direct" method. Some study is required. Cheers, March
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