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  1. Here's a thread on an alternative, if you have a tablet and you can set up multiple pages of buttons:
  2. I was given a Razer Tartarus (can't say for sure if ut was the Pro but I believe it was) and I never really got it to work right except once. Windows 11 would always give me an alert on startup that "a USB device" was not working properly (I must be running a Canadian build of W11 since it was too polite to just blame the Tartarus directly). You also have to install and run Razer's software to initialize and configure it, and their software requires you to creat a login account and provide your email etc... a little over the top for just a peripheral device. On the upside, MSFS did seem to recognize it by name once I got it configured but I was unsuccessful assigning any commands to it - I believe the one I had was defective or had otherwise gone Tango Uniform in some way which is why it was free. Its a cool idea and your experience will likely be better but I would make sure you purchase from a vendor with a good return policy. At the end of the day you are getting a bunch of buttons and you can achieve the same result with other options including setting up a tablet.
  3. The fabled low-poly non-texture-mapped Cessna 182RG... a true sweetheart and rarer than hen's teeth. It's spin-proof, all analog and flies like it's on rails - I would love to see one!
  4. Gorgeous shots and thanks for the mention... Nice job getting out of little ol' Kneeland. O28 will be done soon if you're looking to get back up that way. 😉
  5. Kneeland Airport, ICAO O19, is located 10 miles southeast of Eureka CA on a mountain ridge with an elevation of 2,741 feet. The single 2,250-foot asphalt runway on top of sharply descending terrain makes for visually breathtaking arrivals and departures, and serves as a convenient alternate airport when nearby airfields at lower elevations may be closed due to fog or low-lying weather. It's also home to the CalFire Kneeland Helitack base, which this scenery aims to duplicate with a functional helipad, available as "Helipad 01" in the MSFS start menu (Scroll to the bottom of the list of parking areas when starting a flight). The airport is fairly spartan in terms of amenities although it does feature a convenient and all-important Porta-Potty which we take great pride in servicing and cleaning annually whether it needs it or not. Enjoy! -Stoopy https://flightsim.to/file/44317/enhanced-scenery-for-o19-kneeland-airport-eureka-ca
  6. Hughes OH-6 Cayuse aka "Loach" although in a pinch I'll take the modern-day MD-500 equivalent.
  7. Dude! I was also living the dorm life that year at Cal State San Bernardino - also a Comp Sci major / Philosophy minor. There were some Apple IIe's in a small room next to the computer lab full of Televideo terminals (with that unique blue monochrome display they had) that us "serious" students used. I saw some dude playing Sublogic Flight Simulator on one of those Apples and felt a slight tinge of envy as I went back to work on my Fortran assignment... 🙂
  8. There just seems to be bad juju with the Marketplace and Steam when it comes to purchasing in the marketplace and then going to steam to pay for it. Like MSFS times out waiting to get the funds from Steam. I've had zero issues by putting the funds in my Steam Wallet first and then purchasing from within the Marketplace. The only bummer is you end up with extra pennies in your wallet since Steam only lets you buy credits in whole dollar amounts.
  9. Going from memory here. With the battery on: There's a pin at the right rear of the cockpit (behind your right shoulder) that you pull, Next, hit the clickspot on the right canopy ledge and the canopy should swing down (but is not yet locked) Lastly, lock the canopy by throwing the locking lever on the front left canopy ledge
  10. The new KCGX Meigs Field is also turning out to be an online playground and there are always several Bell 407's flying around under various levels of control while other pilots are doing touch n' goes with all the new planes (and one person I saw attempting same in the Darkstar). It's been very entertaining to hover just off the side of the runway and watch the show. Not that I would ever condone such hoolaganism, but I have it on good authority that the tops of the Willis (aka Sears) Tower as well as the John Hancock Building are solid and landable. 😁
  11. Q: Why do stray cats prowl around fish canneries? A: Fortuna, of course! (ba-bum-bump) Fortuna-tely, thanks to the tireless efforts of Foozle Aerospace scenery twiddlers, now you don't have to resort to desperate feline tactics or bad jokes to get your PNW GA game on!! KFOT, otherwise known as Bone.. uh...Rohnerville airport, is located on a pristine emerald plateau overlooking the final few bends of the Eel River near the beautiful coastline of Humbolt County California. This scenery enhancement converts the default MSFS version of what was a desolate, featureless airstrip into the more fully-featured General Aviation haven that it's known for, with dramatic approaches and departures, ample parking, low nightly tie-down rates, correct VASI implementation on the primary RWY11, soft and seductive night lighting, correct (if somewhat claustrophobic) Small GA parking in the lower west hangar area, a couple of groovy custom ground tectures and a more-or-less plausible rendition of the Cal Fire Attack Base located on the east end of the airfield. Rotorheads young and old alike will enjoy operating out of the CAF Helipad which is available as a starting position as "Helipad 01" in the MSFS start menu (Scroll to the bottom of the list of parking areas when starting a flight). As version 1.0 of this scenery enhanceeent, purely stock Asobo scenery objects are used to minimize potential impact on overhead. Hopefully a future version will include more correct airport buildings- but for now, structures like the large red mid-field hangar that is present in real life are represented by more bland and framerate-friendly scenery objects. With all these features you might find yourself asking, "Why not KFOT"? And indeed, why not download it today, I mean it's free fer cryin' out loud at this link right'char: https://flightsim.to/file/43708/kfot-rohnerville-fortuna-ca
  12. If you start from a regular parking spot I believe that will do it - at least that's how it worked for me with the 407 at an airport I am currently working on. If you are starting at a Helipad, they seem to be tagged as "Start" positions in the SDK much like the runway start positions that have everything powered up and running when you begin.
  13. Just one short flight on the Bell 407 so far but am loving it. Compares favorably with any of the AirtandFS-based helis but with the advantage of not needing external programs. Still have yet to get deeper but liked what I saw so far, very much.
  14. There seem to be some new control mappings (conveniently listed as "New" in the control assignments menu). Look for "Increase Rotor Lateral Trim", "Decrease Rotor Lateral Trim", etc for anything with "Rotor " in it.
  15. Reading the post about it on the Milviz Blackbird forum I think, officially, we're still waiting: (emphasis mine)
  16. Ya'know... I surely do appreciate the feedback and tip on how to overcome what has been a very confounding issue for some time, that had me wondering if the new PC I'd built had some half-baked O/S configuration issue or other fault. I've been closing FSR manually for quite some time now and also have been using task manager to manually close MSFS because it wasn't immediately apparent that MSFS was waiting on FSR to shut down, so sometimes I'd do one first and then the other. So I have to ask, and not rhetorically, why did this even have to be an issue in the first place? I mean who on God's Green Earth would ever want a program to not exit after... well... EXITING? OK, maybe you'd want to change some settings after exiting MSFS but you can also just go ahead and change them before exiting or during the next MSFS session, no??? Or go ahead and have this optional setting but why not just turn it ON by default instead of off? So - you know - the application would act like folks might expect it to? Sorry, I mean I love FSR and all that but after all this time I am simply compelled to vent.... as far as questionable and even downright silly application design decisions, this one stands out and seems to take the cake. Please don't do that again. Thank you
  17. Good thing too as I was just fixin' to get around to start to wonder.
  18. And here all this time I thought it was just me! Thanks for bringing this up.
  19. Hush mah mouth that looks pretty darned schnarky!
  20. Aaaaaaannnnd naturally it's not available on their support forum at this point. So just more avoidable hoopla right now.
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