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  1. Thank you for your help really appreciated.
  2. Installed the rxp gtn as you instructed but I have a black screen but it will open up as a pop up and works ok do you know if it is possible to get to view in the aircraft panel if not then operating as a pop up will have to do I’ll just need to get it to view in the cockpit while using vr. thank you
  3. I don’t have the F1 gtn, i will give the rxp tool a try. thank you
  4. Hi is it possible to install the rxp gtn into the Cessna 441 using the rxp configurator, do I have to have the F1 installed to do this, just installed the 441 fly’s really smooth in vr. thanks,jim
  5. Turning off volumetric fog made up big difference, thank you
  6. Hi just updated to 5.2 and Asp3d to 7851 I have this white haze on the horizon when I am above the clouds does anyone know which setting I can’t adjust/disable to git rid of this effect,I have ea off and using Asp3d default settings. thanks
  7. Disappointed we will not be getting the Fokker 28 fellowship for P3d as just flight have moved there focus to msfs was looking forward to this aircraft. https://community.justflight.com/topic/2415/is-the-f28-dead-for-p3dv4-5
  8. Hi already posted in pmdg forum but was suggested to open a ticket but thought I ask on the vr forum before doing so here is my problem,Hi just installed the ngxu into p3dv5 and running in vr mode,I changed the cdu panel config to show the cdu inside the cockpit without this adjustment when you opened the cdu it showed outside the aircraft,my problem is when the cdu panel is open I can see thru it slightly,I have adjusted the transparency in p3d settings to zero and this has slightly improved but there is no more adjustment,is there anywhere in the pmdg config I can make a transparency adjustment. thanks,jim McPherson
  9. Deleted folder manually pointed Navigraph to ....D\prepare3dv5\pmdg\navdata this worked no longer get out of date message and navdata 2105 showing in fmc.
  10. I have p3d\pmdg\navdata\navdata. i will delete the last navdata and try again
  11. Hi having installed the ngxu into p3dv5 the latest airac isn’t showing up in the fmc I just get message nav data out of date,I downloaded the Navigraph data manager where it scanned my computer and several programs where found including pmdg the latest airac version was downloaded and installed,Asp3d and proatcx are fine only the ngxu I have a problem with,can someone point me to the folder where the ngxu airac is installed so I can check to see if the airac is installed and also set the path manually in the Navigraph data manager and try again.
  12. I have this most times turning of vr this is the only time I have this issue
  13. Hi I had ailrp installed in my p3dv4.5 which I have now completely uninstalled, I have p3dv5.1 with the hotfix and want to install ailrp into this version is it just a case to download the latest installer. thank you,jim
  14. Thank you I now have my weather looking a lot better. jim
  15. Hi I’m using the latest version of active sky with p3dv5.1, when flying above the clouds there's always a haze anyone advise what settings in as can I change to get rid of the haze. thanks,jim
  16. Just installed 5.1 with the hotfix,uk2000 airports orbx global and latest version of Asp3d. Did a short flight about a hour using the pmdg ngxu with the rift s single pass mode, flight was very smooth with P3d settings at normal no shadows ea and dynamic lighting off. My 1080 card using 4.1 vram and FPS 39-40, I know I don’t have a lot of addons but I will run my sim like this for vr, overall very happy with this version of p3dv5.1. jim
  17. New lighting plugin for the bae146 https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?21485-Just-Flight-146-Professional-New-Lighting-Plugin jim
  18. What’s the performance like I read on a YouTube video v1 was FPS heavy is that still the same with v2. thanks,jim
  19. I run at 1080 so I’m hoping to pick up 2080ti I think it will run p3dv5 nicely. jim
  20. Great guide,any chance of one for vr if your not too busy. thank you
  21. I’m using p3dv5 and I only get the dxgi device hung error if I’m flying in vr and I click on disable vr, the vram usage is usually no more than 3.7-7. jim
  22. Just installed the Learjet today and have done a short flight in p3dv5 using active sky along with orbx global and running smooth with the occasional stutter but overall happy with this aircraft, I installed the rxp750 so looking forward to do doing some flights. jim
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